WATCH: Teens Rescue 8-Year-Old Boy From Ski Lift

Teens Rescue Boy From Ski Lift

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Teens seem to have saved the day in a heart-racing moment that required quick thinking and help for an eight-year-old found dangling from a ski lift.

This group of teenagers who had been skiing on a mountain in Vancouver, Canada, rushed over to the 8-year-old, when they spotted him dangling from a chairlift 20 feet above ground.

The footage above was reportedly captured as the incredible rescue happened at Grouse Mountain. In the footage, one can see the boy’s father trying to hold on to his arms, as he dangles in the air. The boy’s father had frantically attempted to pull his son back into the lift, but had a difficult time with the maneuver.

Soon, the group of teenagers began to think of a quick plan to help the boy, and are credited with the boy’s save.

“People were there but they were just standing looking at the kid, not knowing what to do,” a 12-year-old Joshua Ravensbergen said to the Vancouver Sun.

His friend, Ethan Harvey, also spoke to NBC, saying: “They pointed to the lift and I saw the kid dangling. I was like, ‘Holy smokes.’ “

The teens’ plan was to get a piece of mesh fencing, which they had found nearby, and then use it as a makeshift safety net for the boy’s fall. Of course, this plan was a gamble, and the boys reportedly battled uncertainty over whether their plans would work.

“Inside, I had anxiety,” Harvey told Today, shown in the above video. “I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I really just kind of knew, like, we could do this.”

Fourteen-year-old James MacDonald, one of the rescue teens told CNN that he had asked a man nearby to get some orange netting–the kind of netting that was hanging around to indicate an “out-of-bounds” area. The netting was used to break the boy’s fall.

“He was starting to flail about and get extremely panicked,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald’s friends had also come down to pitch in with the fall. Additionally, a man and another woman who was near the chairlift helped, according to CNN.

Once the netting was in place, the father let go of the eight-year-old boy, who dropped right unto the net, safely and soundly.

A spokesperson for Grouse Mountain, Julia Grant, said in a statement: “Safety is our top priority and we will be taking appropriate action based on the results of the investigation.”

Grant added that the president of Grouse Mountain, Michael Cameron, met with the rescuers to thank them personally. Each one was also given a complimentary season pass.

“Grouse Mountain is incredibly appreciative of those who assisted in Wednesday’s chairlift incident,” the statement said. “Their quick thinking and immediate actions are commendable.”

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