November 4 Protests Live Stream: Watch Refuse Fascism ‘Antifa’ Events Online

Today is November 4, the day of the notorious “It Begins” protests calling for an end to the Trump/Pence regime. Depending on which publication you read, the protests taking place around the country are either peaceful protests seeking to call attention to what they believe is a greater problem in our country, or a big Antifa civil war event. Well, the rumors that Antifa is starting a civil war are just that — rumors. Although these are popularly referred to as Antifa protests, the protests are actually not associated with Antifa. This is why “Antifa” was in quotes in the headline. Many popular rightwing sites (including some live streams below) have erroneously referred to the events as Antifa protests. Refuse Fascism is actually the group running the protests. They label their events as nonviolent and even kid friendly in many locations. They are hoping that millions will join the protests and it will last for days or longer — but they don’t want any violence. Of course, nothing guarantees that a rogue group or a rogue person won’t show up at a protest with violent motives, but violence is definitely not the goal for these events. You can read more about their motivations here and their locations here.

There’s one live stream of the protests above. This is unfortunately from a group that is erroneously labeling the protests as being led by Antifa. It’s still an interesting stream to watch because they are showing different locations from around the country as they can find them.

Most protests in most cities won’t officially begin until 1 p.m. or later local time. Some streams may go down periodically. We will try to replace them with new streams as we can.

Here’s a live stream from BP Network, labeling the event as Antifa. They periodically switch feeds from different locations:

Here’s a live stream from Philadelphia. It has since ended but it’s 50 minutes long:

This next one shows both Philadelphia and New York, but this one is having some technical difficulties from time to time. It’s no longer live:


Here’s a live stream in New York City. This one was from earlier today and is no longer live. It’s about four hours long:

Another live stream currently airing from New York, with an Antifa bent. This one is still live even as it turns dark but it looks like it’s wrapping up:

BuzzFeed is at the New York rally too and they are still live:

Here’s another from New York. This one is an hour and the live stream has ended, but it gives you a good idea of what was happening.

Also in New York (no longer live): 

Here’s a new one from Refuse Fascism that was live earlier:

And another from New York. This person took a decidedly anti-protest take to her coverage. It’s no longer live:

In Chicago, the Refuse Fascism Facebook page periodically goes live with video updates. Here is a recent one:


And another previously live video from Chicago:

Also in Chicago from Fox News (this one is no longer live but it’s an hour long):

Here’s a stream from Austin. Unfortunately it’s now ended, but you can watch an hour of coverage below:

And next is a livestream of the participants marching in Austin. Unfortunately, KXAN erroneously referred to the marchers as “Antifa,” which they are not. This is no longer live:

Here’s a stream from Cleveland that is no longer live:

A stream from Atlanta. (Note: This is from Fox in Atlanta, but they may periodically switch to streams in other cities, including New York.)

We finally have a stream from Los Angeles via NoBSMedia:

And another live stream from LA:

Here’s a San Francisco Live Stream:

This next stream is periodically from Infowars. Keep in mind that Infowars often erroneously labeling the protests as being from Antifa. However, you can still see live footage from the protests in the stream below. It’s two hours long and is no longer live, unfortunately.

Learn more about the protests below:

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