Ira Madison III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

An MTV reporter has attracted the ire of conservatives for referring to potential Attorney General Senator Jeff Sessions’ Asian granddaughter as a “prop” from Toys “R” Us. The reporter, Ira Madison III, has since deleted the tweet. After Madison removed the message, he wrote across three tweets:

I often tell jokes, but seeing as bringing up Sessions’ history of racial hatred of Asians is seen as an attack on his grandchild, I deleted…

Sad that many don’t see Sessions’ legitimate history of racism as a cause of concern today, but he can deeply affect our country…

Anyway, as I learned from my good friend Tomi Lahren you can delete any tweet you want and still maintain your voluminous blonde hair.

Screenshots of Senator Sessions holding his Asian granddaughter prior to his testimony before the U.S. Senate were beamed across Twitter on January 10. The senator from Alabama faced a grilling from his colleagues over passed allegations of racial bias.

Here’s what you need to know about the man behind the tweet:

1. Madison Is Heralded as Being Part of the ‘Second Coming’ of MTV News

MTV NEWS SPECIAL 1994 – GANGSTA RAPBeskrivelse2016-03-28T12:31:41.000Z

In December 2016, the Nation published an article titled, “The Second Coming of MTV.” An overhaul of the department came after the appointment of Dan Fierman as editorial director of MTV News in 2015.

Madison was named in the piece as a “young activist-writer” who was “deeply entrenched” in “identity politics.”

Since the 1990s, MTV has moved far from politics and hard news in favor of light entertainment and reality TV.

On his Twitter page, Madison says he is a culture writer at MTV News.

2. He Was a Semifinalist for a Disney Writing Fellowship in 2008

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According to his LinkedIn page, Madison is a gradaute of Loyola University of Chicago where he studied theater and NYU where he studied dramatic writing. That profile adds that in 2008, Madison was a semifinalist for a Disney writing fellowship.

Prior to working for MTV News, Madison has worked for BuzzFeed and New York Magazine.

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On his IMDb page, it says that Madison has worked on Sassy Batman as a script consultant as well as some minor acting roles.

3. Madison Has Said He Usually Attracts the Ire of the Internet for Writing About Madonna

Madonna Uses the N-WordMadennis:

During a September 2016 interview, Madison said that he normally attracts the most ire for writing about Madonna. He told

I actually love her! But every Madonna fan on the internet seems convinced I hate her. Probably because I only talk about her when she does things like call her son the n-word on Instagram or sing horrible tributes to Prince.

When asked in the same interview about how he has evolved his online presence over the years, Madison replied:

I think I’ve improved as a person. I’ve been on the internet since I was a kid and I was assuredly a nightmare back then.

But what I do love is how it’s more common for your friends to use the internet. I seemed like an anomaly back then, a bit of an outcast, but now all my friends (particularly ones from when I was a kid) love to read my stuff on social media.

So I’m thankful what I did as a teenager is now how people actually communicate in 2016. What’s been lost is tight-knit communities. Big places like Facebook and Twitter give everyone access to your thoughts, for better or worse.

When asked about racism in America, Madison said, “I think at this point, the world has changed so much where I don’t afford people the right to have “different perspectives” if they’re damaging to others. Like, if you’re an asshole and homophobic and racist now, you were the same when you were younger and you knew it was wrong then.”

4. After Trump’s Election, Madison Wrote on Facebook that He ‘Missed [President Obama] & America Already’

Ira Madison Facebook page

This photo was posted on Madison’s Facebook page on November 9. The caption reads, “
I miss him and America already.”

The day after Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States, Madison posted this throwback photo on Facebook. Madison regularly posts photos of the first family on his photostream. A few days later on his column, Madison wrote, “This week, all of America needs to get deleted. You made Barack Obama utter the words “President-elect Donald Trump” and I will honestly never forgive my country for this.”

5. Madison Wasn’t the Only Person Who Noticed Sen. Sessions’ Grand Daughter

As Senator Sessions’ confirmation hearings were set to continue, more and more Twitter users came forward, noticing the Attorney General pick’s grand daughter. Here are some of their observations:

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