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It’s been no secret that some episodes of Joe Rogan‘s podcast were not transferred over to Spotify when the streaming service became the exclusive home of the Joe Rogan Experience and Rogan himself recently confirmed that “a few episodes” were not moved over to Spotify. However, Rogan followers have recently discovered that “a few” is in reality at least 40 episodes, with a list of which ones included in this article.

Since the move to the streaming service took place, fans have been highlighting some of the episodes not on Spotify, including some from controversial Infowars creator Alex Jones and alt-right media personality Milo Yiannopoulos. Rogan confirmed in February that some of his past episodes wouldn’t be transferred but denied claims that Spotify was “censoring” his show or vetoing his guests.

Rogan announced his massive Spotify deal in May 2020, which saw the Joe Rogan Experience‘s thousands of episodes from over 11 years of podcasting transfer from various platforms to Spotify. The podcaster’s deal with Spotify is estimated by the Wall Street Journal to be worth over $100 million.

There Are at Least 40 Episodes That Were Not Added to the Library When Rogan’s Show Migrated to Spotify

Heavy confirmed that the 40 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience listed below are missing from Spotify’s platform, and since they were removed from other platforms as part of Spotify’s exclusive deal with Rogan, it may be tricky for fans to find those specific episodes. Here they are, listed from most recent to least recent:

  1. #1458 – Chris D’Elia
  2. #1255 – Alex Jones Returns
  3. #1093 – Owen Benjamin, Kurt Metzger
  4. #1033 – Owen Benjamin
  5. #998 – Owen Benjamin
  6. #980 – Chris D’Elia
  7. #979 – Sargon of Akkad
  8. #920 – Gavin McInnes
  9. #911 – Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo
  10. #820 – Milo Yiannopoulos
  11. #750 – Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn, producers of Conspiracy
  12. #710 – Gavin McInnes
  13. #702 – Milo Yiannopoulos
  14. #640 – Charles C. Johnson
  15. #582 – David Seaman
  16. #538 – Stefan Molyneux
  17. #533 – Chris D’elia
  18. #520 – David Seaman
  19. #487 – David Seaman
  20. #463 – Louis Theroux
  21. #461 – David Seaman
  22. #454 – War Machine
  23. #441 – Brian Dunning
  24. #368 – David Seaman
  25. #361 – Dave Asprey, Tait Fletcher
  26. #331 – Dr. Steven Greer
  27. #303 – Matt Vengrin, Brian Redban
  28. #276 – David Seaman, Abby Martin, Dell Cameron, Brian Redban
  29. #275 – Dave Asprey
  30. #256 – David Seaman
  31. #239 – Adam Kokesh
  32. #213 – Eddie Bravo
  33. #182 – Bryan Callen, Jimmy Burke, Brian Redban
  34. #128 – Joey Diaz, Brian Redban
  35. #119 – Jan Irvin
  36. #108 – Joey Diaz, Brian Redban
  37. #98 – Daryl Wright, Brian Whitaker
  38. #97 – Freddy Lockhart, Brian Redban
  39. #81 – Pete Johansson
  40. #57 – Jayson Thibault, Brian Redban

In addition to Jones and Yiannopoulos, the episodes include guests such as Chris D’Elia, who was accused in 2020 of sexual misconduct by several women, conspiracy theorist David Seaman and far-right commentator Owen Benjamin.

Rogan Revealed That Spotify Told Him There Were Some Episodes That Wouldn’t Be Added to the Platform & He Said ‘I Don’t Care’

Earlier this year, Rogan confirmed that he was aware that Spotify had decided to exclude some of his content from the streaming platform’s library. In a February podcast episode with comedian Fahim Anwar, Rogan said Spotify notified him that some episodes wouldn’t be making the switch to the platform according to their deal and that he accepted the decision.

In recounting the story and showing that his guests aren’t being vetoed by the streaming service, Rogan pointed to a podcast he did in October 2020 with Alex Jones and comedian Tim Dillon, which took place after the Spotify deal:

There’s a few episodes they didn’t want on their platform that I was like ‘OK, I don’t care.’ But other than that, in terms of what I do in the future, the big test was having Alex Jones on. A lot of people were like ‘They’re telling Joe Rogan what he can do and what he can’t do’ and I was like, ‘they’re not. They’re not. And let’s show you.’ Alex Jones and Tim Dillon was like one of my favorite podcasts I’ve done.

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