Kyle Mitchell (“The Cocaine Cowboy”): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Facebook Kyle Mitchell

Kyle Mitchell, a fraternity member from Texas Tech University, has come under fire from the Internet after racist messages in a fraternity chat group surfaced under his name. Using the name “Cocaine Cowboy,” he talked about shooting illegal immigrants at the border in his chat group, and others applauded his ideas. Kyle Mitchell and the other members of the group chat are members of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Refinery 29 reported. A representative of the fraternity said: “Tau Kappa Epsilon is investigating these disgusting allegations and condemns hateful language. The alleged comments don’t align with our values of love, charity, and esteem and have no place in our organization.” Mitchell later apologized on Twitter for his statements.

Here is what we know about him so far and what happened. This is a developing story.

1. Mitchell Apologized on a Twitter Feed that Has Posts about Jesus, Sports, & Texas Tech


When Mitchell’s identity was discovered, he quickly posted an apology on Twitter. You can read the apology in the screenshot above. He said,  in part: “I now recognize that the comments I made on GroupMe were egregious, disgusting, and lacked morality. For that, I am deeply sorry, and want to extended (sic) my sincerest apologies to all those who have been hurt by my comments… I take full responsibility for my actions… I cannot take back what I said, as the damage and hurt to others has already occurred. But please know that I will continue to own my mistakes and learn from this moment.”

His Twitter feed from the last four years shows a mix of tweets about sports, politics, and excitement about attending Texas Tech, along with the typical memes that many teens and young adults share.



He also talked in glowing terms about his parents.


He also had this tweet from 2014:

And around the same time, he tweeted:

He sometimes tried to be encouraging in his tweets:

In more recent years he retweeted messages like this:


The posts were made in a private GroupMe chat. It’s not yet known how the posts leaked or who originally shared them, as they’ve since been shared widely on social media. However, a news post from 12 KSLA indicated that the screenshots originated on a Twitter page called Texas Tech Students.

2. He Posted As “The Cocaine Cowboy” and Talked About Shooting People Who Tried to Cross the Border

TwitterKyle Mitchell on Twitter

The messages from his chat group are tough and hard to read at times. He and others in the group talked about shooting people on the border. Here are all the messages, as saved by numerous people who saw them. Warning: Some of the messages contain profanity.

At one point, a member of the group, Nate Novak, wrote: “Poor people won’t be happy until they get 15 an hour to make fries.” And someone else wrote: “Maybe I see why Kyle is president of IFC after all.”

Kyle responded: “They think they are too entitled to do those things, well sorry you have no other f***ing skill that’s what your’e going to do with your life.” Another person responded: “Picking cotton is a skill.”


At another point in the conversation, Kyle wrote: “Death. Only solution.” Someone suggested deporting unathletic illegals, and Kyle responded: “We need some cooks too… And a few Gardner’s (sic), but the rest of them f*** them.” Alex suggested “Slaves” and Kyle wrote: “Wrong race.”


He also said “You know my views” and Alex responded: “Don’t bother reporting them just use a firing squad.” Kyle responded: “I’m telling you build a wall, and the us govt. can sell permits for legal hunting on the border and we can make a sport of this, can be a new tax revenue stream for the govt…. The us govt would be making money to stop illegals instead of spending it, win win for everyone.”

Nate responded: “Kyle run for president in the future please.”

Kyle said: “No the poors would get me… I’d stop all of their support and let them die… couldn’t get votes haha.”


Nate suggested: “Just pull what the clintons did and promise to help the poors but do nothing.” (sic)


He also suggested: “Next brotherhood trip: border shooting range.” And Nate suggested: “We’re going to partner with ICE for a philanthropy event.” Alex added that he’s met ranchers who kill illegals and Kyle responded: “As they should.”


Mitchell graduated from Canyon Lake High School in 2014. In his apology note on Twitter, he said that he was resigning as President of Texas Tech’s Interfraternity Council.

3. His Social Media Posts Show He’s Pro-Trump

Mitchell’s social media posts show that he’s a supporter of Trump. He often retweets messages from Trump and Trump supporters.


4. He Removed His Facebook Profile & Now Another Kyle Mitchell Has Been Mistaken As Him


Kyle Mitchell took down his Facebook page, noted people who had been following him on the social media site. Other Kyle Mitchells, however, have been mistaken for him. One Kyle Mitchell attends Texas Tech and just joined Facebook in November 2015. His page is still online and he has been repeatedly mistaken for the Mitchell from the posts, and others have tried to point out the error.

In fact, he changed his cover photo to show a locked phone and changed his intro to read: “Whatever is going on you got the wrong Kyle Mitchell.” This is not the right Kyle Mitchell on Facebook:


The innocent Mitchell started school at Tech in 2017, according to his Facebook page, which was years after the Mitchell in question began.

5. Texas Tech Condemned the Racist Messages


In an email, Texas Tech responded: “The messages shared on social media are abhorrent and strongly condemned. University officials are investigating this matter. Texas Tech University is proud of the inclusivity and rich cultures that make up our community. These insensitive and racially charged messages do not reflect the core values of the institution.”

Ethan Louis Smith, executive vice president of the Interfraternity Council, said in a statement: “The words and ideas expressed in these messages do not represent the ideals and values of the IFC and Texas Tech University. This reprehensible language has no place … within our organization, school, or society. Texas Tech has a robust and proud community of fraternity and sorority members who exemplify what community should mean. The messages shared are not a reflection of the spirit and energy that surrounds so much of Greek life at Texas Tech. The Interfraternity Council is committed to making sure that a thorough investigation into these comments is conducted and those responsible are held accountable.”

This is a developing story.