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How To Stream Inside Out: Your Family Viewing Guide

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Any parent who has ever wondered what goes on inside their kid’s mind appreciated Disney’s Inside Out when it was released on June 19, 2015. And although the movie is almost five years old, it has such staying power that adults and kids alike are still looking for ways to stream Inside Out whenever and however they can. There is something so imaginative about the visualization of a child’s emotions shown from birth up until adolescence when emotions are the hardest to understand and control.

The movie focuses primarily on Riley, whose childhood is abruptly interrupted when she is uprooted from her hometown and forced to move across the country with her parents due to her dad’s new job. At an already formative time for Riley, her emotions on the inside are consistently sent into overdrive as she struggles on the outside to deal with the many new changes in her life. And while she works through them, her animated emotions are shown working through the changes themselves, as they take on almost human forms themselves and go by the names they symbolize, like Fear, Joy, and Sadness, and are voiced by big names like Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, and Phyllis Smith.

If you already laughed and cried through the movie, then chances are, you have wondered how to watch Inside Out online at some point. Luckily, you can now stream the movie until you know every line (if you don’t already). Here’s how to stream Inside Out right now, as well as plot information, box office numbers, interesting facts and trivia about the film, and more.

How to Stream ‘Inside Out’ – Exclusively on Disney+

Inside Out is one of the classic animated Disney Pixar movies that is streaming exclusively on Disney’s new subscription streaming service, Disney+.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Disney+ HERE, which will allow you to stream Inside Out and hundreds of other movies and shows on your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV or streaming device. If you extend past the free trial, the service costs $6.99/month. You may also opt for this discount bundle of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99/month.

  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+ here
  2. 2. Go to Disneyplus.com or download the Disney+ app on your device
  3. 3. Log in using your information
  4. 4. Search for “Inside Out”
  5. 5. Start streaming

Disney+ also boasts a vast library of Disney-owned movies and series — plus several new original series coming soon. The service includes unlimited downloads so you can watch offline whenever and wherever you want. The list of compatible devices and smart TVs includes iPads, Apple TV, Amazon devices, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Chromecast, Roku, PS4, and Xbox One.

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‘Inside Out’: Overview

Release Date: June 19, 2015
Creators: Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen
Director: Pete Docter
Starring: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, and Bill Hader
Rating: PG
Synopsis: When young Riley is moved across the country with her family, she grapples with her plethora of emotions as she tries to figure out how to deal with the sudden changes inside of her and outside.

How Long Is ‘Inside Out’?

The original theatrical release of Inside Out was one hour and 35 minutes long.

‘Inside Out’ Plot

The movie begins with Riley’s birth in a small Minnesota town, where she goes on to spend the first 11 or so years of her life. Inside of her mind, viewers meet her five basic emotions, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger, who take on personalities of their own as they work in the control room of Riley’s brain to keep her emotions in check and help her along the way.

When she is forced to move with her family to San Francisco, however, some of Riley’s emotions have as hard of a time in dealing with the change as she does. While Riley grapples with it on the outside, inside of her mind, Joy and Sadness fight over allowing Riley to feel her sad emotions and shielding her from feeling anything negative. In the end, Riley’s emotions understand that she needs to have all of them present in order to have one of them work.

A year after Riley’s move and after her struggles with her emotions are solved, she is shown as having adjusted well to her new life and even has new friends. Inside of her mind, viewers see a bigger console in the epicenter of her emotions’ headquarters and, like Riley, they have figured out how to deal with change a little easier.

‘Inside Out’ Cast

Other than being a Pixar animated film that speaks to both adults and kids on multiple levels, Inside Out also features a star-studded cast. Much of the cast was previously featured on different NBC TV shows, so there is a strong connection there. But that just means it was a little easier for parents to delight in and identify with the familiar voices. And anything that makes it a little easier for parents to enjoy kids’ movies is always a plus.

Amy Poehler as Joy

Joy is shown in the movie as the ring-leader of the other emotions in Riley’s mind. She is constantly looking for ways to see the brighter side of things and Riley’s overall happiness is her number one goal at all times. Amy Poehler has played similar live-action roles and Joy isn’t unlike her character on the fan-favorite NBC comedy Park and Recreation, Leslie Knope.

Phyllis Smith as Sadness

Sadness is voiced by another actress it’s hard not to immediately recognize. But as Riley’s sad emotion, Sadness can’t help but always see the glass half empty. Because that’s her thing, it’s hard for Sadness to see life any other way. In real life, Phyllis Smith’s voice and demeanor were quite similar to NBC’s The Office.

Bill Hader as Fear

As the name would suggest, Fear is meant to embody all of the potential dangers in Riley’s life. When Riley is a baby, Fear makes sure the other emotions know when she should be careful. And as Riley gets older, Fear tries to warn her about other potential dangers. Outside of Inside Out, Bill Hader also voiced characters in Ralph Breaks the Internet and The Angry Birds Movie.

