WATCH: Singer Has Audio Fail During Donald & Melania Trump’s 2nd Dance

The first couple, Donald and Melania Trump danced for the their second time of the evening January 20 at the second ball they attended. They danced to the same song as the first, “My Way,” by Frank Sinatra.

However, the singer at the second dance appeared to either start the song too early, or have his microphone cut off near the beginning of the song. Despite the audio issue, the Trumps shared a laugh, a few words and continued to dance to the remainder of the song until he was joined on stage by Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen.

As was the story for the evening, the two couples were then joined on stage by the rest of their families, who shared yet another dance.

The Trumps then left the second inaugural ball and immediately headed to the third one of the night, the Armed Forces Ball. It’s at that ball where the couple and their respective families had their last dance of the evening with each other before asking members of the military to share in a dance and cut the honorary cake.

The First and Second families each called it a night following the Armed Forces Ball after over 12 hours of celebrating the presidency.