Utah Fire Map: Track Fires Near Me Today [September 7]

Utah Fire Info

Utah Fire Info

Fires are still a problem in Utah, thanks to the hot, dry summer. Here is a list of the major active fires on September 7, 2019 according to Utah Fire InfoNIFC.gov, Inciweb, and other sources, along with maps on where the larger ones are located. Read on to learn more details and see maps of the fires in the Utah area.

You can view a map of all the Utah fires here. This map is being constantly updated, so very new fires may not be featured on the map until they’ve grown larger. You can see a screenshot of Utah Fire Info’s current map below. Note that Utah Fire’s map is not always updated quickly, so it should be cross-referenced with Inciweb’s map too. Utah Fire Info’s Twitter account also provides good and timely updates.

Utah Fire Info

You can also see a map of Utah fires in Inciweb’s map here. An embedded version from Google Maps that shows the Inciweb-listed fires in Utah is below. Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom into the map to see the Utah fires.

Read on for details about individual fires in the state. They’re listed in alphabetical order. 

Blacksmith Fork Prescribed Fire

This fire is a planned 2,700-acre fire to mitigate potential problems with unplanned fires in the future.

Dry Canyon Fire

This fire is one acre in size and was first reported on September 6, according to Utah Fire Info. But more recent reports indicate that it’s now 100 percent contained, according to ABC Utah.

Green Ravine

According to Utah Fire Info’s map, this fire is 1,719 acres and 10 percent contained. It was caused by human activity. The map below is from September 5 and is the most recent map provided by Utah Fire Info.

Utah Fire Info

On September 6, KUER reported that the fire is just east of Lake Point in Tooele County. Erratic winds helped the fire grow.

Little Bear Fire

This fire was started on July 26. It’s seven miles southeast of Hatch, according to Inciweb. The fire is being monitored. It was caused by lightning. According to Inciweb on August 30, the most recent update, the fire is 2,450 acres and 40 percent contained. It’s still listed as active on Inciweb’s map. More recent details seem to indicate it might now be 75 percent contained.

Inciweb noted that the fire is expected to be fully contained by September 14. It’s seven miles southeast of Hatch, Utah.

Mammoth Fire

This fire started on August 7. The fire is seven miles east-southeast of Fairview, Utah. According to Utah Fire Info’s map, the fire is 800 acres in size and 60 percent contained. It was caused by lightning.

On September 4, ETV News reported that fire managers were beginning containment and suppression efforts on the fire, which has been beneficial to the land at helping to restore the ecosystem and clean up dead vegetation and downed trees.

Neck Fire


This fire is 17,800 acres and 15 percent contained according to Utah Fire Info. No structures are currently threatened and the fire’s moving northeast. It was caused by lightning and is eight miles north of Cedar City, Utah (Inciweb says 15 miles.) Inciweb notes the same details about the fire’s size and containment.

According to Inciweb on September 7, there are no structures threatened by the fire and no current evacuations. Unpaved roads in the vicinity are closed.

Inciweb noted: “Additional resources will be staffing the Neck fire today. Smoke will be visible from various locations in Iron and Beaver Counties. Firefighters plan to aggressively work the fire’s perimeter with aircraft and dozers in an attempt to achieve more containment. A Type 2 Incident Management Team is mobilizing due to increased complexity and will provide more resources to the incident and the local unit. Fire growth is expected while roads within the vicinity of the fire remain closed for public and firefighter safety.”

Inciweb notes that you can get the latest fire updates on Twitter @UtahWildfire.

Peavine Canyon Fire

The Peavine Fire, located near the Poison Canyon fire, is 95 percent contained according to Utah Fire Info’s map, with a projected final containment date of September 30. Inciweb no longer lists the fire as active.

Poison Canyon Fire

This fire started on July 26, 2019. Although Utah Fire Info’s map lists it as 0 percent contained, back in mid-August it was already listed as 1,105 acres and 85 percent contained by Inciweb. The fire is 22 miles northwest of Blanding, Utah (19 miles northwest according to Utah Fire Info.) Inciweb is no longer updating this fire because it is so well contained.

Snoqualmie Fire

This fire is 128 acres and 60 percent contained, according to UtahFireInfo.gov. However, it turns out this isn’t quite updated information and the fire is now 100 percent contained, according to Utah Fire Info’s Twitter account on September 6.

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