The Paleo Diet Bar After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With the Owner

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The Paleo Diet Bar entered the Shark Tank in Season 6, debuting their gluten free, grain free, soy free, dairy free, fiber-rich and protein-rich nutrition bars. Although they did not get a deal, they used the Sharks’ feedback to improve their product and are looking ahead to a bright future, which includes an expansion of their brand. As her episode re-airs on September 4, we caught up with owner Shauna Sledge to hear about their new developments. Here’s what she told us about…

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Her Definition of The Paleo Diet & Its Benefits

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I explain The Paleo Diet as eating pure and as close to our ancestors as possible. This includes fruit, nuts, seeds, berries, fish, meat, poultry with the absence of grains, dairy, legumes and processed sugars and sweeteners. The Paleo Diet has many benefits, mostly the fact that there is great reduction in auto immune diseases, cardiac issues and rheumatoid issues.

Adding Fiber, Reducing Sugar

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We have added apple fiber to the bars that we had during our meeting with the Sharks. We added the fiber to reduce the sugar content, which is the natural preservative in the product, made strictly of fruit. Because we are preservative free, the sugar content, again, strictly natural from fruit, has to be a little higher so that we can maintain a shelflife.

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The Sharks’ Assessments

Well, there was a lot going on at the time and I feel they liked the company and most of them like the product, they were just worried that I was too fractioned with the other things I was doing. Since then, I have resigned from teaching exercise classes, resigned from dental hygiene and sold the other nutritional bar company that we had.

Plans for the Future

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We are still looking for an investor, we had people reach out after the episode aired, just a couple things that we couldn’t piece together at the time. We have two prototypes ready to launch. We are also bringing another grouping of bars under the Paleo Diet Foods, LLC umbrella, some nut butter bars and some fruit and veggie bars.

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Dave Lawrence

This is the second time I have seen the Shark Tank episode of the Paleo Diet Bar, from the beginning, the owner Shauna looks like she is ready to break down and cry, she might be under a lot of stress and it could be anxiety from being on the show, however she definitely was not focused on the project since she had other jobs, my biggest question is what does her husband do and why did he not speak? Is he involved in the company and what is his role or is he a bum living off his wife’s income while she burn the candle getting up super early and working late, my feeling is he is a bum that is dragging her down, if she was smart she would know to drop the dead weight, she will have less stress and her business should take off, my perception.


Don’t be a troll. He works. Like most people. Didn’t your mama ever teach you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. It’s a team game growing a business. Go back in your can Oscar the grouch!


Thank you for reaching out to stick up for the husband. He does work, he’s a great realtor with The Group in Ft. Collins. The company just chose Shauna to speak since she is the one running the company even though they both own it :) Best to you!


Thank you for reaching out. He does work, he’s a great realtor with The Group in Ft. Collins.

The company just chose Shauna to speak since she is the one running the company even though they both own it :)

We have made lots of changes since last Sept., when we first presented to the Sharks. Thank you for the support and well wishes and best to you as well!!!

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