Woman Arrested After Smashing 500 Bottles of Alcohol in a Store

Aldi Supermarket Woman

Twitter A screengrab of the video as the woman is being escorted away.

A woman has been arrested after she smashed around 500 bottles of alcohol on the floor of a store on Wednesday. The woman, who has not been identified at this time, walked into an Aldi supermarket in Stevenage, England, and proceeded to start breaking bottles on the aisle floor. Several videos of the shocking incident were posted on social media and they are available below:

Another video shows the woman sweeping dozens of bottles onto the floor as onlookers can be heard saying the woman appears to be bleeding from a cut and one onlooker states, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The Video Shows the Woman Breaking Hundreds of Bottles Before Eventually Being Escorted Out by a Police Officer

The woman, who is wearing a gray hoodie, khaki pants and has a backpack on, is shown on video throwing individual bottles at the ground and also sweeping dozens off the shelves at a time. Another video shot from a different angle shows the woman finally get apprehended without a struggle. As she is led away, her pants appear to be completed soaked to the knees:

She was arrested at around 2:30 p.m., the Daily Mail reported. According to the outlet, a Hertfordshire police spokesperson said, “Police were called at around 2.30pm on Wednesday 25 November to report an incident at the Aldi supermarket in Fairlands Way, Stevenage. It was reported that several bottles of alcohol had been thrown onto the floor and smashed. Officers attended and a woman was arrested. She was taken to hospital for treatment to injuries to her hands and is now in police custody.” The woman’s motive has not been provided at this time.

Fox 32 reported that there were about 500 bottles of alcohol in total that were broken and the estimated damage was around $130,000. According to the outlet, one of the witnesses who took the video, Lee Clark, spoke to the store’s manager and they estimated the cost of the damage, which included not only the broken bottles but the damaged flooring that will need to be replaced and the revenue lost while the shop remains closed for cleanup and repairs.

The majority of people who commented on the video were wondering why the damage was allowed to continue without any staff or security intervening to minimize the damage. The Daily Mail reported that Aldi supermarket management was unable to provide a comment due to the ongoing investigation.

A Witness Said the Woman Was Injured When She Slipped & Fell in the Broken Glass

The Mirror spoke to Clark who described the woman’s rampage as “incredibly dangerous.” He said she slipped and fell in the aisle and started bleeding from her hand but continued to smash bottles. He told the outlet, “It was extraordinary – I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life. She didn’t say a word the whole time and had a very vacant look in her face. A man told her to calm down so she threw a bottle of gin which hit him in the leg.”

There were no reports of any bystanders being injured due to the woman’s actions. It’s not yet clear what charges she will face.

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