The Latest on Deshaun Watson-49ers Trade Rumor

Kyle Shanahan and Deshaun Watson

Getty Left: 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan Right: Texans QB Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston, but according to recent reports, the Texans haven’t budged yet.

While the Texans have not done anything to help Watson’s desire for a new home, the star signal-caller has made it clear that he plans to never play another down for them. In fact, Watson met with new head coach David Culley last week where he reiterated he wants to be traded.

In response to the Texans neglecting to make a deal, Watson took to Twitter to express his frustration.

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The 49ers Are on Deshaun Watson’s List

Watson, 25, has reportedly privately revealed that the 49ers are among his shortlist of NFL teams he would like to be traded.

“Deshaun Watson has a list of teams that he’s intrigued by. He’s not pigeonholing anything but he’s got a list. I didn’t get all the teams but I was told the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers are two of them,” Fowler said on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ on Friday.

Niners’ head coach Kyle Shanahan and owner John Lynch have said over and over that they plan on having Jimmy Garoppolo back next season, however, it might be hard for them to pass up Watson if he came calling.

Waston signed a four-year, $156 million deal last offseason in Houston and the Niners would have to pay a hefty price in order to get Watson. Any trade package would likely have to include at least two first-round picks and a top player of their own.

 The 49ers Wanted Matthew Stafford

It’s hard to really believe the Niners have so much faith in Jimmy G. when it didn’t stop them from calling the Detroit Lions about their signal-caller Matthew Stafford.

In fact, Forbes’ Vincent Frank shared exactly what the Niners put on the table to acquire Stafford.

“49ers offered 2 second-round picks and 2 third rounds picks. From what I know,” Frank tweeted.

Unfortunately, the Niners were too late to the punch and Stafford wound up with the LA Rams for two first-round picks, a third-round pick, and Jared Goff. But why didn’t the Niners off Garoppolo? They would probably have to if they want Watson, but that might be a downgrade for the Texans.

The good thing is that the Niners could afford to give up draft picks since they have already have a fairly stable team heading into 2021 when everyone is 100%. However, what they must avoid is having to give up one of their playmakers, such as Nick Bosa.

Things Change if Texans Wait Until a June 1st Trade

A reason the Texans might not be taking calls right now is that they would take quite the cap hit of $21.6 million in dead money if they were to trade Watson now. And keeping him, they would be set to pay him $15.94 million next season. So, it wouldn’t make any sense to trade him now which would actually cost them $6 million bucks more.

But things change once June 1st rolls around.

Trading Watson on that day would cost the Texans just $5.4 million in dead cap space. That would save them $10 million right there. The downside or maybe upside is that the NFL draft will be complete so whichever team would have to reply on future picks or current star players.

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