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K.C. Undercover is an American comedy television series created by Corinne Marshall that aired on the Disney Channel in three seasons and 75 episodes from January 2015 to February 2018. The series stars Zendaya as a teenager named K.C. who becomes a spy, along with Veronica Dunne, Kamil McFadden, Trinitee Stokes, Tammy Townsend and Kadeem Hardison. It averaged between 1 and 3 million viewers per episode between its first and last episode for each season it ran. You can watch K.C. Undercover online and K.C. Undercover streaming here.

Here’s how to watch K.C. Undercover streaming online:

How to Stream ‘K.C. Undercover’ – Exclusively on Disney+

K.C. Undercover is one of the fan-favorite Disney original movies that will be streaming exclusively on Disney’s new subscription streaming service, Disney+.

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  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+ here
  2. 2. Go to or download the Disney+ app on your device
  3. 3. Log in using your information
  4. 4. Search for “K.C. Undercover”
  5. 5. Tap on “K.C. Undercover”
  6. 6. Tap the PLAY button

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‘K.C. Undercover’: Overview

When Was It On TV: January 2015 to February 2018
Creators: Corinne Marshall
Starring: Zendaya, Veronica Dunne, Kamil McFadden, Trinitee Stokes, Tammy Townsend
Rating: TV-G
Synopsis: K.C. and her family deal with common familial issues as they attempt to save the country and thwart the plans of a criminal organization.

K.C. Undercover Plot

Set in Washington, D.C., K.C. Cooper (Zendaya) is a high school math genius who discovers that her parents are secretly undercover spies working for an agency called The Organization. She is recruited to join them and then her brother, Ernie (Kamil McFadden), becomes a spy as well. This prompts K.C.’s mother and father to adopt a new child who is a robot. Each episode centers on K.C. and her family’s issues as they undergo missions to save the country and thwart the plans of a criminal organization.

How Many Seasons of ‘K.C. Undercover’ Are There?

There are three seasons of K.C. Undercover.

The first seasons introduces the unusual Cooper family and the protagonist, K.C. The second seasons sees K.C. and her family getting more involved in specific missions. The third and final season highlights K.C.’s friendships and her family’s involvement in The Organization.

Here’s more background on each K.C. Undercover season:

K.C. Undercover Season 1

27 Episodes | January 2015 – January 2016

K.C. (Zendaya) begins her secret life as a spy with her parents Kira (Tammy Townsend) and Craig Cooper (Kadeem Hardison) while maintaining normalcy around her younger brother Ernie (Kamil McFadden) and her best friend Marisa Clark (Veronica Dunne). K.C. meets the robot Judy (Trinitee Stokes), and they perform missions together. Guest stars include Bella Thorne, Raven-Symone and Skai Jackson.

K.C. Undercover Season 2

24 Episodes | March 2016 – January 2017

Kira enacts various missions with Kira and Craig, her brother and Judy while managing her friendship with Marisa. She learns more and more about her parents’ private lives and their relationship as the missions unfold. Guest stars include Jasmine Guy and Florence Henderson.

K.C. Undercover Season 3

24 Episodes | July 2017 – February 2018

K.C. and her family flee to Brazil after being targeted and are saved by the military. K.C. and Marisa experience some turbulence in their friendship as a result of SAT scores, K.C. goes undercover before she goes to homecomings. Guest stars include Rick Hall, Chris Tavarez and French Stewart.

The Best K.C. Undercover Episodes

The best episodes of K.C. Undercover saw viewers in the millions per episode. The episodes of “Spy-anoia Will Destroy Ya”, K.C. And Brett: The Final Chapter” and “Web of Lies” saw the highest ratings and audience reviews out of all episodes.

Here’s a list of the best K.C. Undercover episodes:

Season 1, Episode 9 “Spy-anoia Will Destroy Ya”

Ernie finally has a girlfriend, whose name is Jolie (Bella Thorne), but when he brings her home, K.C. thinks she is an undercover spy. After squirting ketchup on Jolie’s shirt, she begins to speak Russian. K.C. tricks Jolie by pretending she has spy documents. K.C. finally gets Jolie to admit she’s a Russian spy, and after defeating her in a fight, K.C. gets Jolie to break up with Ernie. This episode aired to 2.58 million viewers.

Season 1, Episode 27: “K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter”

Both K.C. and Brett (Ross Butler) think they are safe from Ursula for now but they soon find out that Ursula too survived the car accident. Because the Organization has made it clear that Brett can not come back, the Cooper family is under constant threat of the Organization finding out that they are hiding Brett. K.C. and Ernie both take Brett to a Marissa’s Cabin that borders Canada so that Brett will be safe but then Ursula finds them and attacks them. This episode aired to 2.02 million viewers and received highly favorable audience reviews.

Season 2, Episode 9: “Dance Like No One’s Watching”

K.C. is undercover at a retirement home disguised as a man named Bernie. The target approaches the Senior Centre and K.C. tries to hug him. K.C. then meets Irma (Florence Henderson) and they quickly become friends. They do fun things together like having a dance at the Olive Pit, reading magazines together and playing cards. This episode was considered to be one of K.C.’s best disguises.

Season 3, Episode 4: “Web of Lies”

K.C. is upset to learn that she has received a less-than-perfect SAT score. K.C. later learns that Beverly (Sherri Shepherd) had Craig change her SAT result because she received a perfect score, and leaving the original score intact would put her spy career at risk. K.C. worries her score will prevent her from being accepted into colleges she wants to attend. Beverly tells K.C. that the Organization wants her to remain a spy rather than go to college. This episode received the highest number of viewers for the season.

‘K.C. Undercover’ Cast

The K.C. Undercover cast consisted of veteran TV actors who lent their talents to this Disney production.


