Thousands Pack Elizabeth Warren’s New York Rally [Crowd Size Photos]

Elizabeth Warren Rally Crowd Size

Getty/Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren Rally Crowd Size

Thousands of people were at Elizabeth Warren’s rally at Washington Square Park in New York on Monday, September 16, 2019. The rally happened just a few hours before thousands attended President Donald Trump’s rally in New Mexico. Warren is one of a small number of Democratic presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders, who can host rallies that rival the size of Trump’s. See crowd size photos below and learn more about Warren’s rally.

Warren’s Campaign Said 20,000 Attended, But NYC Parks Couldn’t Verify the Estimate

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign told AP that more than 20,000 attended the rally. The campaign was held at Washington Square Park in New York. The crowd was so large that it almost filled the entire 10-acre park.

However, when Heavy reached out to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, that estimate could not be verified. Crystal Howard, assistant commissioner of NYC Parks, said: “NYC Parks permitted the event for an audience of 8-10k. We believe the park’s capacity is 10k. We can’t corroborate the campaign’s count.”

Heavy has reached out to Warren’s campaign for a comment on the crowd count.


One quote by Warren that got a lot of applause: “We’re not here tonight because of famous arches or famous men. In fact, we’re not here because of men at all.”


Warren spoke about the Triangle Shirtwaist Co. fire in 1911 that killed 140 workers; her rally was near the location where that happened. She said the deaths, including many women who died in the factory, were caused by corruption — the same type of corruption she is trying to fight with her campaign.

She Spoke About Her Anti-Corruption Platform & Many Other Points

Warren said she’ll require any candidates for public office to post their tax returns online, and Presidents, congressional members, and Cabinet secretaries won’t be allowed to own side businesses while in office.

Warren spoke about Trump directly during her rally. “Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh,” she told the crowd. “He serves only himself and his partners in corruption.”

Warren introduced an anti-corruption package today that she said would be a priority if she became President. She said corruption is a threat not just to the White House but to the entire country.

But she also admitted the problems were with Democrats too, although she did not mention any by name. “Too many politicians in both parties have convinced themselves that playing the money-for-influence game is the only way to get things done,” she told the crowd.

People who were there shared photos of the rally on Twitter.

And despite the huge crowd, Warren still stopped for selfies with people who were there – a tradition at her rallies.

The selfies are definitely a tradition. Here’s a selfie tweet from September 10 at her previous rally.

Warren also asked the crowd to take selfies with other people they met at the rally.

You can rewatch what she said at the rally below.

This isn’t the first time she’s drawn a large crowd. Her Seattle rally in August was attended by 15,000 people and her St. Paul rally was attended by 12,000, the New York Times reported.

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