WikiLeaks Offers to Hire James Comey After Trump Fired Him


James Comey may have just been fired by President Donald Trump from his position as FBI Director, but he already has a new job offer from a surprising source: WikiLeaks. Shortly after he was fired, Julian Assange tweeted that he would be happy to offer Comey a new job if he wanted to continue to properly investigate the U.S. government from WikiLeaks’ D.C. office.

The tweet was a bit of a surprise, considering that around the same time today, WikiLeaks retweeted a tweet from March 20 that called out Comey for misleading Congress about Republican emails not being released in 2016:

WikiLeaks also announced Comey’s firing with the following tweet, which pointed out a highly criticized statement he had made about WikiLeaks:

WikiLeaks also stated that it would welcome any information from Comey or other FBI officers about exactly why he was fired:

This tweet runs counter to the rumor often shared during the primary and the general election that WikiLeaks was not at all interested in any information that might be damaging to Trump.

Comey’s tenure this past year has been full of rumors, including unfounded rumors that he and WikiLeaks were working together. In October and November, some people believed that Comey’s announcement about the FBI investigating Clinton’s emails was timed to hurt her chances at being elected. But then after Trump was elected, Comey’s investigation into potential ties between Trump and Russia fueled rumors that Comey was siding with Democrats. It seemed that no matter what he did, his decisions sparked a lot of rumors.

Assange’s offer to hire Comey might quiet unfounded rumors that WikiLeaks was working with Russia, since Russia’s involvement with Trump’s campaign was exactly what Comey was last investigating when he was fired. (Comey doesn’t need to take Assange’s offer, however. His net worth is high enough to support him and his family, even without a salary.)

The bottom line is that rumors about Comey seem to be flip-flipping a lot lately. At one point, people speculated that Comey was on the Republicans’ side. Now that he’s been fired by the Republican President, rumors are pretty much flipped. Ultimately, this makes it seem that Comey was likely not on any political side, but just trying to do his job in a volatile and difficult environment.

Assange, meanwhile, is also encouraging Comey to run for President in 2020:

What do you think about Assange’s offer to hire Comey and about Trump’s decision to fire him? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. How is it that FBI director Comey !

    Obama !

    Michael Flynn !

    The Democratic Party !

    The Department of Justice ,all knew that Michael Flynn had taken money from the Russians ,long before President Trump became president of the United States ?

    Did Obama come forward with this information ? No !

    Did the Department of Justice come forward with this information ? No !

    Michael Flynn certainly knew !

    Michael Flynn, also had to of known Obama knew ,in fact ! Obama claimed he warned president Trump !

    That means Obama knew well beforehand Donald Trump became president !

    The Department of Justice also claimed they knew beforehand !

    But !

    At the time of the discovery of the plot to damage Trump ,the Democrats couldn’t be trusted !

    After all CNN gave Hillary Clinton the answers to a debate ; and at the same time President Obama, was inviting cop killers to the White House !

    Now how can you trust someone like that ?

    Michael Flynn needs to ask President Trump for immunity ,for his testimony against Obama ;and the Democratic Party !

    And any ; and all ! Those involved in the plot ,of a well-orchestrated plan to remove Trump from Office, any way they could …

  2. I think Trump should have fired Comey on the day he took office and I think Wikileaks/Assange’s offer to hire Comey is good business. Validates their desire for information about the government, left or right, from anyone with the knowledge that can convince to provide it.

  3. Comey was fired because he was getting too close. Think Nixon & Watergate & His firing of folks doing the investigation. We saw how THAT ended.

    • He was fired because he took an oath of office to defend the Constitution born in domestic and guess what he allowed the domestic side de-flea prosecution