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kiernan brown

Facebook Kiernan Brown is accused of killing Julie Ann Mooney, top right, and Kaylee Ann Brock, in Michigan, police say.

Kiernan Brown is a Michigan man with a lengthy record of abusing women who is accused in the murders of Kaylee Ann Brock and Julie Ann Mooney who police say was caught during a “killing spree.” Brown was arrested before he could kill two other women who were on his hit list, according to investigators.

Brown, a 27-year-old Delta Township man, murdered Kaylee Ann Brock and Julie Ann Mooney in two separate incidents on May 10. Brock, 26, of Holt, Michigan, and Mooney, 32, of Williamston, were both found beaten to death, police said. Brown, who knew both of the victims, was arrested after sending disturbing texts to his ex-girlfriend and showing up at her home in violation of a protective order, according to police. Brown’s ex-girlfriend was not one of his targets, police said. The other two women were found safe and were being provided protection as a precaution, police said.

The case is being investigated by the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office, the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and Meridian Township Police. Brown was arrested after a traffic stop in Eaton County. Mooney was found dead in Meridian Township and Brock was killed in Ingham County, according to investigators.

“There is no doubt the suspect was on a killing spree. We have since learned the quick actions of the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office saved many more lives,” the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office said. “The investigation has identified two additional potential victims (not including the original caller) that the suspect had planned to kill. They have all been contacted and are all safe.”

The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office added, “A great coordinated effort by our partners at Ingham County and Meridian Township. Our thoughts go out to the families and loved ones of the victims. We are proud our deputies acted quickly and ended this murder spree.”

Here’s what you need to know about Kiernan Brown:

1. Brown Told His Ex-Girlfriend He Had Been ‘Ridding the Demons of Some Dear Friends of His’ & He ‘Spared Her Because He Loves Her,’ the Sheriff Says

kiernan brown

Kiernan Brown.

Kiernan Brown showed up at an ex-girlfriend’s home on Friday, May 10, and demanded to be let in, police said. He then began sending her text messages saying he had killed friends, but was not going to kill her. She then called police. The woman had previously filed for a protective order against Brown, according to WILX-TV. She said he had threatened to kill her and her autistic child. According to court documents, he would grab steak knives and imitate an attack on them. She also accused Brown of trying to kill her dog by kicking and throwing the German Shephard.

According to police, Brown texted his ex-girlfriend and said he had been “ridding the demons of some dear friends of his.” He also wrote that he “loved her so he spared her,” and said “she would know what that meant soon,” authorities said. Brown fled from the home before police arrived and was found by Eaton County deputies driving on Interstate-69 less than hour later, according to police.

Deputies said Brown showed them photos on his phone of the bodies of the two women he is accused of killing, the sheriff’s office said in a press release. The sheriff’s office then asked the Ingham Sheriff’s Office and Meridian Township Police to conduct welfare checks at the two locations police said the women had been killed. Their bodies were found during those checks, according to the sheriff’s office. According to the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office:

The suspect was arrested on some outstanding warrants. During the stop the suspect told the deputies that he needed to show them some images on his phone. The suspect proceeded to show the deputies images of what appeared to be two deceased females.

Further investigation lead both the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Delhi Division and Meridian Township Police to do welfare checks at the two female residences. Ingham County responded to the 4400 block of Doncaster in Holt and found a 26-year old white female of Holt, dead of multiple blunt force trauma.

Meridian Township responded to the 2700 block of E. Grand River and found a 32 white female of Williamston dead of multiple blunt force trauma.

Police said Brock’s apartment door in Ingham County was open and she was found dead inside. Mooney was found dead in a hotel room in Meridian Township.

“I can’t say enough about the incredible police work done by the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office. To locate the vehicle in such short order, take the suspect into custody, quickly relay that information to us so that could begin our investigation has been invaluable,” Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wrigglesworth said at a press conference. “I don’t think there is any doubt taht the suspect was on a killing spree and his quick capture probably saved many lives. As a matter of fact, since we have been working this investigation we have learned that there were other victims this guy intended to kill. We have made contact with all of those female victims and they are all fine.”

