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Ocean Ramsey, an Hawaii-based shark conservationist and model, may have discovered the largest great white shark known to man. The images of Ramsey alongside the shark, suspected to be Deep Blue, a shark featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” were first posted to her Instagram page on January 15. On January 18, Ramsey appeared on “Today” to allay fears about her safety.

Ramsey told the morning show that sharks, like the massive 20 foot long and 8-foot wide one she was swimming with, “swim past surfers, swimmers, and divers all day every day.” Ramsey added, “It’s so rare that they ever make a mistake.” The shark was spotted close to a dead sperm whale that it may have been feeding on, reports the Associated Press.

Ramsey added that she and her team were studying tiger sharks in Oahu when they encountered the great white. She said, “We never would have imagined we would be fortunate enough to be graced with the presence of this massive, big beautiful, female white shark. It fills my heart with joy and takes my breath away… It kind of breaks my heart at that same time to be honest. Moments like this are increasingly rare because shark populations are being wiped out for shark fin soup and shark finning.” Ramsey also thought that that the shark might pregnant with a baby shark.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Giant Shark Encounter Was Recorded by Ramsey’s Business Partner & Fiance Juan Oliphant

The videos of Ramsey swimming next to the shark was recorded by her business partner and fiance, Juan Oliphant. When asked about whether or not the shark was the world’s largest, Oliphant told the AP, “She looks the part right now. Maybe even more exciting that there is another massive, you know, super-size great white shark out there. Because their populations are so dwindling.” On her LinkedIn page, Ramsey describes herself as a “marine biologist, shark conservationist, ethologist, scuba instructor, owner: WaterInspired.org & OneOceanDiving.com.”

The couple operates One Ocean Diving and Research in Oahu. One of the couple’s causes is a bill to ban the killing of marine life such as sharks and rays. Ramsey’s business brings people out on non-cage shark dives but they also warn that people should not just jump in the water with sharks whenever they see them.

2. This Isn’t the 1st Time that Ramsey Has Gone Viral

Ramsey last went viral in February 2013 when her fearless shark diving was featured in a promotional video for GoPro. At the height of her fame then, Ramsey told the Huffington Post that she has been swimming with sharks since she was 14 years old.

In her original viral video, Ramsey said, “It’s really hard to describe what it’s like to actually have a great white swimming towards you or next to you. It’s really breathtaking. They are really cautious and calculated. You know, it’s misunderstood and misconstrued as these ravenous mindless man-eating machines.” In an interview on Red Bull’s website, Ramsey said, “By swimming with these sharks we are able to show we can co-exist and that they are not going to eat you.”

3. Ramsey Said in 2017 That Her Modelling Career Takes a Backseat to Her Shark Conservation Work

Ramsey told Maxim in a February 2017 interview that she “did a lot of modeling” in her 20s. These days, she still has an agent but Ramsey said that she is normally out on boats doing shark conservation work when she gets calls about modeling. Ramsey added, “I hope that if any of my talents, features, or natural gifts can be used to better highlight the message I am trying to share.”

During the same interview, Ramsey said that it was her parents’ love of the ocean that led to her career choice and decision to get a degree in marine biology. Ramsey says that she specifically studied animal behavior and shark body language.

4. Ramsey Is Using Her Fame to Highlight the Real Killer, Plastic

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#Jaws was a fictitious film whose poster kind of looks like this, so this is my effort at an Anti-Jaws type media piece @savingjawsmovie . I’ve been swimming with sharks my whole life and working professionally with them for over 15 years. There’s a challenge I have in my efforts, to find a balance between helping people to overcome their fear of sharks that often stems for fictitious demonizing media and instilling a healthy level of respect for sharks as very capable apex predators #ApexPredatorNotMonster not puppy (cause if you pet puppies often even puppies bite, actually a lot ;)). Having worked with sharks for so long I can fully appreciate what they are capable of because I have been rushed by sharks and had to deter them and I have had to leave the water and I have watched them actively predate and compete for space and have confrontations.  However, I’ve also had the most incredible moments of my life in the water with them where 99.9% of the time they cruise gracefully around and so long as I keep looking around and pay attention constantly and quietly and give respect and attention to the more dominant individuals and challenging juveniles on a CONSTANT bases I am treated as more or less an equal predator.  Never complacent, always respectful and adapting at every second to every movement. I reached the point long ago where I dedicated my life to conservation and I love it, I love educating people about sharks and introducing them to them in a professional guided situation through the program I co-founded @oneoceandiving where we also collect data @oneoceanresearch @oneoceansharks and help support conservation through @Oneoceanconservation and @OneoceanEducation and @Oneoceanglobal @Waterinspired @oneoceanhawaii and other with funds from @oneoceandesigns and diving I love studying shark behavior and body language and its an absolute pleasure to share that with people and help them to better appreciate sharks and I hope inspire them to help save them.  Check out http://HelpSaveSharks.Org for more ways to get involved. #Aloha #hawaii #greatWhiteHawaii #SaveTheOcean #ocean #discoversharks #oneoceanconservation #OneOceanDiving PHOTO CREDIT @juansharks ❤️

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Ramsey is using her fame, generated from her diving activities, to highlight the real killer in the ocean, plastic. In an Instagram post, Ramsey said, “Plastic Is The REAL killer! Thrilled to get some positive shark press out there and the opportunity to reach so many people around the world with a much-needed message of conservation for sharks.”

5. Ramsey Says She Would Love to Get Donald Trump to Come Out & Swim With Sharks

Stormy Daniels sharks

GettyStormy Daniels was the first person speak about Trump’s fear of sharks.

In 2018, when Stormy Daniels came forward with the details of her affair with President Donald Trump. One of the subjects she spoke about was Trump’s fear of sharks. During one rendezvous in Los Angeles, Daniels told In Touch Weekly, “He is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks. He was like, “I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.” He was like riveted. He was like obsessed. It’s so strange, I know.”

When Ramsey heard about Trump’s fears, she tweeted, “I am shocked to just find out about this. I would love to get @realDonaldTrump out to help him overcome his fear and fall in love with sharks.”

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