WATCH: Video of Charlotte Riots Protester Justin Carr Shot & Killed Scene [GRAPHIC]

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A protester has died after being shot during the Charlotte riots on Wednesday September 21 in a graphic scene captured on video.

The City of Charlotte originally said the protester was killed by another civilian in the crowd, but later corrected the statement to say the shot protester was critically injured and is on life support.

The shot man, identified as Justin Carr, has now died. Furthermore, who shot him has become a point of contention, and the police chief said on September 22 that police were still investigating the death, including allegations that a police officer shot Carr. On Friday, the chief said a civilian, Rayquan Borum, a felon, was arrested in Carr’s death.

You can see video of the wounded protester lying at the scene here. Warning: It’s graphic and disturbing.

Read more about Carr here, including details of the police chief’s comments:

Justin Carr: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Justin Carr has been identified as the demonstrator shot and killed during the Charlotte riots. Police say another demonstrator, Rayquan Borum, killed Carr.

Click here to read more

Dramatic photos of the scene where the man was wounded were also disseminated. Warning: They are also graphic.

Charlotte Riots Protester Justin Carr Shot & Killed Scene Photos: [GRAPHIC]

Justin Carr, a Charlotte police shooting protester, was shot and killed in the crowd by another civilian as riots grew over the death of Keith Lamont Scott. See scene photos.

Click here to read more

The wounded protester and suspect have not been identified.

A state of emergency was declared in Charlotte, according to CNN, as riots grew in intensity on September 21. At least 20 officers were injured in two days of rioting, four on Wednesday. People threw things, looted stores, vandalized squads and buses and tear gas was deployed on protesters.

One man was attacked in a parking lot. Watch that video here:

WATCH: Charlotte Riots Man Attacked in Parking Garage Beating Video [GRAPHIC]

A man was beaten and attacked in a parking garage during the Charlotte riots. Some call it a racial attack as the man appears to be white.

Click here to read more

The unrest was sparked by the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a father of seven who was shot and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brentley Vinson. Vinson and Scott are both African-American. The police chief, also black, has pushed back against social media narratives that Scott was unarmed and carrying a book when shot. He said on Wednesday that Scott was armed with a gun, refused commands to drop the weapon, and that police did not find a book.

This Facebook post was starting to get attention:

However, police now say Borum killed Carr. Read more about Borum here:

Rayquan Borum: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rayquan Borum was named by Charlotte police chief Kerr Putney as the man police think shot and killed protester Justin Carr during the Charlotte riots.

Click here to read more

You can watch live coverage of the riots here:

LIVE STREAM: Charlotte Police Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott Protests

Protests are growing in Charlotte, North Carolina over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

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Meanwhile, manslaughter charges were issued Thursday against Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby in the shooting death there of an unarmed man named Terence Crutcher. You can read those charges here:

Read: Betty Shelby Criminal Complaint Manslaughter Charges [DOCUMENTS]

Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby was charged with manslaughter in a criminal complaint. Read it here.

Click here to read more

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  1. Soros funds a riot cause Crooked Hillary is losing and for $20 bucks an hr another paid protester loses his life for George Soros and the Clinton foundation. Obama is a total and complete failure.

    • That is absolutely correct! George Soros should be the one laying there on the ground with his brains spilling out! Both He and HUSSEIN are Lucifer’s Hench Men! PIG PISS Be Upon Them Both! And to think people want 4 more years of this under a corrupt COMMUNIST like Clinton!

      I said it 8 years ago – HUSSEIN was and is a Muslim Loving COMMUNIST Plant whose destiny is to take down America! I was right then and I am right now…

      • You are correct. If Clinton had shut down immigration from Islamic based cultures after the first attempt of trying to bring down the World Trade Center, we would not have the first generation terrorist like the one in San Bernardino, Orlando, NY, NJ, Fort Hood, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, etc. I think you get the point. This evil is taught in the home it does not just happen after one or two trips to the Middle East. This evil is inbred. I saw this on a visit to a fast food stop in south Florida with this child who looked to be at least five years old, ranting at the top of his voice in some foreign language waving his finger and spouting out to a man in his face. I’d never seen a child so angry before. He started my way, and I look at him as to tell him don’t even try it. And he proceed back to the other man. This child was loud, his mother and another woman in burkas never told him to stop and sit down. This is just to make my point. The parents, and all of the family and friends know what is going on. These people have no love for the US.

