Why Is ‘Crips’ Trending on Twitter?

WBS TV Crips graffiti in Newton County

On June 20, news station WSB TV Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia reported the multiple homes and cars in Newton County had been hit with graffiti and that the Newton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to that it is currently investigating whether the incident could be gang-related, since the word “crips” is spray-painted everywhere.

However, once reporter Jovita Moore posted the news story on Twitter, the public response may not be quite what she or the news station was expecting. Because the graffiti is written in cursive, with two exclamation points at the end, reading “CRIPS!!” users are finding it really tough to believe that this vandalism was done by the actual Crips. gang.

Nobody on Twitter who claims to be familiar with Crips graffiti is buying that the street gang would be in this Atlanta suburb, and that if they were, would spray paint their own name, as naturally, they would easily get caught.

A Newton County neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous told Channel 2‘s Alyssa Hyman, “When I got home, I was just puzzled. I was really broken that something like this would actually happen here,” he said. The local man said that was away last weekend when he got a call from his son that someone spray-painted a gang name on their garage and their car.

It’s being reported by Newton County Police that at least three houses on Stephens Way were vandalized, and that one of the homeowner’s has reported a few stolen valuables, as well. According to the police report, there is surveillance video but as of yet, police haven’t identified any suspects.

While there was obviously a crime committed, Twitter couldn’t help but compare this to the South Park episode in which Jimmy and Timmy tried to pretend they were members of the Crips, and failed miserably.

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