Bright Light in the Sky Over California: The Videos You Need to See

A mysterious bright light that streaked over the nighttime sky in California was a huge mystery for a few hours last night.  The light was so bright that it could be seen in parts of Nevada and Arizona. Some reported that it faded from bright red to white or blue, some thought it was a meteor, and others thought it was a nuclear bomb. The U.S. Navy later announced that this was part of a missile test, but not everyone is believing the explanation.

These are the videos you need to see.

Some People Thought They Were Going to Die When the Light Explosion First Happened

As you can see in the video posted above, people had no idea what was happening when they first saw the light. In this video, the viewers realize it’s coming toward them as they’re filming. One guy keeps repeating: “I don’t know what’s happening. This might be the end.” And one girl asks, “Is Russia bombing us… Wait, is it literally coming towards us?” A guy with her responds: “It kind of looks like it…” The girl keeps wondering if she should call her mom, until they finally stop filming.

UFO or Trident Missile Over California? The Pictures You Need to See

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The Navy Later Announced This Was an Unarmed Trident Missile Test

The light show featured a mysterious bright light moving across the night sky, lighting up the skies from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay area, KTLA reported. The Navy later announced that this was an unarmed Trident missile launched from the Kentucky submarine off the coast of Southern California. The Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine performed the scheduled launch, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. It was part of a series of tests to ensure the system is reliable, the Navy said.

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Earlier Reports Said the Military Was Conducting ‘Mystery’ Tests in the Area

Some people did get advanced notice…of something. On Friday, ABC 7 reported that late night landings at the Los Angeles International Airport would be rerouted over the next week due to “secret” military exercises. Flights late at night are normally routed from the west, over the ocean, to not wake residents. But that part of the Pacific ocean is closed.

At the time of the report, the military was not saying what the exercises were for and LAX also said that it did not know. Even now, it’s not known if this alert was due to the missile testing. But it’s reported that the airspace will be restricted through Thursday night.

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Not Everyone Is Believing the Official Story

Theories ranging from aliens to top-secret government projects are being shared on social media by residents who just aren’t convinced by the missile testing announcement. Some believe it was a meteor or other celestial object or a secret NASA project, while others are positing aliens or some type of classified test being disguised as a Trident missile launch. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that the launch was not announced prior to the event. Residents nearby said that launches are always announced ahead of time. However, the Navy has said that these launches are not routinely announced and are typically classified until after the launch takes place, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

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  1. BS Navy test. In 2013 similar daytime sighting on video. See on youtude “ufo over Xiaoshan that shut down airport. Notice vapor trail atmosphere – too close – like two different bullets from same gun

  2. OMG, what a bunch of idiots on these videos, you can clearly make up the exhaust corona prior to the stage separation of the missile… This is what happens when you cut sciences in school and the space program… Why don’t you all look at old videos of the Mercury launches that used Redstone rockets, you’ll see exactly what was in the California sky

  3. A missle so brightly lit that it can be seen all the way in San Francisco from S. Cali, huh? So then the enemy will see it coming long before it gets to them, huh? Guess this is another billion dollar project flop!

  4. Sitting. On the beach in Pacifica. Last. Night around. 2:30AM I witnessed. The missel/ UFO drop straight. Down in to the ocean. Like bowling. Dropping. From the sky.