Man ‘Stabbed’ at Sam’s Club in Coronavirus-Fueled Fight in Hiram, Georgia

man stabbed sams club

Caroline Petty

A man was attacked at Sam’s club in Hiram, Georgia on March 12 over an apparent dispute over supplies, according to several people who were present for the incident. Many immediately posted pictures and videos, which don’t show the stabbing itself, but do show the man getting attacked and eventually carried away by paramedics.

The details around the incident were not immediately clear. Some have stated the man was stabbed with fragments of a wine bottle, and others have emphasized that he was hit in the head. Some have said that they were fighting over packaged water, and others have said they were fighting over food and toilet paper.

To Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hiram police spokesman Sgt. Edwin Ivey said the argument began after two people bumped carts. Ivey explained in an email, “eventually escalated into them hitting one another with wine bottles.” He confirmed that the victim had suffered non-life-threatening injuries. It’s not clear if there have been any arrests made.

Neither the attacker nor the victim have spoken out about how the incident went down, but many have immediately cited the coronavirus outbreak as the cause for such apparent hysteria. For the last few days, there have been mass shortages of staples like toilet paper, water bottles, disinfectants, and more at stores across the country. Many have posted pictures of empty shelves online; others have noted that such products on Amazon are backordered for upwards of a week.

Below is a video of the incident.

WARNING: Though none of the images show any explicit stabbing, they do show violence and a man covered in blood.

One of the people who shared pictures of the man covered in blood wrote, “This is 100% ridiculous! This happened at the Sam’s Club in Hiram!!! My friend is there and posted some pics!! Apparently this man and another man were fighting over FOOD!!! #LOOSINGFAITHINHUMANITY”

Another person tweeted, “Tons of police cars and ambulances at the local Sams in Hiram according to wife’s Facebook friends. Customer hit over head with bottle of wine over fight for toilet paper and rotisserie chicken. You can’t make this stuff up!”

The video above shows the frenzy over water bottles that took place at another Sam’s Club on March 12, in New Jersey.

The tweet, translated to English, read, “This was today at 8pm at sam’s club in Secaucus NJ …. 2 [packages] of water per member and super nervous people. Btw, thank god it didn’t end in a fight. But almost almost …”

Hours after the incident took place at Sam’s Club, #Coronapocalypse started to trend on Twitter, as people shared their various stories of mayhem while shopping during the outbreak.

One person tweeted, “Went to Costco today with my 3yr old because we actually needed things.The staff yelling about paper product limits, people wearing useless masks, and running with their carts full scared her. ‘Mommy, why are they acting like that?’ My heart wants to shield her. #coronapocalypse”

Of course, it’s not just Sam’s Club that is selling out of supplies. People have shared pictures from grocery stores, super stores, and pharmacies all over the country in recent days, with the shortages appearing to get worse from Wednesday on.

“You’ll find more food & supplies in an episode of The Walking Dead than at #TraderJoes tonight,” one Los Angeles-based person tweeted. 

Not everyone experienced hysteria, amid all of the business, though. One person tweeted, “Spotted a #Traderjoes employee dispensing hand sanitizer to customers in line. I smiled. TraderJoes steals my heart everytime. Also there were plenty of wipes to wiped down your cart! it was a win/win for all.”

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