Nicholas & Justin Diemel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

nicholas diemel

Facebook Nicholas and Justin Diemel, missing Wisconsin brothers.

Nicholas and Justin Diemel are missing Wisconsin brothers who vanished while on a business trip to look at livestock in Missouri.

Now a major search effort has been launched to figure out what happened to them after they disappeared without a trace. Loved ones have started a Facebook page called “Please help bring Nick and Justin Diemel home.” You can read updates on that page here. Nick Diemel is 35, and Justin Diemel is 24. They own Diemel’s Livestock together near Seymour in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area.

“People have asked if we have a color, theme and / or symbol for this cause,” wrote one woman involved in the efforts to find them. “We have chosen camouflage (and shades thereof such as green and brown) and cattle ???? to represent Nick and Justin and getting them home!!!”

On July 26, 2019, a Braymer man was charged in connection with the case, and authorities said they now consider it to be a death investigation. Garland Nelson, 25, is accused of tampering with a motor vehicle. According to court documents obtained by Fox4KC, the brothers had gone to an address where Nelson owns a farm. He’s accused of admitting that he drove the brothers’ truck, leaving it in a commuter lot. You can read more about Nelson’s background here. He has not been charged with any other offenses in relation to the brothers’ disappearance.

garland nelson

Garland Nelson

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Brothers’ Rental Vehicle Was Found Abandoned in Missouri

nick diemel

Nick and Justin Diemel

A post on the Facebook page devoted to the search says that the missing Wisconsin brothers were last contacted on July 21, 2019. No one has heard from them since. “On July 22, 2019 the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office regarding an abandoned vehicle located at a commuter lot in Holt, MO,” the page says.

“This vehicle was determined to be the one driven by two missing brothers from Wisconsin, Nicholas Diemel & Justin Diemel, who traveled to Missouri for business in Caldwell and Clinton counties…Please call Clinton County Sheriff 816-632-8477 or Missouri State Highway Patrol 573-526-6178 with any information!”

Sheriff Larry Fish of the Clinton County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department, wrote in a news release: “On July 22, 2019 the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office regarding an abandoned vehicle located at a commuter lot in Holt, MO. This vehicle was determined to be the one driven by two missing brothers from Wisconsin, Nicholas Diemel & Justin Diemel, who reportedly traveled to Missouri for business in Caldwell and Clinton counties. The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office activated a case squad to investigate the disappearance of the brothers shortly after 3 p.m. on Monday, July 22.”

A woman wrote on a comment thread on the page for the missing brothers, “You dont just disappear like this someone in mo has to know something did they ever meet with the client,” and the page responded, “yes they met with them n made a phone call while there.” Referring to Nick, the woman added, “someone else spoke with him at 11am or around that while they where at the farm..said everything seemed fine yet for whatever reason that was the last conversation anyone had with them.”

According to WBAY-TV, Diemel Livestock employee Rob Chupp last spoke with the missing Wisconsin brothers. He told KMBC-TV that they were at a farm when he spoke with them on Sunday, and they were supposed to return home a few hours after that.

KMBC further reported that documents allege that the brother’s truck’s GPS showed them arriving at Nelson’s farm at 9:30 a.m., and the truck left just over two hours later. The brothers spoke to an employee around 11, about 44 minutes before the truck left the farm, and they seemed “fine” in that telephone call, the television station reported. The truck was seen in Polo, Missouri with no one in the passenger seat and then was at the commuter lot by 12:45 p.m.

2. On Facebook, Nicholas Diemel Wrote About Purchasing Farm Animals From Fairs

justin diemel

Nick and Justin Diemel

On Facebook, Nicholas Diemel goes by the name Nick Diemel. His posts indicated an interest in animals – both farm animals and hunting. One photo showed him with a dead deer. His Facebook page said he worked at Boldt Construction, went to Seymour High School, lives in Navarino, Wisconsin, and is from Nichols, Wisconsin. He’s married with four children.

“To all the 4H clubs and anyone in the County Fairs comming up. Diemel’s Livestock will purchase your Fair lambs and goats after the fair is over,” he wrote in one post.

His wife Lisa Diemel explained to WBAY that “farmers in Missouri and Indiana and other states raise cattle for Diemel’s Livestock,” and, thus, Nick Diemel traveled for business fairly often. When she last spoke with Nick, the brothers were headed to a client’s farm to discuss business, the television station reported. She told KCTV they were going to look at calves in Missouri.

