READ: Mark Judge’s Classmate Calls Him a ‘Malicious Loon’

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In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Eric Ruyak, a former classmate of Mark Judge and fellow Georgetown Prep alum, wrote a lengthy Facebook post detailing the way in which Judge denounced Ruyak’s own sexual assault allegations against a priest.

Judge has been connected to the sexual assault allegation leveled against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford, who wrote in a letter to Rep. Anna Eshoo that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her while Judge was in the room, laughing.

In the Facebook post, Ruyak calls Judge a “f*cking loon,” adding that he was not surprised “this son of a b*tch is involved in the allegations of Kavanaugh attempting to rape a girl.”

Here’s what you need to know.

Ruyak Claims Judge Writes His ‘Right Wing Bullsh*t’ With ‘Malice’

Read the full letter below:

Funny bit of full circle nonsense.

For those of you who don’t know, I went to Georgetown Prep, where both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch went as well. When I came forward with allegations regarding Gary Orr, a former priest, sexually assaulting me…Mark Judge (Kavanaugh’s friend in this who despicable story of sexual assault) reached out to alums saying that Gary Orr was a great priest and that I had obviously been corrupted by liberalism into a homosexual and therefore was most definitely lying.

THEN, years later when Orr admitted to raping a whole cadre of children, he said that Orr was raping kids because of the unchecked liberalism at Prep, and that regardless of whether or not I was telling the truth, I was a homosexual and had it coming. Google “Mark Judge Gary Orr” and you will see what a fucking loon this guy is, and with what malice he writes his right wing bullshit.

So…for me to hear that this son of a bitch is involved in the allegations of Kavanaugh attempting to rape a girl in high school comes as no surprise to me. It’s always the loudest most arrogant voices that are trying to hide the truth beneath the din of their own pompous voices.

And by the way, the story that this woman is telling is one that I know was repeated dozens of times in my 4 years at Prep.

“Men For Others” indeed…LOL.

In a statement to The Weekly Standard, Judge strongly denied the allegation against Kavanaugh, as well as the allegation that he was in the room of the alleged assault, as detailed by Christine Blasey Ford. “It’s just absolutely nuts. I never saw Brett act that way,” he said.


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