Doug Coe’s Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Doug Coe, the central figure behind Netflix’s documentary The Family, passed away in 2017. He left behind five living children and one son who died when he was only 27. Read on to learn more about Doug Coe’s children.

1. Doug & Janice Coe Had Six Children, 21 Grandchildren, & 56 Great-Grandchildren. Many of His Family Members Work in the Family Businesses.

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He and Janice have five children who were still alive when Doug Coe died in 2017. They were: Timothy (married to Elena and living in Annapolis), David (married to Alden and living in Annapolis), Debbie (married to Doug Burleigh and living in Annapolis, Maryland), Paula (married to Lee Corder and living in Arlington), and Becky (married to Ken Wagner and living in Annapolis).

They also have 21 grandchildren and 56 great-grandchildren.

Once Doug Coe was older, he let his sons take over some of his duties with the Fellowship, The New York Times reported. And according to WNG in 2009, the Wilberforce Foundation employs many of Coe’s family members, including a number of his children, their spouses, and his grandchildren.  For example, Doug’s son Tim Coe has served as an officer of the Wilberforce Foundation. In 2007 Tim sold his home to Wilberforce for $1.1 million, WNG reported. His residence was part of the “Mount Oak Estates.” As of 2009, he was still a board member of the foundation.

Many of his children stay out of the spotlight and don’t post much on social media. Here is what we know about some of his children.

2. David Coe Is a ‘Surprising Source of Counsel,’ Jeff Sharlet Said

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Doug Coe’s son David Coe is married to Alden Coe, according to Doug Coe’s obituary.

In Jeff Sharlet’s book, The Family, he wrote about Doug’s son David Coe, who stopped by Ivanwald while Sharlet was there. At the time David was in his late 40s and talked about how the men were at Ivanwald to learn how to rule the world. Sharlet shared how David talked to the group about the Old Testament and King David being chosen by God.

At one time, David Coe was the treasurer of the Wilberforce Foundation, associated with the Fellowship, according to this IRS Form 990 from 2008. He was also listed as being the owner of the Wilberforce Foundation in 2009, WNG reported.

In an article for Salon, Jeff Sharlet wrote that David is “a surprising source of counsel, spiritual or otherwise.”

3. Doug Burleigh, Married to Doug Coe’s Daughter Debbie, Came Under Scrutiny Regarding Russia and the National Prayer Breakfast

Doug Burleigh, Doug Coe’s son-in-law, is interviewed on Netflix’s The Family documentary. He’s married to Doug Coe’s daughter, Debbie (Coe) Burleigh.

A big part of Burleigh’s focus has been reaching out to people in Russia. He’s known for being a longtime evangelist in Russia. He’s come under fire by some for his focus on Russia, while others have praised him for it.

In the video above, Burleigh said that you can’t buy a ticket to the National Prayer Breakfast, you have to be invited. “This year we invited 40 young professionals from Russia…doctors, lawyers, business owners… I had six different times with them when I’d have members of Congress or different business leaders that would meet with them and talk about Jesus… I started getting texts from all over the country. ‘What’s the deal with the Russian collusion?’ … I said boy there’s big-time collusion, it’s the Russians and Jesus, that’s the collusion.”

The National Prayer Breakfast came under some scrutiny after Maria Butina attended in 2017. Fellowship spokesperson A. Larry Ross gave a new policy document to TYT which includes the rule that the group should not “Offer or sell political influence which includes tickets to the National Prayer Breakfast including access to political, business, community or religious leaders.” It also prohibits any offers to “broker access to the NPB and the opportunities to meet business leaders, politicians, faith leaders…and others specifically for the purposes of providing networking opportunities as part of a package of services for personal gain.”

4. Doug Coe’s Daughter, Paula Corder, Is Married to Lee Corder, an Executive with Young Life

Doug Coe’s daughter, Paula, is married to Lee Corder, who is Young Life’s senior vice president of international initiatives, Young Life reported. In the video above, Lee shares his three keys to longevity in ministry. They are: 1.) Find a job you love, 2.) Engage in Kingdom things, and 3.) Be involved in direct ministry.

Lee Corder has also served as the senior chaplain for the Washington Redskins. He and Paula have four children: Justin, Micah, Wil and Laura.

5. Jon Coe Died at the Age of 27 & the ‘Jonathan House’ Was Named for Him

Twitter/Zeshan ZafarDoug Coe family

Their sixth and youngest child, Jon, died before Doug Coe, The New York Times reported. Jon was married to Lisa (Parker) Coe and died in 1985. The Family documentary mentioned that Jon died of cancer and was Doug’s youngest son. Jon was only 27 when he died of lymphoma, WNG reported.

The Fellowship owned a home for young Christian men called Jonathan’s House, named after Jon Coe, WNG reported in 2009. It’s now operated by the Washington Community Fellowship. Students come to this home for afterschool programs and field trips.

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