WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Child Soldiers Executing & Beheading 5 ‘Kurdish Fighters’

UPDATE 8/29/16 @ 3:12 pm: According to the Daily Mail, the video shows JoJo, the son of female British jihadist Sally Jones, participating in an execution. Read the original story with the video.

PHOTOS: ISIS Propagandist Sally Jones Threatens England Tube

British Islamic State jihadi propagandist Sally Jones, aka Umm Hussain al-Britani, returned briefly to Twitter today to harass New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi and threaten Central London.

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “The Nations Will Gather Against You,” 5 Kurds allegedly with the YPG are executed by boy soldiers. The video was released on August 26 on ISIS terrorist channels from “Wilayat ar-Raqqa, or “State of Raqqa,” an ISIS-occupied region of Syria. Raqqa acts as the “capital” of the so-called Islamic State. According to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, “Raqqa has been the seat of Islamic State control in Syria since IS moved its operations there from the environs of Aleppo in the summer of 2014. It had previously been a rebel-held center of operation.”

The video features multiple executions of at least 14 men being killed by ISIS men, boys, and seniors.

According to Site Intel Group, the boy executioners are children of foreign Islamic State militants and are identified by ISIS as British, Egyptian, Kurdish, Tunisian, and Uzbek citizens. According to the Daily Mail, the video shows JoJo, the son of female British jihadist Sally Jones, participating in an execution.

According to The Mirror, “Jones is one of the world’s most wanted terrorists and is believed to be on a hit list of 20 jihadis who will be targeted by the SAS in Syria, according to a report citing military sources.” The United Nations sanctioned Jones “as an agent operating on behalf of a terrorist organisation.”

The new video focuses on the ongoing damages and deaths suffered by civilian Syrians from airstrikes. At least 5 countries are currently bombing Syria, with Foreign Policy reporting that 2 days ago, Turkey began airstrikes in the region.

ISIS militants regularly embed themselves in civilian populations to make airstrikes more difficult for opposition forces and to drum up propaganda to validate their so-called “caliphate.” Earlier this month, ISIS released footage showing the aftermath of an alleged US airstrike in Manbij, Syria. According to Reuters, the airstrikes were aid to help Syria Democratic Forces, including the Kurdish YPG militia, take back the border town. Watch that video here.

After footage of airstrike aftermaths is shown in the new video, ISIS militants begin their executions. ISIS claims their victims are captured YPG soldiers.

The Kurdish YPG, short for “People’s Protection Units” in Kurdish, is the main army of the Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava. Along with fighting the Syrian regime, the YPG is also defending itself against the Islamic State. According to Al-Jazeera, “The YPG is at the heart of a US-led campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group in Syria.”

Muddying the situation, 2 days ago Turkey entered northern Syria following a deadly suicide bombing attack in Gaziantep, Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blamed the Islamic State, reports The Guardian. However, ISIS has not yet claimed the attack.

Turkey is also at war with the YPG, which it claims is a terrorist organization as Kurds are seeking independence.

The executions in the new ISIS video include the beheading of 4 alleged Kurdish fighters by ISIS militants. One of the men is forced to watch his countrymen die.

Later, 5 young children born of foreign ISIS fighters execute 5 Kurdish YPG.

Lastly, 5 elderly men are shown executing 5 YPG fighters, too.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

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PHOTOS: ISIS Executes Egyptian Soldier in the Street

A new photo report shared on Islamic State terrorist channels shows a policeman with the Egyptian Interior Ministry's Arish First Division publicly executed.

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Un nuevo vídeo publicado por ISIS muestra la ejecución brutal de cinco soldados kurdos en Siria por niños afiliados a…

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    • You do realize that these Muslims hate other Muslims for not being Muslim enough? i.e. They are a minority of extremists. Do not talk about things you know nothing about.

      • Catcus Jack, by rule all “Muslims” follow Islam. Islam is the common denominator here. Denounce Islam and being Muslim or be eradicated. Simple.

        • So you want to literally murder 2 billion Muslims….in order to prevent ISIS….which is controlled by Western governments, from killing thousands of Muslims?

          Do you actually support ISIS?