According to police, surveillance video shows Brown and Mooney coming and going from a hotel room at the Knights Inn in Meridian Township on the night she died, the Lansing State Journal reports. Police also have videos of Brown buying weapons used in the killings, but prosecutors have not said what those items were, according to the newspaper.

“These weren’t random acts,” Wrigglesworth said. “The other females we’ve since made contact with, it sounds like they knew this guy as well to some degree.”

Mooney’s boyfriend, Connor Barnes, told WILX-TV that his girlfriend knew Brown because they were co-workers at a Chili’s restaurant and had been trying to help him, but she was “betrayed” by him. “She was tragically taken away. How the hell do I keep going?” Barnes said during an interview with the news station. “She was particular, she was driven, she was a passionate mother. She enjoyed her independence and her free time. It seems like she was under the impression that he was having a very, very difficult time and she was willing to do whatever she could to make it better. She wanted to help somebody that night and she was betrayed and I’m torn up over that.”

julie mooney

Julie Mooney.

Mooney was a mother and is survived by her two children, a 7-year-old and an 11-year-old. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help her family.

“Julie gave openly of herself and her time, with a gracious and kind heart. And it shows by the overwhelming out pouring of love and kindness you have all shown our family over these unimaginable days,” Amy Hine wrote on the GoFundMe.

Barnes said he wants his girlfriend to be remembered for what she was trying to do. “She was driven to make other people’s lives better,” he said. Barnes also said he wants justice, not vengeance. “”I hear her telling me like, don’t hate this person. I didn’t, I tried to help him. It’s really tragic that, I can still have that kind of compassion for somebody. I think she taught me that to some degree,” he told the news station.

Kaylee Brock was also a mother to a young son. It is not clear how she knew Brown.

kaylee brock

Kaylee Brock.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Brock’s family with funeral expenses.

“Kaylee was the only person i knew that loved everyone. no matter the situation she always had a smile on her face. She loved all her family,” her younger sister wrote on the GoFundMe campaign page. ” My little sister did not deserve the senseless act of another. Kaylee Ann Brock 26 years of age was the sweetest, gentlest, respectful, loving, caring, and genuine, individual anyone could’ve ever met. Her smile so bright and permanent; if you ever seen her she smiled enough to light up the room for everyone in it. Her kindness to others was beyond any most could offer, her listening ear was so much comfort for many, and again her permanent smile was the sunshine to others day.”

Her sister added, “She lost her beautiful life when targeted in her home; a place we all feel most comfortable.”

Brock’s father wrote, “Kaylee is my best supporter, my loudest cheer leader and loved me unconditionally always. Even when I am being grumpy or irritated by one of her many many texts. She loved her arts and crafts, food, cooking, reading and movies and shopping with her mom. But most of all she loved her family and friends. She would sit with me for hours watching movies with me or watching me play video games. She never complained about anything and was down to do anything if it was with her family. I spent most of my life and all of her caring for this beautiful young lady and I will miss her greatly. I tried to always be there for her and now that she has moved on I will try to continue to be there for her.”

Her mother added, “She was like sunshine and could brighten a room just by smiling. She was always optimistic and never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was my shopping and craft show partner and LOVED to cook and help in the kitchen…her love of books was unrivaled. Her love of Family was so Great, there was no place she would rather be….she had the most kind soul and would help anyone. She was all of this and more.”

2. He Served 3 1/2 Years in Prison, the Minimum End of a 20-Year Sentence, After Strangling His Girlfriend, Hitting Her in the Throat & Cutting Her Legs With a Knife, Records Show

kiernan brown

Kiernan Brown.

Kiernan Brown pleaded guilty to assault by strangulation and domestic violence and was sentenced to 3 1/2 years to 20 years in prison in a 2014 case involving an ex-girlfriend, according to court documents. He was released from custody on parole in 2018 after serving the minimum end of the sentence.