  2. Obama’s black lives matter movement !You heard him the other day! It’s his legacy all black people should vote for Hillary Clinton because Obama tells you to vote for Hillary Clinton because Obama tells you to.

    • Yes Obama is threatening all the minorities to vote for Hillary to carry on his legacy. When will they wake up and realize they are only puppets to this monster?, he’s the ManchuRian candidate planted 8 years ago to destroy America

  3. Idiots like Zimmer who post lies on Facebook make situations like this 1000x worse. They post lies and stupid people believe them. The protestor was shot with a BULLET, not a rubber bullet, and the riot police were using rubber at that time so it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Zimmer lies.

    • My understanding is that the protester was shot by another protester/civilian. This is what happens when every thing is in a negative realm. Evil begets negative results. If you come up in my neighborhood and start foolishness, you will not be able to walk out. Charlotte is a beautiful city, and it tears at the heart to see this happening. Violence is not the answer.

    • Yes it was a lie they say now he was shot by another rioter there not protesters these are crimals using these to break the law

  4. My good people, before you get involved in a movement, know the roots of that particular organization. George Soros gets his high off of bringing down nations because this is how he makes his money. Look at Greece and what he said after its demise. Further, look at whom is funding the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement; Soros funded to bring about chaos. This is all about the New World Order, and believe, that you as protesters will not benefit from its inception. The leader of BLM in lives a house/mansion that Soros has provided him, and he believes that he will also prosper from this. He will not. This so called leader is only a pawn in this chess game. It is Soros’ intention to bring down the US. Lincoln said it could only be done from within; ie, Obama, who was put in place to do just that. Again, this week at his final message to the UN, Obama stipulated that the US needs to be on the same level as the other corrupt, third world, impoverished nations of the world. The current POTUS has no love for you nor the US. We have the most prosperous nation in the world, and these idiots are bound and determined to bring it down. Be aware, I believe that this NWO or globalist ideology has failed three times before now, and they persist. However, our trust in God will see us through this too.

  5. I have a serious question. Why is race always included in news media concerning African Americans? If a Caucasian police shoots another Caucasian that is never a caption in the media. If a Caucasian person commits a crime it is not brought up but if someone of color commits a crime the race is always captioned.

    • It makes for news when black is used its blacks that film it put out there guess now that’s white people fault also wat I want to know the guy in Charlotte was shot by a black cop in town with black police capt and in country with black president and yet the brother and other family members blame the white levels all white people are devals so who is the racist here

  6. President Obama is laughing !! He is laughing at the black voters !! President Obama cares nothing for you !! President Obama could care less if you are on welfare and without a job !! President Obama could care less if your children and your grandchildren die in the streets !! President Obama says to vote for a lying thieving Hillary Clinton to protect his legacy !! When the floods came to Louisiana and thousands of blacks were on the street and lost their homes ,Obama was playing golf !! Obama is like a wolf drooling over the civil unrest ,knowing that Americans are killing Americans !! Obama cares nothing about your legacy !! If he cared about you at all you would see it !! You wouldn’t be losing your home !! You would have money in your pocket !! You would be prospering !! But remember vote for Hillary Clinton to save Obama’s Legacy not yours…

  7. First of all no one was killed in the riot shooting. Secondly, Donald Trump is funding these riots. He’s fueling the public’s anger & giving them a taste of blood all to hook them on the need for violence. He’s doing to so he can mop up on pay per view violence & cop executions of citizens. He will also use the money he collects from Clinton for throwing the election & making fools of Republicans to launch a premium pay TV network to give his blood thirsty hounds a 24×7 outlet for their new addiction.

  8. There is a shirtless many holding his gun up in the air clearly visible, and yet some guy named Tod Zimmer above claiming he is convinced the cops must have done it. Sheesh. And now the shooter has been arrested. Very sad. This was a good young man and did not deserve to be killed like this. I have no doubt that he was out there protesting but also trying to keep the peace and was killed for it. My heart goes out to his mother as well as the police victim. RELEASE THE DAMNED VIDEO.

  9. convinced?? a rubber bullet? tear gas canister? a rubber bullet would’ve MAYBE brought him to his knees but not KILLED him! a tear has canister would’ve split gis head wide open & POSSIBLY killed him, not to mention THERE WOULD BE TEAR GAS EVERYWHERE! convinced?? no, just trying to blame someone else, as usual…