Martin County Evacuation Zones Map & Shelters for Hurricane Dorian

Martin County Martin County, Florida storm surge evacuation zones.

On Sunday, September 1, officials from Martin County, Florida issued evacuation orders for zones A and B starting at 1 p.m. A detailed map showing the coastal zones, with evacuation routes can be found here.

As of Sunday morning at 11 a.m., Hurricane Dorian was a dangerous Category 5 storm with 180 mph winds. Experts warn that the track still remains highly uncertain and that Martin County residents in evacuation zones should leave. “If you live in these areas, heed the warning and listen to your local officials. This is a dangerous hurricane. Your safety is paramount,” Governor Ron DeSantis tweeted.

Martin County is immediately north of Palm Beach County and operates four emergency shelters, a special-needs shelter for individuals with medical difficulties and a pet-friendly shelter.

Martin County is currently under a tropical storm watch but conditions are likely to deteriorate as Hurricane Dorian continues moving towards Florida. Due to space limitations, Martin County residents who must evacuate are asked to only use the county’s shelters as a last resort so that individuals and pets with absolutely no other place to go can be accommodated.

Residents without other sheltering options should utilize Martin County’s shelters if they live in a mandatory evacuation zone, their home is threatened or unsafe, or live in a low-lying flood zone or area prone to storm surge. Martin County residents who do not feel safe or who do not have sufficient supplies to prepare their home for Dorian should stay at a county shelter.

Martin County residents who plan to stay in the county’s shelters when Dorian passes by Florida need to bring 3-5 days worth of food and water, a cot or air mattress, bedding and pillows, medications, identification, money, books and games, flashlights, and any supplies for babies or young children.

Port Salerno Elementary School, 3260 SE Lionel Terrace, Stuart
Jensen Beach High School, 2875 NW Goldenrod Road, Jensen Beach
Hidden Oaks Middle School, 2801 SW Martin Highway, Palm City
Warfield Elementary School, 15260 SW 150th Street, Indiantown
Anderson Middle School (Special Needs)-7000 SE Atlantic Ridge Drive, Stuart

The county’s pet-friendly shelter is located at Willoughby Learning Center, 5150 SE Willoughby Boulevard in Stuart. The center can accommodate 300 residents and pets. Pet owners must pre-register using this link.

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