How to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine at Walmart & Sam’s Club

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Walmart has announced that many Walmart retail stores and Sam’s Club stores are administering COVID-19 vaccines. If you’re interested, here are the details on how you can go about signing up for and receiving a COVID-19 vaccine near you, if they are available.

Which Walmart Stores Will Be Administering Vaccines?

Walmart announced that in-house pharmacists in 22 states will be giving vaccinations to customers, along with Sam’s Club pharmacies. This number was later increased to 35 states. States will determine eligibility based on their prioritization lists.

States and regions where Walmart is giving vaccines include: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Wyoming, and Virginia.

Walmart’s webpage notes that supplies are still limited.

To determine if the Walmart near you is offering a vaccine, go to Walmart’s vaccine signup webpage here. The store finder has been replaced with an interactive map where you can see if there’s a location providing vaccines near you.

(Sam’s Club’s vaccine page is here.)

Once available, appointments can be made at Walmart’s webpage here and Sam’s Club here.

How to Sign Up for Vaccinations at Walmart

To schedule a vaccination at a Walmart store, go to Walmart’s webpage here. Scroll past the map portion of the webpage. You will see a blue section that reads “Schedule your COVID-19 vaccine.” Click on “Schedule Now.”

The “Schedule Now” button has also been added to the top of the webpage too.

Click on “Schedule now” and you’ll be taken here. This is a login page and you will need to enter your Walmart account email and password before you can proceed.

At that point, you’ll be asked again to enter your ZIP code to see if there is a location near you offering a vaccine. In some cases, you might automatically be taken to an eligibility screener for your state if you were already signed into your Walmart account. Answer the eligibility screener and click “Confirm.” You’ll then be told what proof you’ll need to bring for your appointment. Click on “Schedule Vaccination”: and you’ll be taken to a list of dates at a nearby Walmart, and you’ll be shown if appointments are available on those dates. You can also change your Walmart store if you prefer.

In the FAQ, in response to the question about not seeing any available appointments, Walmart wrote: “Walmart is receiving allocation from the federal government and some state governments, but supply is still limited. We will schedule appointments based on how many doses we receive.  Appointments will increase once additional doses become available.”

According to Walmart, in order to receive a vaccine you’ll need to bring your pharmacy and medical health care insurance card if they are different, along with eligibility documentation if required from your state.

The site also notes: “Vaccines will be allocated by the states; pharmacies will not have control over which vaccines are in stock. Customers will receive the vaccine that has been allocated and is within the FDA authorization. For example, Moderna is authorized for 18 and older, and Pfizer is authorized for 16 and older, so a 16 year old would have to receive the Pfizer vaccine.”

Remember: you must make an appointment online to get a vaccine. Walk-ins are not available.

How to Sign Up for a Vaccine with Sam’s Club

If you prefer Sam’s Club, you can sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine at this webpage. You’ll need to sign in with your account if your a Sam’s Club member, or you can create a guest account if you’re not a member.

After you click “Check Eligibility,” you’ll need to enter your ZIP code or city and state. Pick a store and then pass the Captcha test. You’ll be told if your preferred store has vaccines at this time or not. If they do, you can proceed through the screener process.

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