Joshua Davenport & Brianna Haas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brianna Haas, Joshua Davenport

Instagram/Facebook Brianna Haas and Joshua Davenport

In a now widely shared and shockingly racist 13-second SnapChat video, for a brief second, the face of a young man in a baseball cap and pink shirt can be seen, before his voice is then heard off screen shouting, “Hey, so we going n—-r hunting today or what?’

A second later, the camera phone points toward two people; one as of yet identified man with a scruffy beard, baseball cap wearing a red t-shirt who responds in the affirmative, ‘Yeah, we going n—-r hunting,’ and the other, Tabitha “Tabbie” Duncan, 20, the latter now fired from her waitressing gig at the Social Bar & Grill in St. Louis, and possibly getting the boot from the Air Force before she even starts basic training for what she says in the video.

But it’s the first voice, that people were hoping to identify because it’s his voice that poses the question to the beer-drinking, young white Missourians on a dirt road at night, with Duncan sitting on what appears to to be the hood of the car shoe-less with a bottle of beer in her hand. The voice yells again, “Fucking n—-r hunting right now, huh?”

Tabbie answers, ‘You get them, n—-rs.’

The SnapChat account used to film the video belongs to Brianna Haas. A woman captured the very brief video and posted it to Facebook. And that led to people sharing it and calls for Tabbie to be held to account and to identify the others.

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Here’s what you need to know about Joshua Davenport and Brianna Haas:

1. The Voice Directing a SnapChat Video Asking ‘So We Going On a N—-r Hunt Today?’ is Joshua Davenport

Polo Newtown posted to Facebook Davenport’s identify but it wasn’t certain it was the right person until his social media disappeared from the internet. Just like Tabbie’s once she’d been named.

“Can The Guy Recording Go Viral Too,” Newtown asks in his post adding the hashtag, #MakeRacistsGoViral

There were many that knew the people involved and made sure to show the world what was on that video. Maddi Schanz shared it with local media and refused to apologize for helping the video go viral.

“I honestly don’t expect everyone to understand why i felt so strongly about this situation. And unless you’ve directly been bullied, hated, abused, spit at, and joked about for the color of your skin i really don’t care to hear how you feel about the situation…”

In a local news story a number of commenters asked, “Who else is in the video?”

“EXACTLY my first thought: are the other idiots in the video going to be tracked down and punished too?!! I sure hope so,” wrote Jody.

2. Davenport Used Brianna Hass’ Camera Phone & SnapChat Account to Record the Video

Joshua Davenport

Facebook/Kalle BatesJoshua Davenport using fiance Brianna Hass’ SnapChat to record racist video

As is clear from the video, the filming was done on Brianna Hass’ SnapChat and a female hand can be seen in the first second of the video with the phone that Davenport has commandeered.

The video was captured and shared by Kalle Bates who ponders “So many things wrong with this Snapchat… drinking and driving and what’s being said. Why does this still get said, joke or not?”

3. Davenport & Haas Are Engaged. In The Video Davenport Calls Tabbie His Soon to be Sister in Law. It’s Not Clear if The Two Women Are Related or Just Very Close Friends, Akin to Sisters

Joshua Davenpot

FacebookJoshua Davenport Facebook cover just before it was deleted.

On Joshua Davenport’s Facebook page, now deleted and previously a private page, did show that he was engaged to Haas on June 8. It’s believed the video was taken June 9 and posted on June 10. They may have been celebrating their engagement with friend Tabbie and others.

joshua davenport, brianna haas

Joshua Davenport Facebook cover before Hass deleted hers.

Haas deleted her Facebook and since she had tagged him, that information disappeared and soon, his whole page was gone, as bare bones as it was to begin with; just Davenport and a photo of what appears to be an oil rig.

4. Haas Has Numerous Photos of She & Tabbie Duncan on Her Instagram Page

Brianna Haas Instagram

Brianna Haas Instagram

Hass has scrubbed her most of her social but an Instagram account with just 19 posts was still up although the images above and below are screenshots in the event the page is deleted. The majority selfies taken with a young woman who appears to be Tabbie Duncan and in a couple of the images, she is named.

brianna hass

Brianna Hass InstagramBrianna and Tabbie on Brianna Hass Instagram

And on at least one, a very recent comment about the video incident left by someone who called the two women “racist rednecks.”

5. One Involved in the Incident, Tabbie Duncan,Has Been Fired From Her Job & People Are Calling For Others to be Held to Account

Tabbie Duncan was fired from her restaurant job and as she was an Air Force recruit, when a recruiter responded to requests for comment, they said they’d investigate as the air force says it’s committed to “diversity.”

Read the full story about Duncan here.

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