In May 2019, Nick Diemel wrote with another post, “I am looking to hire a individual that can Drive my truck and livestock trailer from Farm to Farm picking up farm calves. Must have Valid Drivers license and be able to lift up to 125lbs. This is not a job for a lazy person it’s a lot of drive time but these calves aren’t light….”

He posted pictures of farm animals and with his children. “Last little league game was tnite the Boys finished off with a Victory!!!” he wrote with one 2013 post. That same year, he wrote, “2 o’clock at Sportsmans then to Then to j and h for a round of clays and then back to Sportsmans for a beer or two.” He also wrote that he was married.

3. Justin Diemel Was in a Relationship & Shared Posts From the Family’s Livestock Company

justin diemel

Justin Diemel

On Facebook, Justin Diemel wrote that he also went to Seymour High School and was in a relationship. His top photo is a picture of a pickup truck.

In February, he shared a post by his brother, who had written about cattle for sale. He also shared posts from Diemel’s Livestock LLC.

That page showcases photos of farm animals, such as calves and heifers. “Can’t go wrong with Diemel’s Livestock LLC….I have been getting calves since last May. Have about 250 head now from him and getting another group in 3 weeks…nice strong healthy calves and ready to gain the lbs always!” wrote one man on a comment thread.

A typical post by the page read, “We have over 500 head of 450lb Holstein Steers ready for there (sic) new Homes. Double Vaccinated Knife Cut dehorned and ready to grow located in Central Indiana at the moment $1.04 base $0.72 slide.”

A candlelight vigil was held for the brothers at a ballpark in Navarino, Wisconsin;.

4. Multiple Searches Were Being Conducted for the Brothers at Missouri Properties, Officials Said

missing wisconsin brothers

Missing Wisconsin brothers Nick and Justin Diemel

In a news conference, the Clinton County Sheriff in Missouri said the brothers missed their flight and their rental vehicle was found abandoned. At that time, they were reported missing.

Search warrants were served, and searches were conducted in both Clinton and Caldwell Counties, he said. Buildings, ponds and waste piles were being checked at one Missouri property. “This is still very much an active investigation at this time,” the sheriff said. The search has, in part, targeted a property in Braymer, Missouri, where it’s believed the men had business.

“There’s always been multiple searches going on,” the sheriff added. In a press release, the Clinton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department wrote, “The investigation into the disappearance of the Diemel brothers continues. Searches have been conducted and are under way in Clinton and Caldwell counties. Multiple agencies are involved in the investigation, and multiple leads continue to be researched.”

A man who owns a Braymer property in the area has a conviction for cattle fraud charges, according to KCTV, but there’s no indication that’s connected.

Fox4KC reported, however, that Nelson is the man with that history, and his property was among those searched. He has a “a conviction for selling cattle that didn’t belong to him,” the television station reported.

The release added: “We continue to ask that anyone who has information which may be relevant to the investigation call our TIPS hotline at 816-632-8477.”

5. Support Has Flowed in for the Family of the Missing Wisconsin Brothers & Nick’s Wife Has Shared Loving Posts on Facebook

nick diemel

Nick Diemel

“We are so thankful for the outpouring of love and support that has been shown to our family at this difficult time,” Lisa Diemel wrote on Facebook. “There have been many requests for what can we do to help? People wanting to make donations, etc. To those wanting to help please keep in mind the individuals that are working to bring Nick and Justin home. They need water, individually wrapped snacks that can hold up to the weather.”

She added: “Also law-enforcement agencies have budgets that they have to work within so any donation we would direct to contact Clinton County Missouri.”

She also wrote: “??????????. Nick Diemel your my rock, my shoulder to lean on and cry on, my country road in your pickup truck holding your hand complaining cause you gotta have your windows open and blow my long hair all over the damn place!!! I’m hurting so bad for you right now it’s crushing.”

In heartbreaking post after heartbreaking post, Diemel shared her love for Nick. “Please help bring Nick and Justin back to us! We love and miss them! Nick’s kids just want their daddy home,” she wrote with one. “Nick stay strong your babies are missing you something fierce (we all are!)” she wrote with another.