Jason Falconer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The hero off-duty police officer who shot and killed the St. Cloud mall stabber is a firearms trainer and concealed carry advocate who owns a gun range.

Jason Falconer (on right in red in the top photo) was identified by Minnesota newspapers as the off-duty police officer who shot and killed Dahir Adan, a Somali immigrant who entered Crossroads Center Shopping Mall on September 17 with a knife and stabbed nine people.

However, authorities have not officially identified the suspect; The Minneapolis Star-Tribune says Adan’s father identified him as the suspect and search warrants were conducted at his apartment, and The St. Cloud Times says Somali community leaders ID’d Adan as the stabber too.

“His (Falconer’s) goal is to teach individuals the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to be successful with firearms in order to secure their personal safety or that of their family, at home or in public,” Falconer’s company website says.

Falconer was hailed as a hero in a news conference by St. Cloud’s mayor. Falconer was identified in a press conference on the afternoon of September 18.

All of the stabbing victims are expected to survive. Falconer, who was off duty and is a former small-town police chief, shot and killed the suspect in a dramatic confrontation inside the mall.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Falconer Is a Concealed Carry Advocate & Firearms Trainer

Falconer owns a company in Minnesota called Tactical Advantage; its website says the company “is a full-service range with range rental, range gun rental, retail sales, limited gunsmith service and stellar training.”

According to The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Falconer is “a firearms trainer and permit to carry advocate.”

Falconer’s biography on his company website says, “Jason Falconer is President/Owner of Tactical Advantage Firearms Training, Inc. which has been operating since 2003. Tactical Advantage currently concentrates on firearms training for individuals in a group or private setting, including permit to carry training in MN. Jason has also created advanced and customized classes for individuals who desire more advanced safety training. His business has grown primarily through student referrals, and Jason takes pride in providing the best training options available in Central MN.”

The St. Cloud Times reported in 2014 that the company was “created by former Albany police chief Jason Falconer in 2003 primarily because of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act that sent thousands of people in search of firearms certification.”

In a news conference about midnight on September 17, the chief, Blair Anderson had said the suspect, Adan, referenced Allah and asked at least one victim whether he was a Muslim before stabbing nine people and being killed by Falconer.

2. Falconer Is a Former Police Chief & Current Part-Time Police Officer

Falconer’s company biography says he “has a law enforcement background and is the former Police Chief of the Albany Police Department. Jason also serves as the department’s firearms instructor, and has created POST Board approved firearms training curriculum. He currently serves as a part-time officer with the City of Albany.”

However, Minnesota Public Radio said Falconer is currently a police officer with Avon PD. The station says that Falconer was shopping when the stabbing attack broke out.

According to The St. Cloud Times, Falconer shot and killed the mall stabber, Adan, in a Macy’s store, the newspaper said.

Falconer’s biography also says that, since 2008, he has assisted with “St. Cloud State University skills training in the disciplines of decision shooting and dynamic entry”; the St. Cloud Times says Adan attended that university.

The biography says Falconer “believes that although civilian and law enforcement students can obtain great firearms training from various sources, they are missing a key component in their personal safety training without going through reality based training.”

3. ISIS Has Claimed Responsibility for the Stabbing Attack, Which Is Being Investigated as Terrorism

The news agency for ISIS has released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack. However, whether the attack is terrorism is still under investigation.

“The executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition,” said the statement by Amaq Agency, the news agency for ISIS.

The FBI is calling the Minnesota stabbings a possible “act of terrorism,” according to The Associated Press.

4. Falconer Was Hailed as a Hero Who Saved Lives

“I want to recognize the individual off-duty police officer who eliminated the threat, and took down the suspect,” said St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, adding that Falconer “clearly prevented additional injuries and potentially loss of life.”

Falconer has kept a low profile since the attack; he told The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “I’ve been trying to stay away from it all, for the time being.”

The mayor said that Falconer identified himself as a police officer to Adan, who then lunged at him, saying that Falconer is a hero and “happened to be in the right place at the right time,” according to The St. Cloud Times.

5. Falconer’s Confrontation With the Attacker Was Captured on Mall Surveillance Video

The St. Cloud mayor said Falconer’s “life was clearly in danger,” according to The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, which described a dramatic confrontation inside the mall as surveillance video “shows the officer shooting, and the suspect falling and getting back up three times, and at one point lunging toward Falconer.”

