Kameron Reed Wilken Obituary: Trucker Mourned in Tributes

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Kameron Reed Wilken was a 23-year-old truck driver who died in Joplin, Missouri, and whose death has sparked moving tributes by fellow truckers and others who loved him.

The Daily Journal in Kankakee, Illinois, published his obituary. According to the obit, “Kameron Reed Wilken, 23, of Danforth, gained his Angel wings Sunday (Jan. 16, 2022).”

Many tributes flowed for Kameron Wilken.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Obituary Says Wilken Was an ‘Honor, Loyal Man’ Who Started a Trucking Company

The obituary describes how Wilken started his own trucking company and “enjoyed being on the road.” It reads:

After Kameron graduated from Iroquois West in 2016, he pursued his lifelong dream of driving a truck over the road. He was born into the life of trucking coming into this world at 10 lbs. 4 oz. on the Mid-America Trucking Show weekend.

Kameron was an honest, loyal man and a friend known across the country to give the shirt off his back. He was the brightest light that will continue to shine on everyone he knew and loved.

He began his career with Farm Dawg Trucking, Inc., in 2016. He started K. Wilken Trucking, Inc., where he owned and operated his truck. In December of 2021, Kameron was granted his own authority.

Kameron enjoyed being on the road, making friends at truck shows, Harleys, shooting pool, golfing and snowmobiling. He had a natural talent for anything he tried his hand at.

Wilken filled his Facebook page with photos of semi trucks and with his girlfriend.

He died in Joplin, Missouri.

“Im still at a loss. This is his dad taking his boys Kameron Wilken ‘s truck back home from Joplin, may you rest in peace brother! video credit goes to Tubby P Braker I’m sure that means alot to the family! Be safe out on this slab,” a friend wrote with the above video.

In a Video, Wilken Described How Much He Loved Semi Trucks, Attributing That to His Father’s Influence

In a video, Wilken described how his father “has been trucking since I can remember,” and his “addiction” to trucks started with his dad’s vehicle.

He also praised his mother and girlfriend. He said they had been together for two years, and she had no idea what semi truck driving entailed at first but came to embrace the profession.

“My whole family knows that this is what I’m going to do,” he said of driving semi trucks.

The YouTube video, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times, is captioned, “RIP Kameron Reed Wilken, 23 Year Old Truck Driver That Had Pride In His Ride.”

People expressed condolences on the YouTube video’s comment thread. “You can tell he was raised right. Taught right. Lived right. Fly High Brother. Rest in Paradise. Every young trucker should watch this interview. Young soul with a older man’s spirit,” wrote one. “I never met this kid, but it only took me a minute to see that he was the real deal,” wrote another. Another wrote, “R.I.P Kam. One of the most humble people I’ve ever met. Accomplished, smart, educated and if I wasn’t told, I never would have guessed how young you were. Hope you’ve got nothing but open roads and no speed limit up there bud.”

His girlfriend Allison Cornwell wrote a tribute to Wilken on Facebook. It read,

Every chance you got you always told me how much you loved me and that was the last thing you did before you left us. I still can’t wrap my head around this. I’m just waiting for you to pull up in the truck, jump out, run and give me a big hug and kiss. I have never felt pain like this in my life. My heart aches. I need to hear your voice and laugh. I need your big hugs and kisses. I miss you babe and most importantly your family and friends miss you and love you so much. I love you so freaking much Kameron Wilken. I know you’re looking over all of us now. When the time comes I’ll meet you on the other side my love❤️❤️👼🏼🕊

People posted tributes to Wilken on Facebook. One man wrote:

I’ve known Reed Wilken and his family for many years. I can only say I can not imagine the pain they are going through. I was so impressed and totally in awe of the turn out, for his service. Trucking is definitely a brotherhood. Drivers from all over showed up to honor Kameron Wilken, with their presence and their trucks. The procession to the cemetery and the service there is something not one of us will forget. Whatever load you pull this week or this year, remember this…

Reed pulled the heaviest load any driver can ever pull yesterday. I’m sure Kameron Wilken was watching and grinning ear to ear. I’m also sure he will be riding in the hearts of each and everyone of us, as we hit that highway tomorrow, to chase that white line, eventually to our final destination, where we shall meet again.

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