Watch: Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Armored Police Response

There were dramatic images again on September 28 out of the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protests, this time of police responding with armored vehicles as Native American protesters say they were engaging in prayer.

“They have called the cavalry against #WeStandWithStandingRock – Armed Arrests of Peaceful Protestors – #NoDAPl,” wrote one pro-protester site on Facebook of the scenes, captured on video, of police marching toward protesters and showing up at the scene in armored vehicles.

Reaction was as emotional as when private security guards for the company behind the pipeline brought out dogs against the protesters.

According to Valley News, 21 protesters were arrested on September 28 “at two construction sites along the DAPL south and west of St. Anthony.”

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the arrests in a press release on Facebook. The department said, “Officers arrested the protesters for various crimes including resisting arrest, criminal trespass on private property and possession of stolen property. Tow trucks were called to transport 5 impounded vehicles. When officers responded they witnessed numerous people and horses on private property.”

The press release adds, “A protester on horseback charged at an officer in what was viewed as an act of aggression. The officer responded with an appropriate show of force by raising his weapon containing less-lethal ammunition….Due to the current threat to public safety, law enforcement responded with specialized equipment and weapons to include armored vehicles and less lethal ammunition using bean-bag rounds.”

The Sheriff’s release said rumors of an airplane spraying mustard or tear gas were false and “it was a crop duster spraying a field.” The 21 arrests bring the total to 95 since the beginning of protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, the release said.

Protesters online criticized what they see as a militarized police response.

Wrote the site Unicorn Riot on Facebook, “Today, indigenous water protectors once again arrived at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site to halt work and hold prayer ceremonies. Police arrived with several military-style armored vehicles, and threatened water protectors with shotguns. We are hearing reports of up to 21 arrests.”

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Why aren’t you all up in arms about the recent Obama approval of two gas pipelines into Mexico? Aren’t they native people too? Access was given to the same company Energy Transfer as is doing the Dakota Access line. Do you know what they named them? The Pecos and (Comanche). To all you indigenous people out there. You do care about all don’t you?


Yes !! I do !! I need a little time !! I know you do not have much time so I will work quickly !!


Have your tribal leader tried to get in contact with Elizabeth Warren (senator) document your writings to her !! She claims to be of Indian descent ,I do not have her e-mail you have to look it up I am sure she is aware of your fight !! You need to have media coverage your request to her is to help you and force her hand to help !! I believe she claims she was from the Chippewa Nation !! She also used affirmative action at Harvard Law School !!! see if you can get ahold of (In-fo-wars !!) invite them to your land for a special Powwow !! Let the media know you have reached out to Elizabeth Warren she has a powerful voice in Washington !! Send many messages and your cries for help to her all Senators have a website you can email her. I will get back to you


This will be risky! Prepare a declaration of war against the United States for violating your treating ! This declaration must be thought of carefully with legal terminology ! That if the United States continues to threaten your people with violence and harm you must consider it a declaration of war against your people !!


Now isn’t that something ,the black lives matters movement openly proclaimed they want to kill cops and they are allowed to freely burn, loot ,assault ,create civil unrest and murder !! and the Indians are trying to protect their land !!! Now the government goes after the Indians as if they were Isis terrorist !! I suppose we will all have something to look forward to if Hillary Clinton is president of United States anyone that is not Muslim or black will suffer severe consequences !!! The Indians have all the right to protest to protect their native heritage !! The Indians have all the right to sue our government for the mishandling of their treaty !! The Indians do not need a permit to peacefully protest on their own land !! Our government has no right to allow Big Oil Business to violate eney treaty, we have made with the Indians but if these were black people or Muslim our government would step aside because the Muslim king Obama would tell them so……..

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