          • Let’s be fair, Jimmy Carter administration alongside the CIA used the Mujahideen to draw the Soviet Union into an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. The US is responsible for perpetuating and growing the terrorist groups we know of today! Although, we thought this was a lesser evil and an alternative option to the Soviet Union, Clinton’s (plural for both) Bush’s (plural for both), Obama all are guilty of bankrolling, arming, supporting, propping up Jihadists. I just wanted to make that clear since you seem to think that Bucca (US prison camp in Iraq) created ISIS! His time in the prison camp may have poured fuel on a religious, hate fueled, ideological fire, THAT WAS ALREADY A RAGING INFERNO but it’s a fire that was already smoldering for over three decades. His theology, creed, convictions, or more importantly his Kalaam “literally, science of discourse” is born out of his beliefs in islam. It is no coincidence or accident that islam with it’s cruel and unacceptable sharia laws was given the cozenage of all titles, concepts, interpretation of “the religion of peace”. Anyone who says otherwise is deemed a racist, and I guess you have to be ignorant, idiotic, blind, or uninformed to think Islam is the religion of peace! Of course, politicians can say Muslims in our western conversely developed countries are peaceful but if it’s so peaceful, then why are all developing and third world countries anything but peaceful. Besides the well developed, socially/sexually equal, rule of fair jurisprudence, Islam and Islamic laws, including the people that practise and believe them are 100% incompatible with the beliefs of our society. The whole prospect of western indoctrination began about the time I was born, it was used and practiced by our great government and the media as a political maneuver to ultimately line someone’s pocketbook! It is still being told to the sheeple today, except now the father of all lies, is getting harder to hide, and some people are starting to educate themselves and realize the truth! Read the Koran, hadiths and sira for yourself, read about sharia law, learn the way they believe and stop equating their ideals to that of ours in western countries. Middle eastern people and the like, who practice Islam, live by, believe and govern society from sharia law-which is cast from the words and actions of Muhammad. Muhammad was a violent, warring, slave owning, murdering, rapist, pedophile, intolerant, lying, and that is according to Arabic texts! These beliefs certainly don’t bode well for a free thinking society such is ours. These people in their beliefs, take no issue with capturing what they deem slaves, which happens to be mostly beautiful young Yazidi women and girls, whilst they kill the men and boys. Islam is a cesspool, of rape and it is the culture, their way of life! Our costly debt to willful disregard, polite political correctness, our tolerate everything and everyone “no matter how in direct contrast” to the rights and freedoms, we so love and believe in, will come to collect. Islam is a cancer and yes our government made a big naive mistake when it began project cyclone, to bring down the USSR! It hasn’t been a mistake when the government, president after president, presidential hopefuls alike supported and or colluded with known terrorists to gain, influence, political/governmental positioning, power and most of all money! America didn’t create the hate though, neither did any European country, it is a belief and value system that is stagnant and here this article was about everything great, terrific and wonderful, that flows from a society of Freedom and Equality, where everyone no matter the sexual orientation has the same and equal footing! Where you can love anyone you please, you can say whatever you like without fear of recourse, you can believe whatever it is that you feel in your heart. As long as you live within the laws governed by our society, you are free to be whatever you wish. Islam stifles everything I just listed, could you imagine any muslim country going into space or even coming close. At present, in a civilization of peoples that have been around two thousand and eight years, who have been warring concurrently to their inception, they should have prospered by now. Yet, they are still fighting each other over a caliphate/a true ruler, who in fact may not even have lived because the only historical records we have for muhammad were written 1 1/2-2 centuries after his supposed death. Logically, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the principles and ideologies of this religion, which has a long brutal history especially on Israel and Europe in particular, no matter if it is in their collective, quite selective and forgetful conscience or not is factual. This is a stifling religion, it has left the people who are dominated by it, not only in the past, but it has blinded them to progress on the most basic of levels. These people can’t even rebuild their cities, towns and have very little infrastructure and even in the Gulf states that do, you see only the royal families and aristocracy have quality of life. One family or regime own all the oil, all the power, and the keep everyone else in poverty and subservient.

    • A little editing gives us the truth: All religion is a disease. Religion is simply a tool to motivate the dim witted to become butchers or cannon fodder to satisfy the power lust of men. It always has been, perhaps it always will.

