Geoff Robinson Dead at 33: Tribute to the ‘iNControlTV’ Gamer

On Sunday, July 21, the news of Geoff Robinson’s death shocked the gaming world. Via his official social media account, a statement regarding the well-known eSports commentator, host and streamer known as iNControlTV, announced that he passed away Saturday due to a “sudden illness.” He was 33 years old.

“With immense grief, we announce Geoff’s unexpected passing due to sudden illness Saturday. We ask privacy as his family works to understand what happened and make arrangements. To honor Geoff or offer comfort to his family, we suggest donations to @SoCalBulldog, which he loved.”

Southern California Bulldog Rescue is a non-profit dedicated to the rescue of English bulldogs. Robinson had an English bulldog of his own named Barristan, and regularly posted photos on Instagram of his beloved pup.

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The statement added in a second tweet, “Geoff is deeply loved across many communities and we’re all working to make sure his affairs are in order as he’d want. BARRISTAN is safe in the care of friends, and family will share words of remembrance when they are ready. Let’s live today in his example of love and laughter.”

Robinson cut his teeth as a StarCraft pro with Evil Geniuses, and became one of the first players allowed to play StarCraft 2 while it was still in the beta stage. As a captain of the Evil Geniuses team, Robinson became a well-known esports commentator, host and streamer under the name iNControlTV.

His Ex-Wife Anna Prosser Tweeted Out a Heartfelt Message

Geoff was once married to Anna Prosser, who’s also a well known gamer, however, the couple parted ways and divorced in 2018. Robinson wrote a letter to his fans of their separation, and it he wrote that while he was devastated they couldn’t work out their issues through therapy that “Anna is the best person I have ever known. She is an incredible woman and I hope that in these trying times nobody does anything but give her love and support. Our marriage will not go on but she will continue to be an enriching and inspiring figure moving forward and I want nothing less than the best things for her.”

Upon learning the news of her ex-husband’s death, Prosser tweeted, “Geoff has been a binding and bridging force in his family always, and by his example we are all working together to honor him and support each other. Thanks for privacy, patience, and for the joy and caring each of you brought him. You, his community, were truly loved by him too.”

She followed that up by writing, “Nothing I could post would properly express my grief and shock. For now I just want to say: Geoff was & always will be a beacon of love, laughter and leadership. He exemplified what it was to be a good man. A world without him is wanting, but profoundly blessed to have had him.”

The Gaming Community Posted Emotional Tributes Online

While the cause of death remains unknown, Robinson’s fellow friends and fans are still grappling with the untimely death of one of their favorite eSports personalities. Especially since it was just two days prior he was online and streaming.

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