Attorney: Amber Guyger Might Have Made Noise Complaints Against Botham Shem Jean

amber guyger arrested

Texas Rangers Amber Guyger was arrested and accused of manslaughter.

Very few connections have been verified between Amber Guyger and Botham Jean, but the attorney for Botham Shem Jean’s estate has said that he did find one possible connection between the two: noise complaints. Amber Guyger, a Dallas police officer, has been charged with manslaughter after admitting to going to Botham Jean’s apartment after her shift was over and shooting and killing him when she mistook his apartment for her own. The exact details of what happened are still being investigated. Now the attorney for Jean’s family has revealed that Jean’s downstairs neighbor made multiple noise complaints against him. Amber Guyger lived directly below Botham Shem Jean, but it’s not confirmed if she was the one who actually made those complaints.

Botham Shem Jean’s Downstairs Neighbor Made Noise Complaints

In an interview with CNN, S. Lee Merritt, the attorney representing Jean’s estate, said that multiple noise complaints had been made against Jean, including on the day he was shot. You can watch the interview in the video below.

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Merritt said that typically he can come up with some kind of theory about what happened in the cases he works, but in this situation he really doesn’t have a theory about what happened. And the only connections he can find between the two are a series of noise complaints.

Apparently, one of those complaints was made on the day that Jean was shot.

Merritt told CNN: “There were noise complaints from the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs, and that would have been Botham. In fact, there was a noise complaint that very day about upstairs activity in Botham’s apartment. Botham received a phone call about noise coming from his apartment from the downstairs neighbor.”

Merritt didn’t say whether reports had identified the name of the person who made the noise complaints. (Sometimes apartment managers allow noise complaints to remain anonymous, but it’s not known if that was the case in this situyation.) Merritt did clarify that Guyger lived immediately below Jean, who lived on the fourth floor. She was his immediate downstairs neighbor and the reports said that the complaints came from his downstairs neighbors. So it appears that we don’t have confirmation that it was definitely Guyger who made those complaints, but we do know that someone who lived below Jean had made complaints, including on the day he was shot.

A Grand Jury Will Review Guyger’s Manslaughter Charges

Guyger has been charged with manslaughter by the Texas Rangers. But there is a chance those charges might change. Guyger’s case will be presented to a grand jury, who will decide on whether more serious murder charges will be filed against Guyger, CBS News reported. The Dallas County District Attorney’s office will collect the evidence and present a full case to the grand jury. The grand jury will then weigh all aspects of the case and decide about manslaughter versus murder charges. A timeline for when this will happen has not yet been released.

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