Dilbert Creator Says Google Is Attacking Him for His Views on Trump

Scott Adams is probably best known for creating Dilbert, a comic strip that pokes fun at office life. But if you google Scott Adams, Dilbert isn’t the only image that pops up. It’s not even one of the most eye-grabbing. Instead, a google image search for Adams turns up a string of photo-shopped images of Adams wearing a Nazi uniform. That’s why Adams took to Periscope on Thursday. Of course, the cartoonist wanted to let people know that those Nazi uniforms had been photo-shopped onto him. But he also wanted to say that he believes Google is targeting him, by making sure that those Nazi images come up at the top of every search. And Adams believes that this “awful behavior” is happening because Google doesn’t like the way he talks about President Trump.

This is what a Google image search for Scott Adams turned up as of Thursday:

Google image search for Scott Adams

Clicking on the Nazi uniformed-images led to a fake “Scott Adams” Twitter account which described the cartoonist as “Creator of Dilbert. Co-founder http://CalendarTree.com . White Nationalist, White Separatist, Loyal Trump Supporter.” The account’s pinned tweet reads, “Dilbert represents the white man’s struggle in white collar limbo,unable to be promoted because of diversity ceiling.”

Adams Says Google Deliberately Targeted Him Because He ‘Talks About President Trump a Lot’

Adams likes to say that he isn’t a conservative — he doesn’t want to be aligned with a political party. But he believes that Google is going after him — that, in his words, “one of the biggest companies in the world has targeted me personally for destruction” because of his political beliefs. Adams has been talking, writing, and cartooning about Trump constantly since at least 2015, when he first declared that Trump was a “Clown Genius.” Adams said at the time that Trump was a “master wizard” of persuasion.

Adams isn’t easy to pin down; he talks a lot about Trump’s tactics, but tends not to give his own opinion on the president. It’s hard to call him a Trump supporter; he positions himself as an analyst, watching how things and people work but seldom giving his own opinions. And he’s also consistently critical of Trump supporters. But Adams is clearly fascinated by the president, his style, and his power. Now, he seems to think that his fascination with the president has gotten him in trouble with Google.

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