Dr. Ben Carson Net Worth 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Dr. Ben Carson is one of the top 10 primary candidates competing in the first 2015 Republican Presidential Debate. Carson has a reported net worth of $10 million and is very successful in medicine as well as politics. Read on for our 5 Fast Facts on Carson’s net worth below.

1. Carson Works As a Neurosurgeon

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Dr. Carson makes money as an esteemed neurosurgeon, who operates on over 300 children a year. Dr. Ben Carson graduated from Yale University and later got his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. Currently, he also works as a Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics at John Hopkins University. He is known as the surgeon who led the first successful surgery separating a pair of conjoined twins.

Ben Carson – Republican Presidential Debate Candidate 2015

Read on for the details on Republican Presidential debate candidate Ben Carson, his family life, net worth and some of his most controversial quotes.

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2. His Book Sales Are Leading Ahead Of The Other GOP Candidates

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Carson has published four bestselling books, and has had his own research printed in over a hundred other publications. Plus, his book sales are higher than all of the other presidential candidates. According to The Washington Examiner, his book “One Nation: All that We Can do to Save America’s Future,” has sold 362,813 copies since it was released in May 2014.

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How Can I Watch the Ben Carson Movie?

Curious about Republican Presidential hopeful Ben Carson? You can learn about Carson's life through a biographical movie made about this famous doctor.

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3. He Has Spent Half Of His Campaign Funds Already

The Wall Street Journal reports that Carson has already gone through over half his campaign funds thus far. Since launching his campaign in March 2015, the campaign has raised $10.6 million, but they have also spent $5.8 million. An estimated 72% of the money went to fundraising costs, which included phone banks, direct mail and email lists. This was reported by one of Carson’s campaign officials. In addition, the campaign-finance disclosure shows that the campaign spent over $1.2 million on “web services.”

4. Carson’s Campaign Employees Are Making More Than Others

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Ben Carson’s campaign employees are bringing in “hefty salaries.” WSJ writes:

Barry Bennett, Mr. Carson’s campaign manager, earns $17,500 per month, which works out to an annual salary of $210,000. Monthly salaries for other senior staffers include $15,000 for senior strategist Ed Brookover; $16,666 for communications director Doug Watts; $13,300 for press secretary Deana Bass; and $6,800 for deputy press secretary Stephanie Marshall. National Finance Director Amy Pass earns $5,000 per month, in addition to commissions that in May and June worked out to about $9,000 each month.

5. Most of Carson’s Campaign Donors Are Health-Care Providers

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With Ben Carson being such an esteemed surgeon, it’s no wonder that most of his campaign donors are health-care providers. WSJ reports that, “Of the 4,965 contributions whose donors were disclosed, at least 872 were physicians, surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists or held other related jobs, according to a review of the filings. By contrast, other professions in similar pay brackets were less common: At least 99 contributions came from attorneys or lawyers, at least 101 were from chief executives, at least 50 were from investors and at least 44 from accountants. At least 41 came from pastors or ministers.”

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  1. It’s not “Have of his campaign funds” it’s “half!”

    Please check your posts if you want to appear professional! Doesn’t make me want to read more!!

  2. Dr Carson I’d a good doctor as I read. But that is not enough to run a small cake shop .let alone the United states
    Who would employ a doctor to run any company no one

    • Should he be a community organizer instead? A neurosurgeon – with his resume, mind you – can certainly grasp new knowledge and make intelligent decisions in surrounding himself with an experienced administration while he is President of the US. Running a cake shop? That probably wouldn’t be a problem for Dr. Carson either!

    • Well, the same guy who was on the board of Costco and Kellogg’s. Also ran the pediatric unit of a hospital. Why would anyone hire (vote) a Constitutional Law Professor who does not follow the Constitution and has only spent other people’s money as a Community Organizer? Certainly not me. I assume, by your statement, that you Voted Romney.

    • Barack Obama got elected based on a speech he gave at the DNC convention. Nobody was going to hire to run any company not even a Cake Shop.

  3. Wow. What a mess. Carson does not currently work as a neurosurgeon. He retired in July 2013. Over half of his contributions do not come from healthcare workers. 872 out of 4965 is a little over 17%. This should be titled Facts You Might Not Know About Ben Carson Because They Are Not Facts About Ben Carson.

    • Hahahaha. Yeah I noticed that as well. I have been amazed at the purported Journalistic websites that would have failed Journal 101.

  4. Ben is certainly fitting for the US President. A man whose heart is at saving life will save lives of America and rest of the world. A man with great wisdom is what great America and the world need today. Who says a Doctor can not run a state?

  5. Dr. Carson has been raised in a very hard way, came through life very successfully, a leader all through. Just give him the mandate, and he will lead us through.

  6. I’m no fan of his politically but only six lawsuits against a long-practicing neurosurgeon (one of the riskier areas of surgery) actually seems like a pretty good record, right? But I am no expert in this.

    ETA: Although explicitly going against the patient’s wishes certainly seems in line with his entire campaign based on knowing what’s best for everyone no matter what they happen to think or wish.

    But as a numbers game, alone, it seems like a good record.

  7. Ive read Dr. Carsons books and am sure he should be President I agree that America needs to get closer to the simple government that created historys most blessed and powerfulcountry in a short period of time. But now Americans are so sick lacking common sense easily manipulated by shameful biased media and other selfish shameful groups. People voted barack in..and now want to continue progressive pig dung with hilary? Or socialist Bernie. If only there was another country to occupy and start over.

  8. Carson has run his career with integrity, his company with enormous dedication, he has worked long hours under a lot pressure, respect and love for others. He has the personality to make presidential decisions. You do not have to be a politian to be president.