Man With Rope Threatens Suicide at Trump Tower Chicago [PHOTOS]

trump tower chicago

Twitter The man with a rope at Trump Tower Chicago

A man dangling by a rope at Trump Tower in Chicago is demanding to talk to President Trump or the news media or he says he will commit suicide, according to social media reports. There was no official confirmation of the incident yet, but photos on social media show a man dangling on the side of the building.

In a video, the man says that he has the “bill or rights,” which “gives people the right to speak. Say what they want to say, but now they are taking away that right. The bill or rights gives me the right to protest. I am protesting here… please send media here.” He said, “I don’t want to die.”

CBC Chicago, a Twitter page that monitors public safety issues, wrote that the man was threatening to “cut the rope.” One report from a site called Spot News claimed on Twitter, “He posted on FB Live that if he does not talk to @realDonaldTrump or the media he’s going to cut the rope. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner.”

The president was in Nevada on Sunday. He is not in Chicago.

The man’s name was not clear. Nor was his motive. Chicago police have not yet said anything about the man; we wrote to the Chicago PD spokesman to get official details. Daily Mail reported that the man was dangling off the 16th floor balcony.

Here’s what you need to know:

Word of the Man With a Rope Spread on Social Media

Word of the situation spread on social media, particularly on sites that monitor scanner traffic.

People responded on Twitter as news spread on October 18. “What is going on today? Someone hanging off Trump tower,” wrote one person. You can see photos of the situation throughout this article.

“THERE IS A MAN HANGING FROM A ROPE OFF TRUMP TOWER. I REPEAT: THERE IS A MAN HANGING FROM A ROPE OFF THE SIDE OF TRUMP TOWER,” a woman wrote on Twitter. Another Twitter user wrote, “There is a dude hanging from the 16th floor of Trump Tower right now from a rope threatening to cut it if he doesn’t talk to Trump himself. Chicago is really upping the crazy levels tonight.”

Spot News, a site on Twitter that monitors scanner traffic, wrote, “Trump Tower: a call of threatening suicide, caller says a male Asian is hanging over the side of the building from a rope w/ a knife in his hand, he’s asking for the media. #SWAT is rolling. the Marine Unit has been notified. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner.”

Photos & Videos Captured the Scene

The incident came the day after the United Steelworkers union shined a “bat light” putting Joe Biden’s campaign logo on the side of Trump Tower in Chicago, according to The Hill.

Here are some more photos:

People also shared videos on Twitter.

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