WATCH: NYPD Cop Put in Headlock as Crowd Taunts Him, Bronx Video Shows

NYPD chokehold

Twitter A screengrab from the video showing an NYPD officer in a headlock.

On July 1, two NYPD officers were attempting to disperse a crowd that had gathered on the corner of Grand Concourse and Morris Avenue in the Bronx, New York City. While the two officers were in the midst of arresting one of the individuals, the crowd became agitated and started taunting the officers. After one of the two cops tried to push one man away, he grabbed the officer and began fighting him, eventually putting him in a headlock.

A video of the July 1 incident was posted to Twitter on Saturday, July 11, by the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA):

The video was accompanied by an angry caption directed at Corey Johnson, the NYC Council Speaker and Bill de Blasio, the NYC Mayor. It reads: “COREY JOHNSON your STUPID law is about to be signed by NYC STUPID Mayor it’s time you both take your community input & grab these perps yourself.”

The Video Shows An Officer Being Placed in a Headlock As the Crowd Yells Taunts & the Perpetrator Eventually Runs Away

The video starts with the two officers attempting to put a person in handcuffs in the back of their patrol car. The individual is struggling and pulling away from the officers and eventually, he falls down to the pavement as the two officers kneel by him. A crowd is gathered around and many are shouting taunts and insults at the officers. At one point one individual appears to kick something away from the scene. Police sources told the New York Post that he kicked away the body camera that had come off the uniform of one of the officers.

After the individual kicks the object away, one of the officers lunges toward him and the two begin grappling. The suspect then puts the officer in a headlock, which lasts a few seconds as the officer tries to get out of the grip. He falls to the pavement, at which point another man pulls the suspect off the cop and the two run away from the scene. Throughout the scuffle, bystanders can be heard cheering and one yells, “F**k him up, f**ck him up!”

According to the Post, the officer who was put in a headlock suffered a wound to the head that needed staples. The outlet also reported that the suspect in the headlock incident is a “known gang member” who turned himself in the following week. The NYPD reported to the outlet that the suspect has been arrested 11 times previously. The suspect was released without being charged as the investigation is still ongoing, the police said.

An NYPD spokesperson told the Post, “The NYPD was disappointed that the individual was not charged initially. The violence against the police officer speaks for itself. We are now in discussions with the District Attorney regarding the case.”

The SBA Is Protesting a New City Council Bill Banning Cops From Using Similar Holds

The SBA posted the video in protest of the new city council bill aimed at banning cops from using holds similar to the one used against the police officer in the video. Last month, the New York City Council approved new legislation that would make chokeholds a misdemeanor charge for police officers. The bill bans “chokeholds and other methods of restraint, such as kneeling on a person’s neck, by police officers while conducting an arrest.”

Officers found guilty of doing so would be charged with a class A misdemeanor even if there is no injury as a result of the chokehold. The bill is now awaiting de Blasio’s signature, which is expected this week.

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