WATCH: Police Hit a Phone Out of a Portland Protester’s Hands

Portland Protests Riot

Twitter/ @dreadpiratejene Protests in Portland, Oregon.

A Portland police officer was captured on video knocking a phone out of a protester’s hands in a filmed scene outside the Portland Police Association.

The original video was posted on the Twitch platform by TeebsGaming and was shared on Twitter by KBOO Community Radio on July 14. The video includes offensive language.

In the video, one officer shines a flashlight at a protester who holds a phone directly in the officer’s face. He then approaches the protester and hits the phone out of the person’s hand. The phone flies off to the side. A member of the crowd is then heard asking, “what the f*** was that?”

KBBO reported that the phone landed on the window of the Portland Police Association building, “and the broken window is what they then used as their reason to declare a ‘riot’ and gas people.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Police Declared the Crowd a ‘Riot’ on a Loudspeaker, Video Shows

Portland Independent Documentarians posted video on Twitter showing police who arrived in vans, saying authorities had declared a riot and “launched munitions” at the protesters.

The video shows the Portland Police saying, “This gathering has been declared a riot. All persons on North Lombard street must disperse by traveling to the East. You are ordered to disperse immediately.”

The police posted a warning stating, “Many are not dispersing per the lawful order. They are subject to arrest, force, tear gas or impact weapons. Leave now!”

Pictures were posted showing the objects police said had been thrown at them by protesters, including “paint, ball bearings, and glass bottles, which are all criminal acts,” with one picture showing an officer covered in white paint.

Protesters Were Arrested at the North Lombard Street & North Campbell Avenue Intersection in Portland

Ian Miles Cheong, managing editor of Human Events, took to Twitter on July 14 with footage of two protesters being arrested in Portland. Commenting on his post, he wrote, “These degenerates come out every night to yell at cops in Portland and they wear gas masks to avoid CS gas. Well, it didn’t work out so well for these two.”

In the footage, members of the crowd can be heard asking “Why are you hurting her, leave her alone! Why are you doing this?” and exclaiming, “You rip her mask off so you can mace her.”

Marchers Descended on the Portland Police Association Building Following 6 Weeks of Protests

Protests have been ongoing in Portland for more than six weeks in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Heavy reported that Portland protests against police brutality and systematic racism have drawn crowds of more than 10,000 people.

Portland-based journalist and videographer Garrison Davis said after posting a video showing a man’s head wound and blood on the ground that the protester was hit in the head by police “impact munition.”

‘Lives Matter’ web show host Drew Hernandez uploaded a video of an unidentified Oregon protester using a baby as a human shield while walking past federal officers.

Hernandez also posted footage from the July 13 protests showing a courthouse being vandalized. “HAPPENING NOW: Antifa are currently vandalizing the courthouse and attempting to bait the Federal Police outside here in Portland,” he wrote.

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