Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Sarah Huckabee Sanders has burst onto the scene at White House press briefings.

Sanders, the White House’s deputy press secretary, has been filling in for Press Secretary Sean Spicer as he reportedly fulfills his Navy duty at the Pentagon.

A May 10 report by CNN claimed that Spicer’s job is under fire, and Sanders would likely be the top candidate to replace him if he were to be terminated.

The 34-year-old was born in Arkansas and has worked on numerous political campaigns as its communications director. In some of those press briefings, Sanders has made reference to her three children.

Here’s what you need to know about them:

1. Sanders Is Married to a Republican Consultant

Bryan Sanders and Sarah Huckabee (Facebook)

Sanders is married to Bryan, a Republican political consultant. The couple met when Sarah was working on her father Mike’s presidential campaign in 2008. Bryan hopped aboard the campaign in Iowa once Republican Sam Brownback dropped out of the race.

That’s where he met Sarah.

The two sparked up a relationship, and they continued to see each other afterward. They reportedly got married on the Virgin Islands on May 25, 2010 and have built a family ever since then.

Most recently, Sanders worked on Mike’s failed 2016 bid for president. Currently, he works as a campaign consultant with The Wickers Group, a “full-service political consulting firm specializing in strategic communication, surveys, media production” and much more, the company’s website said.

2. Sanders & Her Husband Have 3 Children Together


Sanders and her husband reportedly have three children together: Scarlett, Huck and George.

The couple post glowingly about their children and being parents on their social media accounts.

One post to Sanders’ Twitter shows her children participating in Easter Egg Roll on April 17 on the lawn of the the White House.

The couple’s youngest child, George, was born June 8, 2015. Sarah’s father Mike said in an interview with NewsMax that welcoming his fifth grandchild to the family was a great experience, even though it coincided with the launch of his 2016 presidential campaign.

“Sarah probably becomes the first presidential campaign manager in America to have a baby at the launch of a campaign,” he said. “But it wasn’t like it caught us off guard, we knew little George was coming!”

3. Sarah Gave a Shoutout In a Briefing to Her Daughter


In a White House briefing May 10, Sanders stepped up to the microphone and prepared to answer tough questions from the media.

But before doing so, she found time to wish her oldest daughter Scarlett a happy birthday.

“I get to wish Scarlett a happy birthday,” Sanders said at the briefing. “I think her first birthday wish would probably be that you guys are incredibly nice.”

Mike chimed in on Twitter saying the birthday wish was the “best part” of her second-ever press briefing.

4. Sarah’s Father Mike Loves Being a Grandfather


Sarah’s father and former Arkansas governor Mike has been especially proud to be the grandfather of her children. He’s been outspoken about it on TV numerous times and wrote a series of letters that were published in a bestselling book.

He has five grandchildren: Chandler Huckabee, Scarlett Sanders, Caroline Grace Huckabee, William Huckabee “Huck” Sanders and George Sanders.

In 2013, Mike published a New York Times bestselling book titled Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather’s Thoughts on Faith, Family and the Things That Matter Most.

The book is a series of letters that he wrote to his grandchildren — he had just two at the time. The letters are full of personal stories that are nonpolitical and offer perspective on staying true to values when faced with failure and temptation.

While promotion his book, he read the letter he penned to the children, which he read on Fox News

5. Sarah Has 2 Brothers of Her Own


Sarah is one of Mike and Janet’s three children. There’s also John and David.

David works as a a wholesale mortgage lender for Taylor, Bean & Whitaker and before that worked on his father’s presidential campaign. He was the campaign’s “ballot access and delegate director.”

Controversy broke out during the 2008 presidential election when the Los Angeles Times reported that he was dismissed as a Boy Scout camp counselor in 1998 for allegedly handing and stoning a stray dog to death.

The allegations were strongly denied by Mike, who said that his son didn’t engage in “intentional torture.”

In 2007, David was arrested for trying to board a flight departing from Little Rock, Arkansas with a loaded handgun. He claimed that he forgot that he had the weapon in his luggage and entered a guilty plea in court. He received a one-year suspended sentence and had to fulfill 10-days worth of community service.

Sarah’s oldest brother John is an actor and writer. He had a role in Charlie Muse, wrote for An Eye for an Eye and was in the 2014 documentary America: Imagine the World Without Her.