Karla Amador aka Carolina Cortez: 5 Fast Facts

Karla Amador, also known as Carolina Cortez, is an adult film star who is accused of providing services as a sex worker to the late rapper Mac Miller in the days before his death.

The accusation comes in a new criminal complaint filed in Los Angeles federal court that charges Cameron James Pettit in connection to Miller’s death. Specifically, prosecutors say the 28-year-old indirectly sold Miller the drugs that contributed to his death, via an associate and then Amador.

In this complaint, DEA Special Agent Tommy Fung alleges that Amador was the one to personally deliver the drugs to Miller on September 5.

Cortez has since deactivated her social media accounts. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Amador Delivered the Drugs That Contributed to Miller’s Death, Prosecutors Say

Carolina Cortez Instagram

Though Pettit is the only one who has yet been slapped with charges in connection to Miller’s death, the over-40 page criminal complaint mentions two other women as having been involved in the transfer of drugs to Miller. First, a woman named Mia Johansson, who Fung calls Pettit’s associate, and Amador, who Fung alleges participated in prostitution with Miller.

Specifically, Fung writes that Miller would reach out to Johansson when he couldn’t get in touch with Pettit for drug-related purposes, and that Miller and Johansson made an arrangement in the early hours of September 5 for Amador to deliver drugs to the late rapper.

“I can send some with a girl lol,” Johansson allegedly texted Miller, when he texted her saying Pettit hadn’t shown up as planned for a drug delivery.

Carolina Cortez Twitter

The court papers reveal another text by Johansson to Miller, which show how much he allegedly paid for five hours of “time” with Amador. Johansson allegedly wrote, “$325 pills. Normally it would have been $3500 for Carla, but I’ll take it from $700 an hr to $600 so only 3k and also I got you on the white :)). Total $3325. Hope you had a great night? Lmk how you want to square up hun xx”

The papers also show a response by Miller in which he appears to resist the cost at first, per Fung. Miller texted Johansson, “I just wanted an extra hour but I guess I never told her to leave…All the sudden it was 7am. I was just working and she was kicking it”

Fung writes in the complaint that Miller did end up paying Johansson the full amount.

2.  Amador AKA Cortez Has a NSFW Twitter Account & Two Instagram Accounts

Carolina Cortez Instagram

Cortez has a robust Twitter account; for the record, her feed is extremely graphic and NSFW. She also has an Instagram account which is slightly less racy: she had to create a new one in August, she wrote on Twitter, after her previous one had been deleted. Instagram is known for being more strict about restricting pornographic pictures and videos than Twitter.

Cortez’ latest Instagram account reveals in the bio that she had over 60,000 followers on her previous account when it was shut down. Her Twitter bio reads, “XXXTatted • •Motivational Speaker• for bookings contact  @s15models “

The adult film star also has an account under her alias, as Fung notes in the criminal complaint. This Instagram account only has one photograph.

3. Mia Johansson Was Described as Amador’s Madam in the Complaint

Mia Johansson Instagram

The criminal complaint does not mention how Fung believes Amador became involved with Johansson or Pettit. However, Fung does describe Johansson as Amador’s “madam”; he describes Johansson as an “associate of Pettit,” and says that she had worked with Pettit in the past “to sell drugs to [Miller].”

The above photo of Johansson and Pettit was posted earlier this summer in July; Johansson, whose handle is “MiaMouse8” on Instagram, wrote, “Good times like old times with the fam @lil.CamBam”

In a 2017 photo of the two, Johansson wrote, “@morgandotcom @chefcambam ?? good times with good friends #vegasdoneright #girlswithtattoos #miamouse #andreasbachlorette #vegassquad #turndownforwhat”

4. Johansson Arranged for Other Prostitution Services for Miller in the Past, Prosecutors Say

Mia Johansson

InstagramMia Johansson

If the criminal complaint is any indication, then Amador’s alleged sex work with Miller wasn’t the first time the late rapper solicited such services. Fung wrote that Johansson had arranged for other sex workers to visit Miller on more than one occasion in the years leading up to his death.

Fung notes an August 2018 text exchange between Miller and Johansson in which Johansson allegedly texted Miller a picture of a blonde girl in lingerie along with the message, “I can do $600 an hr for the blonde girl.”

Johansson also apparently referenced “Carla”, aka Amador, in this 2018 text exchange, writing, “Carla is available to be there at 4:15…but it’s 800 an hr”

Fung notes that he was able to match Amador with the Cortez alias through a photo Johansson sent Miller, which showed Amador’s tattoos.

5. Amador’s August 2018 DUI Helped Fung Match Her to the Cortez Alias

Karla Amador Instagram

According to the criminal complaint, Fung used multiple sources to confirm that “Carla” was the same person as “Carolina Cortez,” and also the same person as Karla Amador, her real name.

Fung wrote,

“Records related to Amador’s August 2018 arrest in Los Angeles for driving under the influence that I have reviewed indicate that Amador has skull tattoos on her arm. Furthermore, I have viewed a booking photograph of Amador associated with that arrest and saw that it resembles the individual in the photographs and videos of ‘Carla’ and ‘Carolina Cortez’ described above.”


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