COVID-19 Stimulus Check Update: What’s in the New Stimulus Check Proposal?


A new stimulus proposal could provide another $1,200 to Americans in 2020, after months of stalled negotiations on Capital Hill between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. The proposal, which came from members of the bipartisan House Problem Solvers Caucus, would provide the American economy with approximately $1.5 trillion in funding, including another round of stimulus checks. You can read an online version of the proposal here.

Emily Cochrane and Nicholas Fandos of the New York Times wrote of the new proposal,

The measure would infuse the economy with at least $1.5 trillion in new money, in addition to repurposing $130 billion from previous legislation and building in $400 billion in automatic triggers that would extend jobless aid and provide for another round of stimulus checks if the economy remains hobbled in January. Aiming for a middle ground between Republican and Democratic positions, the proposal includes measures that have bipartisan support, like reviving the popular Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and direct checks of $1,200 or more for American taxpayers.

A group of Democrat lawmakers quickly denounced the proposal. In a statement released by the House Committee on Appropriations, the lawmakers said the new proposal “falls short of what is needed to save lives and boost the economy.” The statement continued, “Unfortunately, today’s proposal retreats from these critical policies and fails to respond to additional issues that have emerged since May. When it comes to bolstering the public health system, supporting state and local governments, and assisting struggling families, the Problem Solvers’ proposal leaves too many needs unmet.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Caucus Is Pushing for the House, Senate, & White House to Consider This Proposal

Though this latest stimulus proposal has received a less-than-welcome review from top Democrats in the House, members of the House Problem Solvers Caucus are pushing for further consideration.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin, a freshman Democrat congresswoman and member of the caucus, told reporters, “I hope very much that leadership hears us in the Senate, the House and the White House.None of us want to go back to our constituents and say that we didn’t try, that we didn’t do everything we could.”

Rep. Max Rose, another freshman Democrat, explained his frustration with the behavior by the Democrat leaders as well. He told CNN, “You saw all the reasons [today] why people hate politics. Because they are rejecting a bold bipartisan measure outright and insinuating things are not in there when they actually are and just continuing to kick the can down the road over and over and over again. … It’s deeply frustrating.”

When asked what he thought the motives were for those Democrat leaders, he said, “It’s a charade. … It’s stupid.”

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