    • It’s that type of thinking that Obama, a man I do not like for ideological reasons, has warned against. I know and have worked alongside Muslims in the U.S. They would never dream of committing such atrocities. Also, we have Muslim Americans serving in our military. Compared to what is going on in Europe the U.S. has done a far better job in assimilating Muslims.
      ISIS must be destroyed but military force is just one way of doing that. These monsters have been recruiting through social media and, for some reason, have been successful in appealing to young people throughout the world. Let’s not forget that ISIS and other groups are targeting fellow Muslims as well.

    • I am a Christian but I can assure you that ISIS does not represent Islam. Most of ISIS victims are Muslims who refute violence. Please read. Throughout history, people have used religion to kill. Have you ever heard of the inquisition? Educate yourself and stop the hate philosophy.

    • 差別主義者よ、お前もどうせ殺害宗教の一員なんだろ?人殺しと強姦が正当化される宗教の方が病気だと思うけどねw

    • You mofo idiot, the one and ONLY uninteligent assole… You are one acefalus prick just for posting such comment…

  1. Putting this video on your website just helps to these terrorist groups to reach their aims(spreading violence)!!! I don’t know why some sites like yours behave in this way??? just by saying this “Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.” IT DOES NOT MEAN that you are impartial!!! Diffusing such these movies means you are try to spared the violence!!!!

    • Right, so we should be more like the liberal media and just cover everything up that you don’t like to hear about? These are the same people coming into Europe via Lebanon and Turkey. Europeans have a right to know exactly who they are importing and why things like the Bataclan, the Belgian airport and the attacks in Germany are just the very beginning of it all. Muslims are starting to reach critical mass in most European countries which means the take over will inevitably follow.

      Just look at the countries they’ve done it to before. Lebanon being the prime example, of a small and rich christian nation letting in these savages. The exact same thing is happening to Sweden now. Early 2000’s Sweden was one of the most educated and richest countries in the world. Look at them now, bottom of the barrel in education and the money is running out fast. Natives are fleeing in droves.

    • Mehdi, you are about as dumb as they come. Either that, or you are an islamist pos trying to blame this news site, rather than those suicidal towel heads. In no way shape or form is HEAVY trying to spread violence. Get your head out of your ass, and stop kissing the ass of these terrorist dogs. I agree with Dhimmi all the way.

    • These videos are distributed amongst their dedicated networks and will continue to whether Heavy uploads them or not. Any extremist knows of these channels. Yes there are some sickos that get off on the videos, but most are watching strictly to make themselves aware of this madness. Lastly, does anyone that speaks the language know exactly how the baby died? I’m assuming it was an air strike.

  2. Some heres son of bitches listen up : you have to know this reality even dont forget in iny moment: As we are muslims behalf on piece and ease..Like rest of the world we are opposed to isis. They are wild killers and without Islam.. We dont forget that Big powers get Muslims killed eachother…

  3. If showing these videos helps spread violence then there is something wrong with Muslims and Islam, and that is not the fault of Heavy.

    Islam is a broken mess of violence and medieval attitudes. No one else is to blame but Muslims. This barbaric cult deserves to end.

  4. these look fake. The one where they burned the guy in the cage was the most obvious of them all. You could even discern the CGI flame artifacts. Well done but still…..fake. Products of the meddle agencies that are fomenting war in the Levant.

    • You are stupid, this stuff is filmed all the time. There are weekly videos published by their underground media, of IS fighters executing prisoners, beheading or setting them on fire, compilations of roadside bombs.

  5. little miracles, they say? “How can you say there are too many children. That is like saying there are too many flowers,” Mother Teresa quote.

  6. Isis must be destroyed and every one of them tortured in doing so.Mohammad can lick the sweat off my balls ! Screw allah !

  7. What a f****** joke these people are – their whole way of life.. They’re like an army of robot ants. Nothing better to do with the beautiful gift of life and time

  8. Assalamu’alaikum. Peace be upon you all. ☺
    I’ve managed to read all your comments about this news, and I almost laughed myself to tears. Kinda upset, yes. But I have no right to be mad, since I happened to understand that your hatred comes from the news you just read, and more.

