Cory Edgar: Connecticut Doctor Coughed on Colleagues on Purpose, Cops Say

Dr. Cory Edgar

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With social distancing and good hygienic practices paramount because of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the United States, one doctor was arrested for breach of peace. Dr. Cory Edgar, who is an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery working at UConn Health in Farmington, Connecticut, was arrested on Friday, March 27, for allegedly coughing on his colleague intentionally.

Eyewitness News 3 reported that a UConn Health spokesperson confirmed Dr. Edgar is not COVID-19 positive, and he’s considered to be in “excellent physical health.” The hospital does not believe that Dr. Edgar’s coworkers are at risk of contracting the coronavirus because of his actions.

Witnesses at at the health center believe that Edgar was intentionally ignoring social distancing and safety concerns. It’s unclear at this time his motive for allegedly coughing on his colleagues.

As per the Eyewitness News 3 report, Dr. Edgar was issued a misdemeanor for breach of peace. There has not been an update on Dr. Edgar’s employment status with UConn Health. Dr. Edgar is also a sports medicine specialist at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Edgar Was Nominated to be Featured in a UConn Health Faculty Spotlight Video in 2018

Faculty Spotlight Fall 2018: Dr. Cory EdgarCory Edgar, M.D., Ph.D., UConn Health orthopedic surgeon, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight for expanding relationships with notable sports programs in the state.2018-10-01T17:05:16.000Z

During a UConn Health Faculty Spotlight video in 2018, Dr. Edgar said that he had been at the University of Connecticut since 2013.

He revealed that he was the Head Team Physician of many different sports team in Connecticut, including the United States Coast Guard Academy and a few high school teams. He also said during the video that he held the position of Head Team Physician at Connecticut College —Dr. Edgar said that he took care of The New England Black Wolves lacrosse team.

Edgar’s main role is to work with the athletes that come directly to UConn Health.

“Our primary role and passion is taking care of our own athletes here at the University of Connecticut,” Dr. Edgar said. “We take care of [athletes] from football all the way to swimming and diving — all the athletes will ultimately come see us if they have any orthopaedic needs.”

He continued, “Being a team physician really facilitates integrating into sort of an athletic family, if you will. Just like we all practice together in a multi-specialty group here at the University of Connecticut, this really allows me to integrate and interact with not only the athletes but the coaching staff — and really help them on their journey of hopefully recovering from injuries and returning to sports play.”

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