WATCH: Texas Woman Calls Her Boss the N-Word After She’s Fired

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Twitter A temp worker at Gibson Arnold & Associates in Houston, Texas, was recorded calling her manager the n-word.

A Texas woman’s racist rant against her manager at a Houston staffing agency was captured on cellphone video and has quickly gone viral on social media. In the video, the woman repeatedly called her boss the n-word and taunted that they needed to call the police on her for using the slur.

The confrontation happened June 29 at Gibson Arnold & Associates, a staffing agency that focuses on finding candidates for jobs in the legal industry. According to a statement shared on the firm’s website, the woman was a temporary worker and she was escorted from the building immediately after the exchange. The firm did not disclose the woman’s name.

The video embedded below contains offensive language.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Woman Was Fired After Coming to Work Intoxicated, According to the CEO

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The woman in the viral video began the racist outburst while she was in the process of being fired from Gibson Arnold & Associates. The firm’s CEO, Melinda Delmonico, explained in a brief statement on the company’s website:

We had a horrific incident in our Houston office Monday, June 29. A video was posted of a woman ranting and making racist comments. The woman in the video was fired on the spot. The man she is yelling at is one of our valued employees and a leader in our Houston office who was firing her. She was a temporary worker who was escorted out immediately. We do not tolerate such behavior.

The firm added in an updated statement on July 1:

Gibson Arnold & Associates is deeply hurt and angry as a result of an incident that happened in our Houston office. On Monday, June 29, one of our valued employees and office leader, Kenton Oates, was the victim of a horrific racist rant. A woman, whom we had not worked with before, on a short-term assignment, unexpectedly and without cause went verbally ballistic during a group meeting. She had to be escorted out of our office by the building’s security and was immediately terminated.

Needless to say, we are incredibly proud to have an individual like Mr. Oates working for Gibson Arnold. His calm demeanor, dignity, strength, courage, restraint and impeccable character during this horrendous emotionally charged situation prevented this incident from escalating further than it did. We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Mr. Oates and hope his response will be an example for others to follow.

According to Black With No Chaser, the woman was drunk when she came into work. The media company shared a screenshot of a LinkedIn conversation with Delmonico. In the message, Delmonico wrote that the woman was intoxicated and that the man she was targeting was the manager who was firing her.

The Fired Temp Worker Attemped to Rap Using the N-Word & Mocked the People Recording Her

The clip begins as the woman leans forward in her chair and calls the Black man sitting in front of her a “Fake a** n***a.” Several people can be heard verbally reacting to her statement but it’s unclear what anyone immediately said because they all spoke at once.

She continued, “You have not been to the Niger, the country where people are mixed and they come from the east and the west and the north and the south. You better call the police because I said n***a.” She said the n-word over and over again in rapid succession. She then appeared to attempt a freestyle rap in which she continued to use the n-word, clapped her hands and chanted, “Let’s make some raps for the n***as… I want to hear your rap, motherf**ker… You’re not a n***a, you’re a fake-a** n***a.” Throughout this outburst, the manager calmly sat in his swivel chair, presumably waiting for security to arrive.

In addition to the woman and the manager, a second man wearing a mask was visible in the video. He took out his phone and appeared to start recording the woman as well, as other people off-camera were heard discussing what to do next. The woman is then heard mocking the people who were recording her. “It’s really important that you record it so you get some publicity.”

One person responded to her and explained that the video was intended for Gibson’s security team. “No worry, this is all for Gibson. I’m not trying to post this anywhere, this is all for Gibson and his security.”

The woman then turned her attention on this third person and taunted, “You need to do your eyebrows.” The other man responded, “I’ve been trying to do my work and this is a misunderstanding on your part.” She responded by repeating her insult about his eyebrows.

Before the video ended, the woman mocked to the men in the room: “Oh my god, these poor guys. They really have to suffer through this. It’s injustice! It’s an injustice. These guys are so stupid that they cannot make it through life, they can’t get the metro stop, they cannot get Uber.”

The Woman’s Exact Job at the Firm Was Not Immediately Clear

Heavy reached out to Gibson Arnold & Associates to ask about what sort of role the woman in the video had at the firm and whether she was an attorney. In reply, we received the firm’s official statement which explained that the woman was employed for a short-term assignment and that she had not worked for the company prior to that assignment.

As the video circulated on social media, commenters have remarked that the woman’s name should be released in order to report her to the State Bar of Texas. The Gibson firm specializes in recruiting for the legal industry, but not all of the available jobs require a law degree or a legal license. The site’s website currently includes open jobs such as data entry specialists, secretaries and paralegals.

The Texas outburst is one of many similar incidents that have gone viral in recent days. A white woman nicknamed “Sacramento Karen” was punched in the head several times after calling a Black woman the n-word at a convenience store. In Adrian, Michigan, a woman identified as Jessica Evans was recorded calling her new neighbors n***ers multiple times during a heated exchange on the sidewalk.

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