    May I speak of something? If all Muslims happen to be as savage as you think, some Muslim-majority states like Indonesia, Malaysia, and more, might turn into Islamic states in no time because they like to kill other people based on religion. But in fact, no. Majority of them happen to be against violence against other religions. They can live in peace despite people keep trying to tear them apart. Then why do we keep hating things that we less likely know?
    That’s it for today, I have to continue my work. See you ☺ Wassalamu’alaikum

    • The only problem with that is the Muslim religion calls for the complete muslim rule of everything there is no in between complete submission of all to Allah under islamic law

    • Read the history. then you will see how much worse your Christ religion is then islam. The muslims didnt kill 6 millions in 2. world war. it was the Civilized christian european.

  9. You sons of bitches isis cowards may your mothers burn in hell for what you are doing you give Islam a bad name through your cowardly sick actions may you and your families burn in hell for eternity – God hates you!

  10. where is this isis come from? who is financing?
    from where they getting weapons? what countries weapon they are using?
    How many isis peoples captures?
    are we are so much handicaped thata bunch of group dancing on our heads

  11. all of your talking bad things about other religion is a dumb and ignorance people.what did you know anything about Islam anyway.don’t talk as if you know everything.when you talking about bad things about islam.why all of you doesn’t think about the Israel they kill Palestine people decade ago but all you doesn’t blame them.

  12. Allah already said in quran that dont kill innocent people,child,women,old man but they killed all people whose also muslim and ennocent.allah rahem karen aur enko sahi rasta dikhaye.

  13. These idiots could test these weapons on plants or in a wood, instead of doing it with a human. These children of the devil, will still savor the taste of an atomic bomb.

  14. Raqqa has been the seat of Islamic State control in Syria since IS moved its operations there from the environs of Aleppo in the summer of 2014. It had previously been a rebel-held center of operation.”

    Hmm. Weird how all of the ISIS strongholds are always places under the control of US Government-backed “moderate rebels”. I wonder why that is….

  15. It’s time to take the leash off the big dog!! We need to turn our military loose on isis. We’ve been letting them run loose for to long.

  16. If you think musslims are peaceful and embrace western values, pick up a copy of the koran… islam is not a religion but a ruled by the koran. You either assimilate to the biding of the koran or die! islam, a cult devised by a pedophile 1400 years ago.

  17. Filthy pigs. Muslims in the western world wonder why people hold prejudice views about Islam and muslims. This kind of behaviour is why. Whether you think that this behaviour is or isn’t carried out in the name of allah, these people are carrying out in the name of Islam and allah so I hold nothing but contemptuous views about Islam. U hate it to my very coreand watching this kind of thing fuels my hatred. It’s an utterly disgusting religion/cult.

  18. EVEN KIDS DO THIS SHIT!!!! Okey can everybody just take a moment and listen: they say this is right and that this is what they are doing for god (allhu akbar) and that it says so in the koran. They also say when they die they will come to the holy palace that is complete bullshit. Becouse they are not following the koran.

  19. isis is a jewamerican organization they are the ones that are killing muslims by using our religion al baghadi is cia men al julani is cia men these people that are causing fear and caos among the muslims the jews are running the world through us government you stupid americans open your eyes your country is another jewish state take them out

  20. the aim is to weaken iran syria is allied with iran that’s why the jews do not like asad they are using jihadis to fight their war how come isis does not atack israel because it is a jewish organisation it is created by them to destabilise the muslim world the zionist are in charge they are supplying isis with guns all american presidents are puppets it us the jewish zionists free masons that run the show the have hijacked us death to jewish people death to satanic people

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  23. I reckon repentance, and Jesus need to be sounded to the sinners doing what we call crime from the time of Moses even up to now, Jesus is the life the truth and the way and only through him could anyone make it into heaven, and have eternal life. Thou shall not kill

  24. all muslims should die
    they r cancerous to humans.
    allah was shit. allah is shit. u muslims have no rights to live in. wherever is islam, there is disturbance. every muslim is terrorist. what islam teach u? what is ur religion. wherever and whenever u all speak, only anti human sounds come out

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  25. islam IS A curse A disease A virus on this Earth. The only thing they preach is DEATH. When is comes to Killing they seem to be very courageous Yet they hide their faces like bunch of pussies. Islam will only bring you DEATH. Instead of educating children you teach them how be criminals murderous ALL IN THE NAME OF ISLAM.
    Go ahead destroy your country in the name of Allah after all you will become refugees in Europe