David Lee and Caroline Wozniacki Engaged: 5 Fast Facts

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Getty David Lee, left, and Caroline Wozniacki announced their engagement on social media, just a week after she won the WTA season-end championships

Less than a week after the biggest win of her tennis career on the court in the season-ending WTA Championships, Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark picked up the biggest win of her life off the court, as her boyfriend David Lee, most recently of the San Antonio Spurs, proposed to her while the two were on holiday in Bora Bora.


Their union joins a pair of well-known names, as Wozniacki currently ranks third in the world in women’s tennis, while Lee has spent 12 years in the NBA and was part of the Golden State Warriors’ 2015 NBA championship.

Here are five things that you should know about the couple of David Lee and Caroline Wozniacki.

1. They’ve Been Dating For At Least 11 Months

Neither Lee nor Wozniacki said much about their relationship publicly for the first few months, but they weren’t exactly shy about showing off their support for each other on social media before confirming that they were a couple.

The first obvious clue came in December, when Wozniacki spent her offseason visiting the San Antonio Spurs’ practice facility with Lee and teammate Tony Parker. A few months later, she publicly thanked Lee for giving her flowers at Valentine’s Day and her brother Patrick told Danish newspapers that the two of them were a couple.

In April, when the Spurs were in the NBA playoffs, Wozniacki gave the most obvious clue yet that the two were together by posting a picture of herself wearing his jersey on her Twitter. Since the NBA season ended, there hadn’t been much indication from either side to deny what they’d made fairly obvious to that point.

2. Her Engagement Ring is 8.88 Carats

There’s a reason she’s got such a large engagement ring from Lee, and it wasn’t just because the NBA veteran wanted to show off. Eight has long been Wozniacki’s lucky number, so much so that when she faced Venus Williams in the WTA Finals in 2017, she was convinced she’d win because she was playing in her eighth final of the year and had lost seven previous times to Venus, making a losing streak matching her lucky number unacceptable.

Lee chose to triple down on the number for the engagement ring, a different strategy than Wozniacki’s first engagement ring from her previous engagement. That ring was designed with an even eight carats, but the luck didn’t hold out when that relationship ended three years ago.

3. Wozniacki Has Been Engaged Before to Rory McIlroy

Most people familiar with the Dane’s career know that it’s not the first time that she’s been engaged to another athlete. In 2014, she was engaged to golfer Rory McIlroy before the pair famously broke up while they were in the process of sending out wedding invitations. According to some reports, Wozniacki had started trying on dresses for the wedding just before McIlroy called the entire thing off.

Despite the shock of the breakup, Wozniacki went out of her way to avoid criticizing or badmouthing McIlroy, saying only that she didn’t want to have her name associated with him forever and wanted her own career. Despite reports from friends of McIlroy’s that her desire to get married quickly caused the relationship to end, she stuck with her decision not to criticize McIlroy for several months.

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However, she would eventually reveal that McIlroy ended their engagement with only a phone call, and when the golfer made the mistake of contrasting his relationship with a non-athlete with his time with Wozniacki, she wasn’t shy about suggesting that he needed to move on and focus on the woman that would become his wife.

4. Wozniacki Has Played Better With Lee By Her Side

During her time with McIlroy, Wozniacki was often criticized for her struggles at Grand Slam events. Coincidentally or not, she had one of the biggest droughts of her career while she dated the Northern Irishman.

After making the semifinals of the 2011 U.S. Open and revealing her relationship with McIlroy, Wozniacki proceeded to lose her form and fail to make it past the fourth round in 10 of her next 11 Grand Slam events, with only a 2012 appearance in the Australian Open quarterfinals preventing her from getting shut out of making it past the fourth round.

Following their breakup, Wozniacki threw herself back into tennis, and she immediately resumed her form by making a run to the final of the U.S. Open in 2014. While dating Lee, she’s consistently ranked in the top 5 and reached No. 3 overall. She’s still yet to win a Grand Slam tournament, but she did win the season-ending championships on the WTA tour for the first time in October, easily her biggest victory in her career to date.

5. She’ll Be Able to Wear Heels at Their Wedding If She Wants

Wozniacki was actually the taller one in her relationship with McIlroy, checking in at 5-foot-10 compared to the Northern Irishman’s 5-foot-9. After things ended disastrously, Wozniacki said in jest that for her next relationship, she’d like to date someone taller than her so that she could wear her high heels.

With Lee, that box was emphatically checked.

In terms of height, Lee is exactly what people would expect from a power forward in the NBA. At 6-foot-9, he towers over Wozniacki to the point where she’ll never be the taller one in this relationship, no matter how high her heels end up being. There’s no word on whether she’ll be wearing high heels with her wedding dress when the two officially get married, but she’ll definitely have the option if they’re a necessary part of her dream dress.