Operation Pridefall: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Operation Pridefall

Operation Pridefall is a 4chan campaign in which users are being encouraged to cyber sabotage companies that support pride month in June 2020.

An archived thread on the controversial web forum was posted on May 10. It was titled, “OPERATION: PRIDEFALL – Begins June 1st.” The user who began the thread is anonymous. The user says in the post that the phrase Pride Month is used as “a code word for the degeneracy that is LGBT activism.”

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The user says “hundreds of massive corporations band together to smother social media with posts in favor of ‘Pride Month’ … Many of these accounts are rather small and get very little engagement.” Therefore, the user says 4chan members can create fake social media profiles and publish comments on these businesses’ posts with more impact than if they commented on accounts with more engagement.

The original post includes guidelines on how to create temporary social media accounts. The post contains links to memes that can be used for sabotage.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The 4chan User Is Asking People to Post ‘Disturbing Redpills’

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The user asks followers to post “disturbing redpills” on businesses’ Pride Month posts. “Red pill” is a common term in the alt-right community, according to The Washington Post. The term refers to the 1999 movie The Matrix, in which the lead character is given the choice of whether he wants to stay in the real world — and in order to do so, he must take the red pill.

The Dictionary.com entry for “red pill” says that in 2012 a Reddit thread was created titled “The Red Pill.” The thread argued that it was men and not women who were oppressed by society.

2. Posters Are Being Asked to Not Post ‘Nazi/Hitler S***’

How 4chan and 8chan became homes for racism and hate4chan and 8chan are hotbeds for racism, sexism and white nationalism. CNN's Jon Sarlin explains how the sites became what they are today, and why there's no excuse for what's on them. #8Chan #JonSarlin #CNNBusiness2019-08-08T18:38:14Z

The user asks followers to keep their posts “normie palatable /friendly.” The post adds, “The goal is to make them question whether what they are supporting is really the right thing.”

The user says that Operation Pridefall was launched initially prior to Pride Month 2019. The user said the campaign was a “decent success but we can do much better.”

A video promoting the start of Operation Pridefall is being shared online. The video shows Pepe the Frog, a meme typically associated with far-right politics, in various situations. In one, Pepe the Frog aims a sniper rifle at a drag queen.

Another 4chan thread on Pride Month asks users to boycott companies that support gay rights. That user calls for a boycott of companies that support “feminism, social justice, diversity, inclusivity, equality, equity, open borders, transgender children, hate speech laws, globalism, tolerance, acceptance, body positivity, safe spaces, trigger warnings, multiculturalism, political correctness and all other Cultural Marxist/leftist subversion.”

That user promises that the companies that support Pride Month will be “bankrupt in less than a year” if 4chan users all band together.

3. It’s Not Clear If ‘Operation Pridefall’ Is an Attempt at ‘Trolling

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Know Your Meme points out that it is unknown if Operation Pridefall is a “sincere campaign” or is a “means of trolling.” At least one 4chan poster has speculated that the potential campaign was set up by LGBT activists who had infiltrated the forum.

A Change.org petition has been set up in an attempt to counter the potential campaign. The potential campaign has attracted the attention of YouTubers Ash_Is_Trash and Alphabet Mafia, who have both made videos about the 4chan posts.

4. Author Brendan Noble Has Distanced Himself From ‘Operation Pridefall’

Operation Pridefall Gay Pride June 2020


As news of Operation Pridefall spread across social media, author Brendan Noble distanced himself from the phrase. Noble tweeted:

So I’ve heard some alt-right 4chan groups have created an anti-LGBTQ campaign called “Operation Pridefall” and some people were finding my videos about one of my books, named Pridefall, from this. I in no way support this movement and condemn the hatred behind their actions.

Pridefall is the name of Noble’s 2019 novels. According to Noble’s website, the plot of the book is as follows:

In the aftermath of the Fracture’s riots and explosions that rocked St. Paul, Ivan must fight to survive as his world crumbles around him. Everything he’s known has changed, and when he returns to the palace, he will discover that lies and deceit stalk its halls.

5. This Is Not the First Time 4chan Users Have Targeted the LGBTQ Community

This is not the first time 4chan users have targeted LGBTQ people. In January 2019, NBC News reported that 4chan users were posing as gay men to solicit risque photos of other gay men as a means to tie homosexuality to pedophilia.

Snopes has also published an article debunking a fake gay pride flag that featured a message suggesting the movement was pro-pedophilia.

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