Lewis Black as Anger

Anger takes a prominent role in Riley’s emotions as Sadness and Joy take a break to try and wrangle her memories in the movie. Because anger is such a strong emotion in general, Anger is vocal about all of his opinions and often acts before he thinks. In real life, Lewis Black is just as outspoken as his Inside Out character and he is known for his crass humor and sarcastic one-liners.

Mindy Kaling as Disgust

Disgust is essentially a teenage girl, who understands and vocalizes how unpleasant certain green vegetables are for toddler Riley and how lame parents can be. She can be judgmental and a little quick to not so great decisions or remarks, but, like the other emotions, she is crucial to Riley’s development. Mindy Kaling played a similar role on The Office and even as the lead on The Mindy Project.

‘Inside Out’ Songs and Soundtrack

Because the Inside Out soundtrack features the movie’s score rather than actual songs made popular before the film, it was composed completely by Michael Giacchino. The 24 tracks follow the tone and pacing of the movie and start with the music that plays as soon as Riley’s eyes open when she is born. Giacchino had previously worked with Pixar on the scores for movies like Cars 2 and Up and at the time of the Inside Out soundtrack’s release, it was his fifth collaboration with the company.

‘Inside Out’ at the Box Office

When Inside Out was released in 2015, it earned $356,461,711 domestically. In the end, the movie made $857,611,174 worldwide. In fact, Inside Out is the fifth most successful Pixar movie of all time in terms of its box office numbers. While there’s no word yet on a sequel, it would stand to reason that with those kinds of numbers, another Inside Out may do equally as well.

‘Inside Out’ Reviews – What the Critics Said

At the time of its release, Inside Out was mostly well-received among fans and critics alike. A New York Times review called it “a thrilling return to form for Pixar Animation Studios.” Vulture spoke equally as high of the Pixar movie and called it a “touchstone” in animation because of its imaginative, heartfelt, and thorough story that was still easy enough for kids to follow. On Rotten Tomatoes, Inside Out is certified fresh with a combined rating of 98% among critics and 89% among fans. Because fans can be more critical than anyone else, those are numbers that are hard to beat.

Where ‘Inside Out’ Fits in the Disney Movie Pantheon

Unfortunately for devoted young fans, Inside Out isn’t one of those Pixar movies that has gone on to become a trilogy, much like The Incredibles and Cars have. Still, it remains one of the top Pixar movies of all time if you look at the continued fan reception and consider the movie’s staying power. In June 2019, Vulture ranked Inside Out as the seventh best Pixar movie of all time on a list of 21. And Esquire recently named it the fourth best Pixar movie. Inside Out not only showed the heartwarming story to elicit tears and emotions from kids and their parents in movie theaters, but it also provided a way for kids to see their emotions alive onscreen and better understand their own feelings.

‘Inside Out’ Trailer

Inside Out – Official US TrailerStreaming Now on Disney+ – Sign Up at disneyplus.com/ Inside Out (2015) In-Home Release Date: On Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere October 13, 2015 di.sn/6003BHo15 & Blu-ray November 3, 2015 di.sn/6005BGpm1 Like Inside Out on Facebook: facebook.com/PixarInsideOut Follow Inside Out on Twitter: twitter.com/PixarInsideOut Follow Inside Out on Instagram: instagram.com/pixarinsideout From an adventurous balloon ride…2014-12-11T14:00:53.000Z

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‘Inside Out’ Trivia: 5 Fast Facts

Inside Out offered a tangible way for kids of all ages to work through their own emotions, in a way. And the different unknown facts behind the movie just add to its value years after it became a box office hit. Maybe there will never be a sequel to continue the adventures of Riley’s complicated emotions, but these fast facts will give you a little something extra to consider the next time you watch the movie.

1. The Shape Of The Emotions Was Intentional

In the movie, it’s no secret that Disgust is, well, disgusted by broccoli. But she also happens to be shaped like that very thing. Likewise, Sadness is shaped like a teardrop, Anger was designed to look like a brick, Joy looks like a star, and Fear is meant to resemble a nerve.

2. There Was Originally One More Emotion

The movie probably wouldn’t be the same without the core five emotions portrayed as they were. But in an original draft, a sixth emotion, Surprise, was also part of the gang.

3. The Animated Effects Were Costly

Inside Out production designer Ralph Eggleston told Cinema Blend that in order to achieve the sparkly effect on the emotions’ skin, production had to spend eight months perfecting it. It’s no big secret that Pixar animation requires time and patience, but it was important to achieve just the right look.

4. There Were Fewer Animators Hired For This Pixar Movie

There are typically at least 90 animators on-board for most Pixar movies. And with complex emotions that need to be conveyed as well as movements which should be flawless, that’s understandable. With Inside Out, however, there were only around 45 animators hired to take on that task.

5. Everyone Loved Anger

Lewis Black probably portrayed Anger better than almost anyone would be able to. But the rest of the cast agreed that they would have wanted to play him too, if given the chance to choose their roles.

Stream Inside Out Now

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