How to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine at Giant Food or Giant Eagle Stores

Getty Pharmacist prepares a dose of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine.

Giant Food and Giant Eagle stores are among the many chains giving COVID-19 vaccinations to the general public. However, you must match your state’s eligibility requirements before you can get a vaccine, and you have to register online. Walk-ins are not available. Here’s a look at where Giant Food is distributing vaccines and how to get them. The information varies depending on if you are looking for Giant Food (Landover), discussed in the first section below, or Giant Food Company, discussed in the second section below. For information on Giant Eagle availability, see the third section of this story.

Here’s How You Can Get Vaccines at Giant-Landover

According to its webpage, Giant Food (Landover) (also called Giant-Landover) is offering vaccinations in Washington, D.C., along with three states: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. The information in this first section is for the supermarket chain technically called Giant Food of Maryland, LLC, which operates 169 stores and 159 pharmacies and is headquartered in Landover. Its parent company is Ahold Delhaize USA.

Giant-Landover notes on its webpage that vaccines are extremely limited at the current time, noting: “Giant Food is working with an extremely limited vaccine supply from local, state, and federal health authorities. Public demand is far greater than vaccine supply at this time and we give as many vaccinations as we can every day with our available resources. This is an unprecedented and rapidly changing situation and we are working to secure more doses…”

Giant-Landover recommends making sure you are eligible before signing up for a vaccination.

In Washington, D.C., you can view vaccine eligibility guidelines here.

In Delaware, you can view vaccine eligibility guidelines here. At the time of publication, the state is in Phase 1b for vaccines.

In Maryland, you can view vaccine eligibility guidelines here. The federal government is giving the state about 12,000 doses per day, the webpage notes.

In Virginia, you can view vaccine eligibility guidelines here.

Once you’ve verified that you are qualified to sign up for a vaccine, you can schedule your vaccination on Giant-Landover’s webpage here. Then scroll down just a short way until you see the words: “Schedule an Appointment Here” and click on that link.

Giant Food

If there are no vaccines available, you’ll see a screen like this:


But if there are vaccines available, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can fill in your ZIP code and proceed from there.

The direct link for that online portal is here.

Giant Food’s webpage notes that people can currently only schedule through the online portal and can’t call for an appointment.

Here’s How You Can Get Vaccines at Giant Food Stores

The Giant Food Stores, a sister company to Giant-Landover, does have an online portal currently working. This chain operates stores in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. It’s owned by The Giant Company, which operates Giant and Martin’s stores. It’s also a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize USA, like the sister company.

The Giant Company has a different COVID scheduler here, referenced at a separate COVID-19 vaccination webpage here. This vaccine scheduler is working at the time of publication. To schedule a vaccine on this webpage, which is for COVID-19 vaccines only, you’ll first need to enter your ZIP code to see if there is availability near your region.

Giant Food


You should make sure that you are eligible for a vaccination before scheduling. The online vaccination portal currently only references eligibility guidelines in Pennsylvania.

If an appointment is available in your region, you’ll be able to schedule a time, and you’ll need to fill out a consent form sent to you by email before arriving for your appointment.

Here’s How You Can Get Vaccines at Giant Eagle

If you’re looking for information on COVID-19 vaccinations at Giant Eagle, here are the details. According to the webpage, Giant Eagle is offering vaccinations in limited quantities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana. However, you must meet your state’s eligibility requirements before you can get a vaccination at Giant Eagle, so you’ll need to check those details first.

To schedule an appointment, visit the webpage here and click on “Schedule Now.” Walk-ins aren’t accepted. The direct link to the online scheduler is here. You may be presented with a queue page first before you are passed along to the webpage. As of the time of publication, the scheduler says that no COVID-19 vaccination appointments are currently available, but this could change at any time.

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