Jessica Alba’s Twitter Account Is Hacked By Hateful Racist

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Late on Saturday evening on the west coast, early Sunday morning on the east coast, Jessica Alba‘s official Twitter account was hacked by a hateful racist who sent out a series of extremely detestable messages. The first tweet, clearly not sent out by the actress read, “Nazi Germany Did Nothing Wrong And That’s On God N****”

The 38-year-old business mogul, who’s married to husband Cash Warren and has three children, Haven, Honor, and Hayes, typically tweets about her billion dollar brand, The Honest Company, upcoming films, or marking momentous occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It was instantly obvious to anyone coming across Alba’s Twitter page that the extremist, sometimes nonsensical, and racist comments being sent from her account were from a cyber bully.

The hacker tweeted “ugh police sirens in the distance again. When will n*****s stop committing crimes so I can get some f***ing sleep.” In response, the Dark Angel star’s fans flooded her timeline with tweets to get her account back in safe hands.

WARNING: Please be advised to stop reading now if you don’t want to see the alarmingly crude and distasteful messages that were tweeted out to her 9.2 million followers.

The most recent real tweet from Alba came on July 20, in which she sent out an Instagram photo of night at dinner with her husband and friends. Everything that was posted on July 27 or July 28, was from whoever hacked her account.

As time clicked by into the wee hours of the evening, more and more repugnant messages were sent out, some them including tags to Donald Trump, and the FBI. One tweet used racial slurs in relation to the Disney movie, Aladdin.

Jessica Alba Twitter Hacked (con’d)

Many of the Hacked Tweets Referenced Wanting to Free Rapper YNW Melly

Jessica Alba Twitter hacked (con’d)

Whoever took over Alba’s account also seemed to have a mission in starting a rally cry for rapper YNW Melly to be released from jail. The American songwriter and hip-hop artist, best known for his songs “Murder on My Mind” and “Mix Personalities,” the latter of which features Kanye West, recently dropped a new track behind bars entitled, “Dangerously in Love.(772 Love Pt. 2).”

YNW Melly "Dangerously In Love (772 Love Pt. 2)" (Official Audio)Melly wanted to share this song with his fans .. He always wants you to know he loves you and appreciates you deeply ❤️❤️❤️ New album coming soon2019-07-25T19:19:10.000Z

While his new track’s official audio video has already garnered nearly 1.5 million views since being released on July 25, the Florida based rapper, who’s real name Jamell Maurice Demons, is currently awaiting trial for a double homocide. The 20-year-old could face the death penalty for allegedly killing two of his associates, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, real names Anthony Williams, 21, and Christopher Thomas Jr., 19.

YNW Melly willingly turned himself into the police after hearing he was facing capital murder charges, which as reported by TMZ, he believes proves that he’s innocent. Melly alleges that there’s no murder weapon, DNA evidence, motive, or witnesses. However, as of press time, the state of Florida is seeking the death penalty for his alleged involvement in killing his friends by staging a fake drive-by shooting.

The Hacked Tweets Remained Live for Hours

Jessica Alba hacked tweets (con’d)

Typically, when a celebrity of Alba’s stature has his or her account hacked, the fraudulent messages are taken down quickly. Unfortunately, perhaps due to it being so late at night, the hacked tweets remained live for hours. Hopefully, by the time east coast Twitter users wake up on Sunday morning, The Fantastic Four star’s public account will be back to its normal and positive self.

In the mean time, users on the social media site had a field day defending Alba’s good name, anticipating the pain she will feel after waking up and seeing all the deplorable hacked messages, and hilariously wondering the cyber bully didn’t do something more positive with their hacking skills.

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