A high school student and undercover spy who is great at math and karate. She is the daughter of Kira and Craig Cooper, and sister to Ernie Cooper. After her role as K.C. Cooper, Zendaya went on to play MJ in Spider Man: Far From Home.


Dunne plays Marisa, K.C.’s best friend. She is cheerful but not as bright as K.C. and often used to show how determined K.C. is to succeed. In episode 5, she learns that K. C. is a spy. Since her role as Marisa Clarke, Dunne went on to play a role in Half-Empty, a TV movie.


K.C.’s brother and computer genius who joins the family’s spy team. He does not have an easy time being accepted for his intelligence, as K.C. has to vouch for him and he faces familial competition in the form of Judy, the robot. Since playing Ernie, McFadden went on to play Jordan Lucas in Caged Birds.


Stokes plays Judy, the sarcastic robot sister who appears to be a 10-year-old girl. She’s smart, but completely lacks social skills. Her name is an acronym for “Junior Undercover Digital Youth”. She appears in episode 2, after Ernie proves that he’d make a good spy. After playing the role of Judy, Stokes went on to play roles in two TV series.


Townsend plays Tammy, mother to K.C., Ernie, and Judy, who is also an undercover spy. Since playing Tammy in K.C. Undercover, Townsend went on to play the role of Xena in The Workout Room.


Hardison plays Craig, father to K.C., Ernie, and Judy, who is also an undercover spy. Since playing Craig in K.C. Undercover, Hardison went on to play the role of Dave in the film Paddleton.

The series also includes Rick Hall as Agent Johnson and Sherri Shepherd as Beverly, both members of The Organization. It also includes James DiGiacomo as Petey, an annoying friend of Judy’s.

Who Are the Top Guest Stars on K.C. Undercover?

Aside from the main characters, key roles were filled by guest stars who helped complete story lines.

Here’s a list of the most important K.C. Undercover guest stars:

Jaime Moyer as Mrs. Goldfeder

Moyer plays the obnoxious next door neighbor, and mother to Petey. She appeared in six episodes including, “Assignment: Get That Assignment”, “The Neighborhood Watchdogs”, “The Get Along Vault” and “The Truth Hurts.”

Ross Butler as Brett Willis

Butler plays Willis, an enemy spy and K.C.’s ex-boyfriend. He appeared in nine episodes, including “Double Crossed: Part 1”, “Double Crossed: Part 2”, “Double Crossed: Part 3”, “K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter Part 1”, and “K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter Part 2.”

Francois Chau as Zane Willis

Chau plays Zane, a member of the Other Side and Brett’s father. He appeared in seven episodes including “Double Crossed: Part 2”, “Double Crossed: Part 3”, “Trust No One” and “Family Feud”.

Who Are the Writers & Creators Behind K.C. Undercover?

Writer, Corinne Marshall, showrunner Rob Lotterstein and producer, Zendaya were the main creators of K.C. Undercover.

Here’s background on the creative team behind K.C. Undercover:

Corinne Marshall: K.C. Undercover Writer

Corrine Marshall is known for her work on Suburgatory (2011), Surviving Jack (2014) and NTSF:SD:SUV (2011). Prior to K.C. Undercover, she wrote episodes of School of Rock (2017) and Truth and Iliza (2017)

Rob Lotterstein: K.C. Undercover Showrunner

Rob Lotterstein is a producer and writer, known for The War at Home (2005), K.C. Undercover (2015) and Grosse Pointe (2000). Prior to working on K.C. Undercover, he worked on Shake It Up and I Didn’t Do It.

Zendaya: K.C. Undercover Producer

Zendaya is an actress with two credits as a producer, including A White Lie and K.C. Undercover (2018).

‘K.C. Undercover’ Reviews – What the Critics Said

Critics and reviewers said that the series was enjoyable and fun to watch. They said the characters were graceful and likable and the storylines were well thought out and acted.

Where K.C. Undercover Ranks in the Television Pantheon

K.C. Undercover was among one of the kids shows that adults enjoyed watching. The series was ranked by voters as Best Teen Sitcoms of All Time and Best Ever Spy TV Shows. Audience reviews were 100% and reviews were highly favorable.

‘K.C. Undercover’ Trailer

K.C. Undercover – Trailer (Official) – Zendaya – 2015 – Disney Channel Original SeriesStarring Zendaya, K.C Undercover premieres in 2015!2014-11-28T20:24:53.000Z

Stream K.C. Undercover Now

‘K.C. Undercover’ Theme Song

Keep It Undercover was the K.C. Undercover theme song, performed by Zendaya. You can listen here.

‘K.C. Undercover’ Trivia: 5 Fast Facts

1. Doing A Man’s Job

In 2017, Zendaya revealed in an issue of New York Times that the reason she returned to Disney Channel after Shake It Up (2010) wrapped up in 2013 was because she felt that a female playing a role typically cast as male was important.

2. Family Support

K.C. Undercover was the second Live-Action Disney Channel series to feature a cameo by the real parents of one of the cast (Zendaya). The first had been Liv and Maddie (2013) with Dove Cameron’s mother and Tenzing Norgay Trainor’s father.

3. Multi-Episode Villains

As of 2018, the only villains that appeared in the series more than once are Brett Willis, his Father Zane, K.C.’s Cousin and Aunt, Abby and Erica Martin, Brady, Regina Honey and Bernice (The Fake K.C.).

4. Breakthrough Episode for Ernie

Throughout the show, Ernie has often been left in the shadows of his family and The Organization. He eventually had his chance to prove himself in Season 3, in an episode that was the first in Disney Channel live-action history to leave the show’s protagonist under a minor role in an episode.

5. Rising Star

The production of Season 3 coincided with the production of two films in which Zendaya starred, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and The Greatest Showman (2017), the films that helped to establish her as a Hollywood Star.

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