‘Street Fighter V’: A Note About Being PS4 Exclusive & No Wii U, Xbox One

Street Fighter 5 ps4 exclusive

We’re all excited about the newly leaked and soon to be announced Street Fighter V. Hell, we’ve all begun to grow weary of the Super Ultra Street Fighter IV Turbo Amazing editions. While we don’t know hardly a thing about Street Fighter V just yet, we do know that it will be a PC and PS4 console exclusive. And, I’d like to make just a quick note about that.

Didn’t Nintendo basically grow Street Fighter into the franchise it is today? Sure, it all started in an arcade, but if it weren’t for Street Fighter II on the SNES, would this blockbuster fighting game franchise even be discussed today? No, it wouldn’t, which is the reason why I’m a little disappointed that there will be no Street Fighter V Wii U. Not that I blame Capcom for skipping a Wii U version — are there any third party developers that don’t skip the Wii U? — but it’s a little disappointing that the Wii U still isn’t in a position to support third party games. And as far as a Street Fighter V Xbox One version, I’d be really surprised if we don’t actually see one at some point a month or two after the initial release.

And let me also just point out that I have no dog in this fight before the console fanboys start attacking me; I own all three of the consoles being discussed. But, for some reason, I just feel like Capcom allowing the franchise to become a PS4 exclusive is going to hold back Street Fighter V. Also, they debuted the game using a trailer containing Ryu and Chun-Li, two classic Street Fighter characters that have been in every game of the franchise. If they wanted to truly garner some excitement for SFV, shouldn’t they have thrown in some rare or new characters? Because as it stands right now, the only thing really new-looking about Street Fighter V is the fact that it is a PS4 console exclusive. While it likely won’t just be a Street Fighter 4 upgrade, Capcom and PlayStation should have given us something newer for its debut.

Minor rant over.





Nintendo didn’t have nearly as much to do w/ SF as you think. The arcades benefited the series many times more than the SNES ever did; it’s the fact it was so popular at the arcades that the SNES (and Genesis, tho I’m sure you forgot about that one) versions sold so well. Nintendo didn’t help nurture the series anymore than Sony or Sega did; in fact for a while it seemed as tho Capcom preferred Sega for the series hence it not only got the better versions of the Alpha games, but stuff like 2I and 3S as well (2I has yet to have a console port other than Dreamcast).

I get just the slightest inkling you’re a Nintendo fanboy and that’s okay, but don’t make up b.s. “Nintendo made SF what is today”…yeah, I’m sure the legions of tourney players, arcade players, and gamers on Sony, Sega, and Microsoft consoles had nothing to do w/ it. If anything SF helped make Nintendo what it was in the 16-bit era; a solid competitor that didn’t start outselling its competition in NA until Christmas 1994.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but I can’t stand fanboyism or revisionists history.


Yes, I agree SF was nothing without Nintendo but I also think SF has had its day. Smash crushes it anyway. 3rd party devs always do sloppy ports for WiiU anyway and don’t push the system at all albeit a few exceptions. No great loss

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