WATCH: Black Man Shot in Seattle Protests

Black man shot seattle

Twitter/ @AGarlandPhoto A black man is attended to by medics after being shot at protests in Seattle.

A black man has been shot during a George Floyd protest in Seattle over the weekend.

Video shows the moments a man drives through the middle of a protest at 11th and Pine on Capitol Hill in Seattle with a gun.

As the armed man pulls up in the middle of the protest, a man who approaches the driver’s side window is then seen falling backward onto the ground.

The armed man can then be seen emerging from his car, brandishing a weapon as he passes through the scattering crowd.

This footage was taken from a livestream that was occurring the moment the incident happened, on Sunday evening June 7, posted by New York Times correspondent Mike Baker:

According to Baker, authorities say “the man is in custody, one person shot is in the hospital in stable condition.”

Seattle Fire and Police said a gun had been recovered from the scene, and Seattle Fire transported one 27-year-old man to Harborview Hospital in stable condition. No additional victims had been identified.

The Seattle protest was among many that have erupted across the U.S. in response to the death of Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody.

The 27-Year-Old Victim was Interviewed After Being Shot, While Medics Helped Him to Walk

The 27-year-old victim who was rushed to the hospital, identified on social media as “Daniel,” was treated by medics on the ground at 11th and Pine, according to The Stranger. He was interviewed by reporter Alex Garland moments after he was shot as he was being assisted with walking by street medics.

“I see a car, going down Pine. I catch him, I push him in the face. I hear the gunshot go off in my arm. I moved right in time when he reaches up, but my whole thing was to protect those people down there.”

Witnesses described seeing a car “speeding down the street full force” and hearing screaming to “get people out of the way.” They also said they saw Daniel “reaching in the car” to stop the armed man before falling.

The alleged shooter was captured by waiting police:

Freelance Reuters journalist Lindsey Wasson captured a picture of the alleged shooter:

Video Shows Police Shooting Rubber Bullets, Throwing Flash Bangs, Pepper Spray & Tear Gas

It was circulating on social media that police were firing flash-bang grenades, pepper spray canisters and tear gas at protests in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle:

However, the Seattle Police said they were responding to protesters throwing projectiles, including a glass bottle that hit a member of the National Guard in the head. The police accused protesters of shining lasers in officers’ eyes, and claimed protesters were ignoring their dispersal orders:

Other images taken at Cal Anderson Park showed police removing barricades and arresting protesters:

Wasson reported that a man with a cane was seen on the ground after police and members of the National Guard rushed a protest barricade at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle:

More information will be posted as this story develops.

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