“He grabbed my head, he grabbed a hold of my hair, and he hit my head into the wall … I know that he choked me after that with both hands,” his ex-girlfriend said, according to court documents obtained by WXMI-TV.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Brown attacked his ex-girlfriend and told her she “wasn’t going to send him to jail,” and that he would kill her first, a protective order from 2014 obtained by the newspaper shows. The woman said he told her he would be “burying me where no one [would] find me,” and sent her threatening text messages.

The victim in that case, Jessica Weck, told WILX-TV she had a “sinking feeling” when she heard about the double murders and thought it might be her ex-boyfriend. Weck told the Michigan news station she began dating Brown in 2012 and had an “on-again-off-again” relationship.” Weck said she reported him to police in 2014 after surviving through abuse during the relationship. They first met at a bus station in Lansing and he was charming, but Weck said he soon showed his other side, which she described as “troubled, twisted and abusive.”

According to Weck, Brown strangled her to the point where she blacked out. She agreed to a plea deal when he was arrested. “I cried for myself that I should, I shouldn’t have accepted, shouldn’t have let the prosecutors give him that plea bargain. That maybe they would be alive,” Weck told the news station.

kiernan brown

Kiernan Brown.

Weck told the news station she is now feeling “survivor’s guilt.” Her memories of her time with Brown came back when she heard about the murders. “”I dropped to my knees and cried. I cried for those females those ladies that didn’t know how dangerous he can be,” Weck said.

She said she was notified in March 2018 that Brown had been released from prison, but she hadn’t spoken to him since his release. She said she had seen him by chance in Lansing a few times in the past year, but told the news station he didn’t see her. She is not the ex-girlfriend who Brown texted after the killings, according to police.

Weck filed for a protective order after his release, telling the court, “He threatened to kill me no matter the time frame. I’m afraid of what he might do.”

3. Brown Previously Told a Case Worker He Wanted to Be a Serial Killer

kiernan brown

Kiernan Brown.

Kiernan Brown has several other convictions on his record and a court file that goes back several years, according to public records. In May 2011, Brown injured himself and displayed homicidal behavior, according to court documents obtained by WILX-TV. He told a case worker he wanted to be the “best serial killer people had ever seen,” the news station reports. He also looked up photos of serial killers on his phone and had long conversations about the topic, WILX reports. The social worker ordered that Brown be hospitalized for a short period.

Brown also has convictions for larceny from a motor vehicle, assaulting or resisting a police officer, attempted larceny from a motor vehicle, second-degree home invasion and parole violations, according to Michigan Department of Corrections records. He spent 300 days in jail in 2013, and then returned for 65 days on a probation violation. He also spent 30 days in jail in 2014 and 15 for violating his probation.

Brown is listed as a parole absconder as of May 2, 2019. His parole term was set to expire in June.

4. On Facebook, Brown Says He Is a Rapper Who Goes by ‘Lil Gaf’ & ‘Dirty Heathen’ & He Had Been Studying at Lansing Community College

kiernan brown lil gaf

Kiernan Brown.

According to his Facebook page, Kiernan Brown is a rapper. Brown has used the names “Lil Gaf” and “Dirty Heathen.” He is also a student at Lansing Community College, according to his Facebook page and the Lansing State Journal.

According to his Facebook page, Brown was born in Moline, Illinois, and attended Moline High School. He later moved to Michigan and attended East Lansing High School, graduating in 2010. On an older Facebook profile from before he went to prison, Brown wrote that he had studied at music at Michigan State University. It was not immediately clear if he actually attended the university.

5. Brown Is Being Held at the Eaton County Jail & Is Scheduled to Appear in Court on May 14

kiernan brown michigan

Kiernan Brown.

Kiernan Scott Brown has been charged with two counts of murder, along with two counts of armed robbery. Police said Brown stole the cell phones of his victims. He was previously being held at the Eaton County Jail on unrelated charges of domestic violence, assault and cruelty to animals. Brown is scheduled to appear in court in Ingham County on May 14 to be arraigned on the murder charges. He is also being held on a parole violation.

It is not clear if Brown has hired an attorney.

“The suspect is expected to be arraigned early this week. The investigation is ongoing and both agencies are working collaboratively,” the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office said. The Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone with information contact them at 517-676-8257 or Meridian Township Police at 517-853-4800.

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