How Many People Attended Trump’s Michigan Rally? See Crowd Photos

How many people were at Trump's Michigan rally?

Getty How many people were at Trump's Michigan rally?

Former President Donald Trump hosted a “Save America” rally on Saturday, April 2, in Washington Township, Michigan. It’s part of a series of “Save America” rallies that he’s hosting. Here’s a look at how many people attended Trump’s rally, including crowd photos, overflow details, and updates about what happened.

The Venue Reached Its Capacity of 5,500, With More People Outside in Overflow Areas

The rally took place at the Michigan Star Sports Center in Washington Township, Michigan. Although doors opened in the afternoon, Trump’s speech was scheduled to begin around 7 p.m. Eastern.

According to Dave Boucher, a journalist for Detroit Free Press, there were at least 4,000 to 5,000 people inside the venue for Trump’s rally, with more people outside. Click on Detroit described the crowd as a “crush at the doors” as the venue opened.

Beth LeBlanc of The Detroit News reported that Fire Chief Brian Tyrell told her the indoor capacity for Trump’s rally was being capped at 5,500, and they anticipated reaching that cap. He said there would still be a few thousand people outside watching on overflow screens. This would put attendance at a little over 8,000 possibly. (The Detroit News officially reported on its website that Trump was speaking to 5,500 people.)

Tyrell told trustees that he was concerned about the crowd size at the limited-capacity venue, Bridge Michigan reported. The venue isn’t authorized to host entertainment events due to its lower capacity, and is typically only used for sports practices.

Tyrell said before Saturday’s event, “We’re starting to see a pattern here of allowing this building for this use that was never approved. At some point, we just can’t allow this to happen because (we) don’t allow it to happen (any other day of the year).”

Boucher shared this video of when Trump showed up for the rally, which showed quite a few people lined up outside.

The venue had reached capacity shortly before Trump arrived, shared independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager.

He also shared this video showing the crowd outside before they began being allowed into the venue.

There were definitely thousands outside who could not make it inside the venue. Dave Bondy of Mid-Michigan NOW reported that thousands of people were still waiting in line. He posted the video after Trump was scheduled to begin speaking.

Boucher said that about six hours before Trump was scheduled to speak, there were already thousands of people in line.

Clara Hendrickson of Detroit Free Press shared that on each of the seats inside the venue, there were blank forms for signatures for the Secure MI Vote initiative, which is seeking stricter over ID laws and a prohibition on ballot applications being mailed if not requested first by the voter.

Detroit Free Press reported that the last time Trump hosted a rally in Michigan, just before the 2020 election, he said that if he didn’t win “I’ll be so angry, I’ll never come back.” Trump lost to President Joe Biden by about 154,000 votes in Michigan.

GettyJohn Gibbs, a candidate for congress, is seen at the Michigan 2022 rally for Trump.

Detroit Free Press shared that Trump is supporting a number of Michigan candidates, including Matthew DePerno (running to be the Republicans’ nominee for state attorney general) and Kristina Karamo (running for the Republican’s nomination for secretary of state.)

During his speech, Trump encouraged attendees to vote out Gretchen Whitmer and referred to this as “the most dangerous period of our lifetime.”

Trump Has Another Rally Scheduled

Trump has one more rally scheduled next week, according to his website. A rally in Selma, North Carolina, is taking place on April 9 at 7 p.m. Eastern at The Farm at 95.

Trump’s first rally of 2022 was in Florence, Arizona in mid-January. Trump held a September rally in Georgia. He also held a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, in October 2021, a rally in Alabama in August 2021, and an Ohio rally in June 2021. He also held a rally in Conroe, Texas, in January that was attended by tens of thousands, according to media at the event.

In his August Alabama rally, he was booed after telling the people present to take the vaccines. He replied: “You know what? I believe totally in your freedoms, I do. You have to do what you have to do. But, I recommend take the vaccines, I did it, it’s good. Take the vaccines.”

Trump has not yet announced if he is running in the 2024 presidential election. However, he did tell the crowd during his speech in South Carolina that “we may have to run again,” and added “we will take back the White House.” Trump made the same comments during his Georgia rally, saying that he might have to run again.