“None of us ever want to have to do that,” said St. Cloud police chief William Blair Anderson, according to Minnesota Public Radio, “but that’s what we’re here for, and Officer Falconer’s actions were swift and direct, and in my opinion appropriate.”

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  1. Gun free zones are going to create Americas worst nightmare .
    What is happening is that’s it’s creating soft targets for terrorists .
    Politicians think it the answere , no my friends it’s going to be the problem ! This Great country needs to wake up and soon .
    When you hang a sign saying this is a gun free zone you are inviting trouble . Please take your concealed carry courses and do the range time . We never know what we will face around the next corner or what is behind that clothes rack at the mall ! Wake up People !

  2. You are smart to do this ! The real problem is going to come when terrorist figure out they don’t need a weapon to create a problem , i.e. At a pro or collage football game . All they need is a drone that makes loud gun noises , people would trample each other to get out of the way ! We need to wake up soon or they will have their way !!!

    • Bill, you’re all wrong with your assertion. Outlawing guns is the answer. No guns = no more terrorist acts of violence in the US.

      Just overlook the fact that terrorists use other weapons besides guns.. like bombs, semi-trucks, knives, etc. to kill people.
      So, turn in your guns today!! In fact, I hear you can even donate your guns to The Clinton Foundation.

  3. That’s not going to happen , my guns are my protection .
    I would rather have it an never need it that to need it and not have it . Who knows , it might be your life I save ..,…….
    Soft targets are Americas bigger threat , next to an EMP . I don’t plan on being a soft target .
    You can turn in your guns to Hillery or any one else , I’ll use mine to fight against tyranny and terrorist .
    Thank you for you opinion .

    • Everyone… Please disregard Shannon Oakley as she forgot to take her medicine. When she forgets, her symptoms include illogical liberal ramblings and completely irrational behavior.

    • You must have a very morbid sense of reality! No self respecting individual with a background like Mr. Falconer and the hundreds of thousands of Concealed Weapon Permit holders ever want to be involved in the use of their firearm. But, they are prepared, ready to act and as statistics so positively show the most law abiding citizens around. Many if not possibly a majority of holders are Veterans who still after their service are willing to lay down their life for the citizens of this Great Nation and will give of themselves to protect others. Please hold your self serving degenerate comments to yourself and in the future please insure that you frequent “Gun Free Zones” where ever you go.

    • So Shannon – I bet your dream come true is to get a flat tire, right? Why else would you have a spare in your car? And I’m certain you’re just itching for your house to catch fire so you can use that fire extinguisher and garden hose. Oh, and here’s hoping someone in public begins choking to death just so you can try out your Heimlich and rescue breathing skills.

      Did you miss the part where Falconer has been a police officer for quite a number of years? Do you think he never, ever previously drew his weapon or faced a violent offender?

      But his lifelong dream was to be off duty when someone decides to go all Ginsu on the public, solely for the purpose of shooting them.

      Do you even read what you write? For that matter, do your eyes point in the same direction?

  4. Thank you Mr Falconer for being prepared to prevent loss of life. Thank you for preventing countless nightmares for the potential victims. My research found a fatal wound can be inflicted with a 2 inch blade. I’ve heard an FBI report concluded it takes an average of 3 shots to stop a determined attacker. The Saint Cloud Mayor seems to confirm the 3 shot assessment. My question is, why so much time between shots 1 and 3?

    • Defensive shooting is typically on the order of “keep firing until the threat is stopped”. Given that Falconer is a trained police officer, he’s probably used to firing once, evaluating, then firing again if necessary. That takes more training than most civilians get, along with experience. But what you’re really talking about is statistics. It’s nearly impossible to get a clean, single kill shot in an active situation. Then there’s the fact that even a “kill shot” is not usually immediate. If you get a .45 hole in the heart, you have enough blood pressure and adrenaline to keep going for another 8-15 seconds at least. More holes means faster drop in pressure, which is why most firing solutions involve 2-3 rounds at a minimum.

      The intent is not to kill a threat, but to stop the threat. That sometimes involves death. But if the attacker stops with one round, even if that round misses, why keep firing?

  5. He’s no hero. Why isn’t this guy charged with murder. If Falconer is a so called expert with a firearm why did he have to kill the guy ,why not wound him and take him into custody

  6. good for him and the people he saved! But I wonder what would happen to him is he were not a police officer and just a guy with a concealed carry permit and a gun?