The Search for Lacey DeWent: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lacey DeWent Missing

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Lacey DeWent was last seen on March 31 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the search for her has gone national with the FBI now involved. Cops believe she may be travelling with 26-year-old Florida man Robert Butler.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Robert Butler Has Been Charged With Solicitation of a Child

Robert Butler has been charged with solicitation of a minor while the search for him and DeWent continues, reports KRQE. According to DeWent’s mother, in February she found Butler in her daughter’s bedroom. Despite calling police, Butler never stayed away she said. Describing her daughter as not a typical teenager, Jessica DeWent says:

She was worried about everything that a teenage girl shouldn’t be worried about and this guy came along on the Internet and told her all the right things.

According to Jessica DeWent, Robert Butler first made contact with her daughter through the internet in 2013.

2. She Was Last Seen Getting Into What Looks Like Butler’s Car

On March 31, surveillance footage showed Lacey DeWent getting into a blue SUV that matches the description of Butler’s car. The video was taken at Hastings shopping center, close to DeWent’s high school. She is described as being 5’4″ and 145 pounds. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Her father, Daniel DeWent, pleaded for the safe return of his daughter, speaking to KOAT:

We’re obviously very concerned, and very worried. We don’t know where she is, and she’s just our little girl.

Speaking directly to his daughter, he said:

I love you, we all love you. We want you to come home. We want to know you’re okay.

3. The Pair Met on the Website ‘Get Me Rated’

According to Jessica De Went, her daughter and Robert Butler met each other on the site Get Me Rated. A site similar to Hot or Not.

On most of his social media profiles that were found by, Butler goes by the name “Robblive2thefullest.” The moniker is used on Instagram, Flickr and Free Gay Cams. It’s also on a bodybuilding social media site, Butler lists his job as “Business Owner.” He writes:

Bodybuilding/working out is a rush for me, I love the iron pump sensation. And I love seeing results, but just like Egypt wasn’t built in a day neither will your body be. So its about working hard and keeping at it, also having the right motivation. And that is what interested me in joining this site, to gain support and motivation from everyone here. I am tired of being skinny and want to gain at least 50 lbs of pure muscle. I know it is going to be hard but I am prepared and ready for all challenges to come!

His bodybuilding profile is accompanied by this image:

4. DeWent is Originally From Dallas

Jessica DeWent Mother Lacey DeWent

Lacey pictured with her mother, Jessica. (Facebook)

She’s a student at Monzano High School in Albuquerque though DeWent is originally from Dallas. Her relationship status on Facebook is listed as “single.” The rest of her social media page shows her to be a normal teenager with likes including One Direction and Rihanna.

5. The Search is Now Nationwide

The FBI suspect that DeWent may be heading to either to Ocoee, Florida, where Butler lives or possibly to New Jersey. It’s believed Robert Butler, who also goes by Robb, has ties there. KRQE reports that Butler listed his age on at least one social media site as 19.


Albuquerque Police Department (New Mexico) 1-505-659-6686 or 1-877-765-8273.

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